Maggie's College Life
Written By: Paul Bradford

Season 2
2.01 - Leaving England
Four weeks later, Maggie is still stuck in England and her flight is coming up in a couple of hours. Until then, she decides to find something to pass the time, and she starts to tour the city she is in. She later finds love with a guy called Liam, and they go out to lunch together. But when she realises that her flight is coming up very shortly, she must find a way of getting out of the "date" without getting getting him upset, but it is hard.

2.02 - The Return of Arnie Marsh
There are shocks when Maggie discovers that Arnie has gotten a place at Springfield College, and he is moving in a few days from now. She becomes determined to get him a place in the dorm room with Gerald, David and Chris, but she soon realises just how difficult it will be to do so. However, it is her lucky day when Gerald reveals that he is moving dorm rooms... but for what reason?

2.03 - Doom and Sorrow
Arnie has moved in with David and Chris, and Maggie discovers that Gerald is moving into another dorm room with just Elaine. Now, along with Rachel, she must find another roommate and they start listing possible candidates and give them interviews. However, Maggie is having trouble with the fact that her ex-boyfriend is moving in with her close friend, Elaine, and she doesn't seem to stay focused on the interviews.

2.04 - The Milhouse Van Houten Story
Lisa realises that nobody has sorted out a will for Milhouse, and so she decides to gather up his friends and family to discuss it, and everybody seems to be fighting over who gets his money. Lisa, extremely angry about all this, decides to run off with everything from his will herself, to "teach them a lesson". Maggie is forced to house Lisa in her dorm room, but is faced with many angry friends or family of Milhouse.

2.05 - Last Expectations
Maggie realises that she is getting later and later for her lectures everyday, and she is called in to talk to Dean Elcoat about it. Maggie soon realises that she may be suspended if she doesn't get her act together, and when she is fired from her job at the Springfield Shopper, she realises that her life is falling apart and she has a near-death experience. Rachel and Arnie, however, attempt to convince her that her life is fine.

2.06 - The Ring and I
Rachel is stunned when Gerald asks her to help pick out a ring, as he is proposing to Elaine very soon. Rachel is asked to keep it a secret from everyone, especially Maggie, but she can't seem to do so and she blabs it out, and rumors fly all over Springfield College. When Maggie finds out, she is having trouble accepting that her possible one true love is getting married to someone else. Rachel feels guilty about blabbing.

2.07 - New Roommate
Maggie and Rachel come to the conclusion that they want their roommate to be a guy called Joe. However, they are shocked to discover that he is not allowed to bunk in the same room as them as he is male. Angry, Maggie and Rachel decide to protest, but they find themselves becoming friends with a girl called Amy in the process, and believe that they want her to be their new roommate instead, and they must make a choice.

2.08 - Kung Foolish
After almost getting attacked during a night out with her friends, Maggie decides to take up karate and she soon realises the advantages of it all, but when she accidentally attacks her new roommate, Amy, who is moving in, she feels extremely guilty. Now, Amy is not too sure about coming to Springfield College afterall, and so, along with Rachel, Maggie must convince her to stay, but they soon realise just how difficult it is.

2.09 - Liam Returns
Maggie's nineteenth birthday is coming up in the not too distant future, and she has a shock when she discovers that Liam, from England, has turned up, wanting to start things up again. Her birthday party unfolds and she finds herself feeling uncomfortable being with Liam when around Gerald. She must choose between a fresh relationship or the man who could possibly be her one true love. It is a difficult decision.

2.10 - Songs of Craze
Fed up with the constant crappy music she hears around Springfield College, Maggie decides to form her own band with Arnie and Rachel. They can sing perfectly fine, but Maggie soon realises that a fourth member is needed and auditions are held. Gerald is the first to audition, and he gives an excellent performance. However, Maggie is not happy that her ex-boyfriend may become part of the band, and she must make a choice.

2.11 - Kill Phil
A new guy called Phil turns up at Springfield College, and he becomes good friends with David and Chris. But when they discover that Phil is being tracked down by Springfield assasins, they fear for their lives and they must find a way to stop Phil from following them any longer, but it proves difficult. Maggie, Rachel and Amy are forced to hide David and Chris in their dorm room, but it is almost impossible to keep them a secret.

