Maggie's College Life
Written By: Paul Bradford

Season 1
1.01 - Pilot
Maggie moves into college with Rachel, and her new roommate, Elaine, and is shocked to discover that Gerald will be moving in with the other two guys across the common room; David and Chris. She feels uncomfortable that her boyfriend will be around her at most times, and so she must find a way of telling him this without ruining their relationship. Meanwhile, Elaine is getting fed up with all the mess Rachel is causing in the dorm room.

1.02 - The Wood, The Bad and The Ugly
During some re-decorating to the common room, Maggie and Rachel are shocked to discover that there are termites. They are forced to move into a temporary dorm room, but they soon realise just how poor the coniditions of the new dorm room are. Maggie and Rachel decide to team up to appeal to Dean Andrews as they are fed up with living in such poor standards when they both paid for the best dorm room in college.

1.03 - David Doesn't Live Here anymore
David announces that his parents can no longer afford for him to attend SC (Springfield College) and he is being forced to move to Shrubsville. Maggie feels guilty as she never got to know him, and so she decides to start spending a lot more time with him before he leaves. After she finds herself becoming attracted to him, she attempts to raise the money to get him to stay, but feels as if she is cheating on Gerald for doing so.

1.04 - Moaner Lisa
Maggie has a shock when she discovers that her sister Lisa has started to come to SC to give lectures related to the government, and she notices just how boring it is after she is forced to sit through one of her classes. After falling asleep during the lecture, Maggie feels incredibly guilty against her sister and she attempts to make it up to her with the help of Rachel, but it is a lot of tougher than she ever imagined in the first place.

1.05 - Mind over Chatter
After noticing how much Elaine gossips, Maggie comes up with an idea of opening up an advice phoneline for people of Springfield College. However, they begin to get fed up with the constant prank calls and Elaine flips out, and starts giving awful advice. Now, she and Maggie must face a huge crowd of people from SC who are angry for receiving such awful advice, and the two find themselves losing their friendship over it.

1.06 - Guess who's Coming to Babysit
Jack and Marge are celebrating their first anniversary and they decide to ask Maggie to come down to Springfield for the weekend to babysit James. The weekend unfolds and Maggie is shocked to discover that Jack and Marge have forgotten that James' ninth birthday is coming up in a couple of days, but she manages to ruin their secret plans of throwing him a surprise birthday party, and she feels extremely guilty about it.

1.07 - The Bart of Law
Bart has been accepted into the police force and Maggie is invited down to the party to celebrate with him. There, he is unexpectantly shot and Maggie becomes determined to find out who is responsible for Bart getting hospitilized. Meanwhile, Elaine shares a secret with Rachel - she has fallen in love with Gerald, and she is going to make her move on him. Rachel attempts to stop Elaine from going through with this, but it is hard.

1.08 - How the Test was Lost
Maggie discovers that she has failed her previous exam and she is being forced to re-take it another time. She keeps calling it off everytime, and Dean Andrews is getting extremely angry about it. She eventually sits down to do it, but soon discovers that she has failed once again and she may be expelled from Springfield College. With the help of Rachel and Elaine, she must find a way of passing the exam, but it is very difficult.

1.09 - Bringing down the Milhouse
Milhouse unexpectantly passes away during a trip with Bart, and Maggie is invited to the funeral. This is her first funeral and she doesn't know how to cope with it, and she ends up having a nervous breakdown and runs out of the ceremony. Bart teams up with Rachel to help Maggie out. Meanwhile, Lisa has trouble dealing with Milhouse's demise and she reveals some deep, dark secrets about it all to Elaine.

1.10 - The Last Temptation of Gerald
After the experience of helping Maggie get over the entire "funeral" thing, Bart and Rachel have become closer and closer and they both agree to start going out with eachother, and Maggie is having trouble accepting that her best friend is going out with her older brother. Meanwhile, Elaine and Gerald are left alone for the entire afternoon at Springfield College, and Gerald is having trouble to not give into temptation.

1.11 - Pre-school Daze
Homer Jr. is starting his first day of pre-school, and James decides to go along with him for support. Meanwhile, there are shocks when Maggie discovers that her brother, Bart, is divorcing his wife, Emma. She is shocked that they still haven't told Homer Jr. about it, and so Maggie becomes determined to get to the pre-school and tell him herself. Bart, along with Emma, must stop her from doing so before it is too late.

