Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 11
11.01: The Small Divide pt. II
Currently touring in Seattle, Lisa makes arrangements to have her family stay in her club owner's apartment while he's away. While there, Homer, Maggie and Eric have fun visiting the local sights, but Marge and Lisa spend some time catching up since graduation. Furthermore, Bart meets up with a major local radio personality--Dr. Frasier Krane.

11.02: A Little Justice
After the Simpson Home is raided and trashed because of a typo on a search warrant, the Family finds itself at a dead-end when they try to recover damages. When their pleas fall on deaf ears, Homer and Marge decide to run for chief of police as the first husband / wife combonation.

11.03: The Boob Tube
When a liberal coalition, lead by Mark and Mandy DeGeorge, pushes the envelope on the issue of nudity on TV by wanting to force the FCC to allow full frontal nudity on idea that if nudity was "common" and "everywhere" it could reduce the impact of pornogrophy.

11.04: The Value of Awards
Bart's sole high school team football championship trophy, which was kept in Springfield High's trophy case, is put on Ebay due to a serious lack of budgeting in Springfield. Royally peeved, Bart tries to out bid his rival but finds himself losing to none other than Jessica Lovejoy. Now desperate to get the prize trophy back, Bart finds himself subject to being humiliated--on air and off--ito get it back.

11.05: Old Folky
After a Bob Dylan concert, Maggie becomes inspired to write one song about the dullness of her life, and she does, but Lisa harshly objects to the status that she gives her. At the same time, Homer tries to convince Maggie to write something meaningful in the song about him.

11.06: AT&T Phone Home
Mayor Skinner, after being nearly run off the road by a driver with a Cell phone, passes a city ordinance banning cell phones while driving on the city streets. Caught in the middle of keeping tabs on her kids, Marge, along with several wives protest.

11.07: The End of the Stub Age
Lisa's dreams of becoming a world-famous saxaphonist might be coming one step closer to reality when she learns of a new osteolopathic clinic--which may cure her stubbiness in her fingers--that has developed a new technique of stretching the bones, usually in the legs or arms, with metal pins and pressure points. Excited, she holes up with the family and becomes the patient that Maggie hates attending to.

11.08: InXL-ent Messes
For Bart's bosses 43rd Birthday, Jessica Lovejoy, Bart's co host on his morning show, decides to parachute her way into her bosses estate during his private party wearing only a string-bikini. However, when the boss, Viktor, tries to make amends with his estranged wife when Jessica lands. Upon seeing this scantilly clad XL-sel employee, she walks out and in a rage, Viktor fires everyone on the morning show.

11.09: Maggie vs. Dinner
Tired of Mom's "horrid trial and error" Oprah based designer dishes, Maggie tries to make dinner for the family, putting mother against daughter at mealtime.

11.10: Yourself: The Ultimate Reality Show
Yourself, fifty years in the future the ultimate reality show is the past, and Maggie is chosen to go back in time to change a painful moment in her life so that it never does. Maggie's goal: to prevent Eric's accidental death as the cameras bring the drama to the TV screens in the future.

11.11: One Flew over the Doughnuts Nest
Homer aquires the secret recipe of the Lardlard corp and manufactures doughnuts out of the Simpsons kitchen. Being a tightwad, Homer refuses to move his operations to a real factory and Marge is going crazy because the doughnut grease is ruining the year-old cabinets because it warps the wood and Maggie and Eric are growing tired of disguising the home based business and chasing off the health inspector.

11.12: Death Became Them
When an aging, out-of work stuntman visits the Springfield Middle school, Maggie, as a larf, asks him if he'd do some stunt work in a home movie she'd like to promote, he agrees, but after five minutes of filming in the Simpsons Backyard, he misses an "easy" landing target, falls over on his side and dies. Terrified she killed him, Maggie hides the tape and asks Sven and Leena, the compter gurus, to digitally edit the footage to make it look like a "real" accident.

11.13: Bart-Appeal
Bart, always in the shadow of Jessica's "hottie" reputation in Springfield, is even more in a jealous bind when Jessica starts doing local commercials in her spare time. Not wanting to become a back seat DJ on his own show, Bart asks Maggie and Eric, then a little later, Lisa, on how to improve his image and stay on top with the the morning show.

11.14: Obey Your Worst
When Maggie starts a skater club for people ages 8-16, she becomes drunk on her own sense power. Soon she's being challenged by the members to have her title as "the Fuerer" removed.

11.15: Bowl of Coup
Homer, by dumb luck, wins two tickets to the upcoming Superbowl that will be played in the new XLseLL Dome next month. However, when Eric accidently looses the tickets in a laundry mishap, he tries to aquire two more in place of the ones he lost.

11.16: DeFace your Fears
One of Felecia's worst fears is a fear of clowns that she has kept secret from everyone, including her parents. The whole situation comes to a head when she and Eric visit the travelling circus Felecia freaks out. Trying to "understand" her phobias, the duo end up defacing the bigtop after dark.

11.17: The Music Man
When Marge visits her weekly chatroom, Mom-line, she meets an old aquaintence--Rachel Jordan--who has some shocking news...she's divorced Ned and is returning to Springfield to tie up some loose ends and visit relatives. However, when she stops by for a visit to the Simpsons home and tell of the events that lead up to the divorce, Marge encourages her to try one last time--through song! So, Rachael invites Ned back to Springfield to try and record one last lp together.

11.18: House of 1,000 Misplaced Corpses
When the Springfield Veterans of Popular Wars cemetary is forced to relocate due to the ground becoming unstable because of the nearness to the river and constent rains, the VFoPW decides to move the coffins to a more stable area. Unfortunetly, the remains of Grandpa, along with several other vets are lost in a paperwork mixup and the Simpsons have to track the casket down.

11.19: Spyware vs Spyware
Leena and Sven, the twin hackers in Maggie's class, discover a new, hidden software program in the schools computers that tracks not only what sites the students visit, but reads their private emails aswell. Furious, yet restrained, the duo hackers gather the support of their fellow 7th graders to fight back by emailing each other pages of bogus threats to weed out the people who made this happen.

11.20: Sibling Rivalry Remix
Bart finds Lisa's new sax solo on a new blues album a bit of a bore, so he decides to take the tune and make a rave-esque remix with added sound effects and the song becomes a minor hit. However, when Lisa hears this "new" song, she instantly hates it and demands her brother take it off the air.

11.21: Jessica's Lament
Bart is thrilled to hear that Jessica might be on the way out, but when Bart finds out that out is actually up, meaning she'll be soon taking his job, he quickly files a protest and asks the listeners who do they like more: him or Jessica.

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