2.12 - Arnie Goes Banana's
Arnie discovers that the parents who adopted him have unexpectantly passed away and he must go to their funeral in Mexico. However, he feels as if he should not go as they weren't his real parents, but a surprise visit from his real dad makes him change his mind. Although soon he feels guilty for considering not going, and begins to go insane. With the help of Rachel and Maggie, his dad must get him back to normal.

2.13 - The Silence of the Dogs
A pack of wild dogs is loose in Springfield and SC is closed down as a safety precaution, but Maggie is taking an exam in the process and is unaware of what is going on. Rachel and Arnie, who are safetly off the premises, soon realise that Maggie has been left inside, and so they decide to team up to get her out and back to safety. But, they soon realise that it will take more than just a bone to get the dogs to leave them alone.

2.14 - Some Decent Proposal (1)
Maggie has a shock when she discovers that Bart has dumped Rachel as he must complete important police business. Maggie becomes determined to talk to Bart about this, but she soon realises that he has gone all the way to New York city already, and so she attempts to raise the money to get their herself. However, she has a shock when she discovers that this was all a big set-up for Bart to propose to Rachel.

2.15 - Some Decent Proposal (2)
Bart returns to Springfield College with his ring, ready to propose to Rachel, and he soon realises that Gerald has already proposed to Elaine and now his plans have been ruined. Maggie, however, is feeling extremely guilty for almost wrecking Bart's plan of proposal, and she accidentally blabs to Rachel that he is going to propose to her. She must try to convince her to act surprised when he does so, but it is very difficult.

2.16 - Elane's Jealousy
Bart and Rachel are now engaged, and the news spreads all around Springfield College. However, Elaine is jealous that her news of being engaged to Gerald isn't being spread around, and she begins to feel upset and considers ending her relationship with him. Maggie overhears the two talking about this, and sees this as a chance to start things up with Gerald again, but she soon realises just how difficult it will be to do so.

2.17 - Helen Back
A new transfer student arrives at Springfield College, unappropriatly named Helen Back, and she seems to be more trouble than everybody suspected, and the problem is, almost every guy on the premises has fallen in love with her. Angry, Rachel and Elaine, along with many of the other women of SC, team up to drive Helen Back out of Springfield once and for all, but they are all soon ridden with extreme guilt.

2.18 - The News Paper Chase
Maggie manages to get her job back at the SC Newspaper, and she is asked to write an article about her experience in being out of work. However, she takes it too far and insults everyone who works on the paper. She is about to get it printed, but when her boss finds out about it, she finds herself being chased by him all over campus to stop her from getting the article printed, and she is determined to reveal the truth.

2.19 - Driving Chris Maisly
Fed up with constantly being asked by Chris to drive him everywhere, Maggie and Rachel advise that he tries to get his driving license. He constantly fails, and so they become determined to help him out, but they are later forced to resort to cheating. Chris suddenly feels ashamed of himself during the test for cheating, and he ends up crashing the test car. He is forced to work at the driving school to pay it off.

2.20 - I strike it like that
Maggie doesn't seem to be getting along with her boss at the SC Newspaper, and she finds herself being treated like dirt by him. She decides to take a stand, but she ends up getting fired as a result of it. Angry, she forms a strike with the other workers of SC Newspaper, but that doesn't get them anywhere. They end up destroying an entire day's worth of newspapers, and Maggie soon realises how much trouble she is in.

2.21 - The Degenerate Heart (1)
Maggie is beginning to get fed up with the stress of college, and she ends up having a heart attack, and is immediatly taken to hospital. She is saved, but she immediatly puts life in perspective and she becomes determined to live it to the fullest. However, everyone else begins to get fed up with the new Maggie and they attempt to get her back to normal, but they find it difficult because of her recent heart problems.

2.22 - The Degenerate Heart (2)
After taking her new life too far, Maggie ends up having another heart attack, and it is extremely serious this time. However, the surgery to get her heart back to normal costs thousands. But when an unknown person comes up with the money, she is saved. But she soon becomes determined to find out who is responsible for saving her life, and she is shocked to discover that it may be none other than Gerald.

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