Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 13
13.01: Marge P.I.
As a part time job, Marge agrees to become an assistant to Mr. Smithers (who's retained the CEO position of SNPP) and his maid at the Mansion. Along with a broke Maggie, Marge does a bang up job until she finds evidence that makes Smithers look like he murdered his ex-boss a few years ago.

13.02: Only Tools Rush In
Jessica, being a bit more "smiting" than usual, start to hit on Bart--Big time--and pretends to go out with him on a bet with her boss that Bart would go out with her.

13.03: Barge in Charge
When a runaway Garbage Barge is stranded halfway between Shelbyville and Springfield on the river, neither town wants to send help. Disgusted, Lisa tries to organize the citizens of both towns to try and clean up the mess. However, Maggie in her usuall anti-Lisa mode, tries to convince everyone that Lisa's a whiny, PC thug and she should be ignored.

13.04: The Triangle (Halloween Special)
While taking a cruise, Homer, Marge, Maggie and Eric experience a nasty case of food poinsing, and to make matters worse, the communcations and navigation are down because the ship has now entered the Bermuda Triangle. Stranded, some of the crew decide to head for the mysterious island in front of the ship that isn't on any map...

13.05: Smokey and the Sibling
Eric tries to help his devilish aunts quit smoking but nothing works, so in desperation, he promises them that if they quit, they can meet Richard Dean Anderson (McGuyver). No making a promise he can never be able to keep, he asks Maggie to help him out. Meanwhile Felecia, also a fan of McGuyver, proves to be an invaluable resource in their search for Anderson.

13.06: Don't have a Coward, Man
Bart stops a robber in his tracks, but when the future felon is part of the Mob, Bart tries to survive the retrobution long enough to put an to the madness.

13.07: Another Foot
Maggie decides to shock the Springfield Middle school by planning on getting a decent pic of Bigfoot while on vacation in Yellowstone. Unfortunetly, she and Eric become lost and wander into another campsite--the DeGeorges--and Eric thinks Felecia was avoiding him because she said she wasn't going on vacation.

13.08: The Reservation Society
Lisa applauds Rev. Lovejoy's gift to the town--his funding of turning the old Monorail building into a model train museum, but when the funding was actually collection plate money supposed to go to the homeless, Lisa protests the Rev's TV minsitry show.

13.09: Pie Another Day
Maggie decides to practice for a pie eating contest, but Marge is against it. With support from Homer, Maggie begins training, but when she chips a tooth and is no longer able to compete, Felecia enters.

13.10: Sultan of Swank
Eric, stars as the John Travolta character in the Saturday Night Feverschool play. Now a local star becasue of his performance, he starts to make the late 70's disco look a permenant part of his character. After a newspaper story about the boy who went disco, Springfied becomes the nations disco revival capital and Eric must actually learn how to dance.

13.11: Career Daze
Felecia, Maggie and Eric must attend a career fest at school and work in a RANDOMLY chosen simulated career field and be graded on speed and job performance. Maggie, the tomboyish one, is chosen to be an office secretary and has to handle a multitude of tasks; Eric is chosen to be a dog groomer and walker; Felecia's job entails being a collection agent and taking charge with those who are in debt.

13.12: Three-Beat
Moe, Barney and Homer decide to get together and take a weekend of fishing upstate near an abandoned and supposedly haunted sawmill. According to local ledgend, the owner went crazy and killed three of the employees and his spirit will cause anyone who tries to fish nearby to go mad and take it out on eachother. Unfortunetly, when things don't go as well as planned on the trip, the trio slowly begin to turn on eachother.

13.13: KBX-Scabs
Bart, Jessica, and the rest of the DJ's KBXL decide to strike. Instead of giving in to their demands, Viktor, the owner, decides to hire oridinary folks to try and fill in. Maggie's personality wins over Viktor and she takes over Bart's spot, provided she can be up on time, thus turning Bart against his littlest sister. Meanwhile, Eric tries to smooth things out between the two.

13.14: Hack Springfield
When Leena and Sven (the computer nerds in the 7th grade) design an attractive website to promote Springfield's tourisim, it's hacked and they trace the hackers back to Shelbyville. Asking for Maggie's help, the trio, along with Gerald (the unibrow baby, now 13) stake out the Coffee house (and Maggie takes up a part time job) where the hackers attacked Springfield's site on one of the customer computers.

13.15: Sex, Lies and the Digital Media
Bart, now 22, since he's become the morning show host on KBXL, has always been somewhat known around Springfield, but when a shady digital imaging company "accidently" takes Bart's face and pastes it on a male porn star (who had a REALLY ugly face) in Los Angeles for their local market, word eventually makes it to Springfield and Bart is suddenly shunned by all the local church groups and Marge, who now views Bart a bad influence to his little brother. Trying to clear his name, Bart heads to LA.

13.16: The Rave'n
Marge is worried that Maggie's more and more independent behavior is going to have her wind up in the local Rave party clubs and "secret" hot spots. So, to combat this potential threat, she meets up with proffessor Frink and has him sew a tiny tracking device into Maggie's jacket. Unfortunetly, Maggie finds out and the issue becomes a case of personal time vs. parental control.

13.17: You Booze, You Lose
The Duff corporation, one of the few independent companies that isn't under control of the X-Lcorporation, is asking for the public's help in building a new stadium for the Isotopes, but when the town votes "no", the company threatens to take the team and brewery out of Springfield sending Homer into fits of panic and boredom.

13.18: Milhouse: Champion of the World
Milhouse, now totally unemployed, decides to take a stab at a career that he's been somewhat against--a proffesional wrestler. Bart, seeing this as an opportunity to help Milhouse, and earn some extra cash, decides be his manager. However, when Bart is told Milhouse has to loose the championship match, Bart and Milhouse decide not to follow the script.

13.19: The Great American Father, or so Eric Says
Eric enters the Create a Real American Parentconest that best describes what a hard working parent is about. Mistakingly, Eric thinks this is a contest based on a what-iffictional parent and when Eric finds out what's really going on, he and Homer must find a way to be as "hard working" as Eric made him out to be...or potentially lose the $100,000 jackpot.

13.20: Action Skinners
Mayor, and former 'Nam Vet, Seymour Skinner decides to market himself to a younger crowd by making a smartass, trash talking, 18tall figure of himself garbed in either army gear or in a suit--Mayoral Style. When Marge catches Eric with one of these "kewl" toys, she demands a meeting with the mayor, but finds out the figures were Edna's idea and the Mayor wasn't too thrilled with the concept. Frustrated, Marge tries to get Skinner to stand up to Edna and have the dolls removed from the store shelves.

13.21: Bart the Bootleg
Maggie, while doing some unauthorized digging at KBXL while on tour, uncovers some old CDs of Bart's old radio show when it was KBBL containing some off-color humor about Springfield. When these tapes become heard by the public, Bart's popularity falls considerably and one of the tracks is about how Bart would just love to "screw-Jessica Lovejoy", which causes her to leave his morning show. Trying to remedy the situation, Maggie and Eric try and defend Bart from his past comments and rebuild his rep as a semi-clean morning show guy. But this raises another issue for Bart--stay the same as he has been, or become someone more aggressive, like a Howard Stern?

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