1.12 - College Documentary
Maggie, along with Rachel and Elaine are asked to create a college documentary for Dean Andrews, who is retiring in a couple of weeks. However, Rachel can't seem to keep the secret of Gerald and Elaine flirting with eachother anymore, and she soon lets it slip on camera. The documentary is ruined by Maggie and Elaine's constant bickering, and so David and Chris attempt to sort out the documentary themselves.

1.13 - Moe Money Needed
A desperate-for-money Maggie applies for a job waitressing at Moe's Tavern, and when her poor services give Moe a heart attack, she begins to feel extremely guilty. However, when she discovers that he has faked it all so he will sue her and get all of her money, she attempts to reveal the truth of what a scammer he really is. But when he unexpectantly passes away during it all, she feels even more guilty than before.

1.14 - I Divorced Emma
Bart and Emma have finally divorced, but a large battle between who keeps Homer Jr. begins. Maggie, fed up with the constant bickering, attempts to put an end to it all, but she soon feels guilty when she realises that Homer Jr. wants to stay with her instead. She must convince Homer Jr. in the nicest possible way that she can't keep him, but it soon proves difficult after she realises just how angry Bart and Emma are.

1.15 - Go Look in the Major
Maggie discovers that it is time she picked a major, and a long hunt for the perfect major possible begins, but it soon proves difficult to find something she actually likes. She is given two weeks to decide, otherwise she will be kicked out of Springfield College for good. She eventually decides to pick writing, but when she discovers that Gerald has done the same thing, she doesn't know what to think.

1.16 - Some Dislike it Hot
A heatwave unexpectantly hits Springfield and all lessons at SC are cancelled because of it. Everyone is happy about this, except Maggie, who was set to start her writing major. She attempts to appeal to Dean Andrews to get the classes back to normal, but she finds it difficult as he is preparing to pack up all of his things for his retirement. She realises that she will have to get him to re-consider retiring.

1.17 - American Idle
Everybody in the common room are beginning to get fed up with Chris' constant laziness and so they force him to do something for a change, but they soon realises that he believes that he is too overweight to do anything. Maggie advises that he goes to the gym, but soon discovers that there isn't one close to Springfield College. Determined to get better, Chris decides to appeal to the new dean, Mr. Elcoat.

1.18 - How Mr. Elcoat Got his Groove Back
Maggie notices that Mr. Elcoat has begun to feel depressed as he doesn't feel like "dean material", and so she attempts to make him feel better. She starts off by trying to get him into a calm mood, but everything gets out of hand and he begins to act like a ten year old. With the help of Rachel and Elaine, Maggie decides to help Mr. Elcoat get his old groove back, but they soon realise that it is tougher than they imagined.

1.19 - Everybody Love's David
David somehow becomes the most desirable guy in Springfield College, for unknown reasons. Chris and the other men of the college are beginning to feel angry that the girls hardly ever pay any attention to them anymore, and so they attempt to get everything back to normal. Meanwhile, Gerald is also feeling angry, and when Elaine finds out about this, he fears he may have ruined her relationship with her. Maggie is stunned.

1.20 - Gerald vs. Elane
Gerald has ended things with Elaine and now Maggie is feeling uncomfortable around her as she feels as if she is responsible. However, she is shocked when Elaine wants to spend more time with her. But when Maggie realises that Gerald wants to get back together with her, she must choose between her friendship with Elaine or her love-life with Gerald, who has disappointed her so many times in the past.

1.21 - Maggie goes to Hollywood (1)
Feeling depressed, Maggie attempts to find a job close-by, and she soon realises that there is an opening in the Springfield College newspaper. She decides to apply for the job, and she is happy after she discovers that she has gotten a second interview, but this time, it is in Hollywood. Maggie must find a way of collecting the money to get to Hollywood, but she finds it extremely difficult.

1.22 - Maggie goes to Hollywood (2)
Maggie eventually gathers up the money sand she is on her way to Hollywood. But, she soon discovers that she has boarded the wrong airplane and she ends up arriving in England. She must get to Hollywood before she is taken off the list for possible employees, but she soon realises that she has missed her return flight and is forced to stay in England for the next four weeks. Continued in the second season.

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