Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 10
10.01: Malice
Down south in Arkansas, Lisa's car suffers two simultainous flat tires and she's nearly out of cash, so she unmittingly takes a three-day temp job as waitress in the local diner to pay for her new set of tires. While working, she meets the bosses son, a seven year old who's as gifted as Lisa was at that age at playing the Saxaphone. Postponing her yet made plans, Lisa decides to stick around to see if she can help him out since he's surrounded by more Homeresque townsfolk than Lisa was in Springfield.

10.02: Jack Flack
Jack, the exchange student from Austraila that Maggie had big crush on and chased down a few seasons back, is sent back to Springfield Middle School when his visa is reinstated. However, he isn't really here for the reasons he brings forth--he's actually part of the Austrailian witness relocation program since he's on the run from some mobsters in his home country.

10.03: Bart-ucation
As part of complience with the FCC, KBXL MUST air at least two hours of educational prgramming a week, or loose its radio broadcast privledges. Unfortunetly, Bart is stuck with the job of coming up with a show that will both please the listeners and comply with the rules.

10.04: To Hellen Back
Marge's rep is being smeared in the on-line Springfield community chatrooms by someone claiming to know a lot about her private life and is willing to talk trash about her. Meanwhile unknownst to Marge, Hellen ex-Lovejoy is the one doing the badmouthing as she tries to return to Tim Lovejoy and make him give up a large chunk of his TV ministry to him as part of a lawsuit from some complications from the divorce.

10.05: Insane in the McBain
Bart's old childhood movie hero, McBain (now retired and running for mayor) appears on Bart's moring show to promote his campaign for mayor. To his dismay, the mob is still after him and their money that he used for steroid treatments at the height of his career. Desperate, he asks Bart to hide him for a week until this mess clears up.

10.06: The Spyder House Rules
Eric and Felecia become aware of Boys club that is populated by stuck up rich kids called the Spyders. Not nearly of enough stature, they daringly let Eric join if he can prove himself "worthy" by carrying out a task. Meanwhile, Maggie finds out and wants to take part, much to Eric's dismay.

10.07: Party-Man-Guy
Homer, bored that his local bar (no longer Moes) is going to be shut down for a week, decides to find a bunch of parties and quietly crash them just so he can get some social alcohol in his system.

10.08: Bart's Drama
Bart quits his job as morning show host over a money dispute and has a flash of insperation--start his own, low-budget radio broadcast witch is not unlike the radio variety/drama shows of the 1920s and 30s. With help from his two youngest siblings and their red-headed best friend, Bart creates a minor hit and KBXL tries to their own show leading to a radio-noir battle.

10.09: Isotopes Jr
Eric signs up for the first annual Isotopes Little League, which happens to be open to boys and girls from ages seven to twelve. Upset for being left out, Maggie decides to try and be a coach, but stumbles upon the managers hanging around the ballpark. Out of sight, but not out of earshot, Maggie learns the games have all been rigged. Upon telling Eric and Felecia, the duo, convince the rest of the team in secret to overthrow their coaches dubious gaming.

10.10: The Typ-o of War
Springfield becomes the hotbed of controversy when post-Cold War deconstruction team, while working at the old Government chemical facility, uncovers a live nuclear warhead that doesn't seem to exist on anyone's weapons list. Meanwhile, Marge and Homer start a protest to have the weapon removed ASAP, but red-tape is complicating things and to make matters worse, the warhead is leaking small amounts of radiation.

10.11: (deleted)

10.12: Fringer Ale
Homer, Marge and Maggie learn of a traveling festival in Shelbyville which features small-time stage performers that do three-act plays called Fringe Festivals, named after the edgy plays that weren't in the mainstream in the late 1800's, but were plays that lived on the fringe. Excited, Marge convinces Maggie and Homer to join in and do a play she's written. Meanwhile, Eric and Felecia go poking through the abandoned tavern formerly known as Moe's. Under a dusty countertop, they find a letter that Moe wrote on the last day his bar was open, nearly nine years ago, written to Homer.

10.13: The Professional
Maggie, tired of school and learning, decides she wants to become a professional hermit. Outraged and shocked, Marge tries to get some school councilers to have Maggie rethink her future. Meanwhile, Homer nearly succombs to carbon monoxide poisoning while waiting in the car for Eric at school and is mostly out of it.

10.14: NTV (No TV)
With the last of the analog signal networks changing their broadcasting to digital-only, OFF must now purchase a new TV in order to have TV at all. However, to make matters worse, their running low on funds and there are three formatts of digital to choose from, no of which are compatiable with each other and none of them are in a clear lead as to which will be around in two years, too.

10.15: Nuclear Butterfly
Homer pretends to be someone of higher rank in the plant in order to impress a few new co-workers from the temp agency. Meanwhile, Maggie and Felecia secretly video tape Eric in his fits of his awkwardness to send to America's funniest home videos.

10.16: A Bart-er Pill
Marge tries to make her elder son find the right girl to settle down with instead of the usual one-night stand. Unfortunetly, Homer tags along and tries to offer his own brand of "advice."

10.17: Children of a lesser Dad
Homer, after seeing Eric a little too "tidy", decides to take his youngest son out for a weekend of Father/Son camping and fishing. Unaware of a ban on campfires, the duo accidently starts what could be the biggest forest fire in Springfield's history. Now, not only trapped by the fire, the duo must find a way to make themselves look innocent

10.18: Out of the Frying Pan and in with a Liar
In one of the biggest paperwork mix-ups in the Simpson's family history, Homer and Marge recieve an audit from the IRS claiming they've defrauded the US government in taxes since they filed married and jointly. Marge, wondering how on Earth the IRS could claim such a thing, checks into her marrige licences and discovers, with some cross checking, the documents aren't approved--meaning Homer and Marge were NEVER legally married! Combined with owing taxes Marge fears for her families souls since they were all concieved out of legal wedlock and forces them to attend ALL of the Rev's church services.

10.19: The Great Futurama Get Together
Maggie's dream come true--a Futurama convention hits Springfield and she wins a spot on one of next season's episode where she's animated into an actual episode. Furthermore, she even records her own voice for her character. However, when she finds out her cartoon alter-ego isn't on the show and her "charcter" is being used on another Fox cartoon without her permission, Maggie vows to get even, or get paid--or both!

10.20: Northern Disposure
As part of an inexpensive trip, Homer, Marge, and Maggie agree to take a chartered plane flight to Alaska, but encounter engine difficulties and are forced to land in Moose Tail, Canada in the NW territory and have to endure a near-Normadic lifestyle for a week and a half until another plane arrives. Meanwhile, Eric is spending the two week "vacation" with Felecia next-door and tries to convince Mandy and Mark that he isn't as "Simpsonesque" as Homer in a Meet the Parents parody.

10.21: The Small Divide
Two years ago, Lisa encounters the Ghost of Bleeding Gums Murphy for a second time. This time, BGM urges Lisa to pursue a life in college, but she turns away and takes up a life in music, instead. Two years later, nearly broke, depressed, and not going anywhere, Lisa thinks about returning to Springfield, but something in her is telling her otherwise.

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