Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 14
14.01: Grin and Ferret
Maggie's new pet ferret, Slinky, decides to get loose and end up somewhere in the drywall of the Simpson's home. Worried that it might be trapped, Maggie begins to panic and Homer wants the animal found so its potentially rotten corpse doesn't stink up the house...and he loves his daughter, too, so he'll find the pet, alive and well.

14.02: The Mandroid (Halloween episode)
Professor Frink's latest invention goes haywire as Maggie unwittingly becomes the target of Frink's latest invention: a search and destory android that thinks Maggie is a target in a simulation and must be destroyed and the rest of Springfield is part of the simulation, too.

14.03: Turn Your Knob to Bob
Bob's new career path sends him down the road to KBXL FM as he becomes the new right wing radio voice, replacing the now retiring (and deaf) Birch Barlow KBXL's AM channel. Trying to win back the public's favor, Bob tickle's the public's ears and uses his rep. as a cover for his real scheme--a robbery of the collection plate money at the Democratic National convention, complete with a wire tapping, that is coming to springfield.

14.04: Art vs Art
Maggie, the more artistic child when compared to Eric, tries to encourage her little brother to become more artistically inclined. With some guidence, Maggie inspires Eric that he enters a contest alongside his older sister. However, when Maggie feels her piece should've been the clear winner over Eric's (it's a tie), the friendly competition turns into an art of war.

14.05: Guts
When the family comes down with a mysterious stomach illness, along with the DeGeorge family, Marge tries to track down the source of the problem. Meanwhile, there seems to be no connection between other families around Springfied as they're becoming ill, too. But when Marge finds out the culprit, she'll make Erin Brokovitch look passive.

14.06: Bart the Kissup
Bart inherits the unenviable task of having to keep an eye on the Boss's obnoxious ten year old nephew for the week as a "favor". Meanwhile, Eric and the boss's kid aren't exactly the best of friends and whe Eric lands a couple of punches after being irritated past his normal docile self, Bart must find a way to remedy the situation, or be fired, sued, or both.

14.07: Sock Her Mom
Eric and Felecia, tired of Marge and Mandy's pressuring to do well in sports, gathers their peers in the soccer league to go on "strike" from participating in youth sports until their parents chill out. Meanwhile, Maggie thinks Eric and Felecia are wimping out and are just looking for an excuse to slack off.

14.08: All I want for Christmas is My Friend's House Back
The DeGeorge Family house is severly damaged when the Christmas Tree Lights start a fire. In the spirit of the hollidays, Eric begs Homer and Marge to let the DeGeorge family move in until they can figure out if the house is salvageable.

14.09: A Cold Lisa
Lisa's contribution to the Ice Castle on lake Springfield is cut short when she finds out the money spent to build the Ice Castle was partially taken from the food shelf for the Homeless by someone working directly in line with Mayor Skinner in Springfield. Angry, she starts a protest to have the money returned and the project stopped, which makes her the most beloved and hated person in town.

14.10: In the Line of Sire
Maggie takes up an after school job at a stable and develops a love for horses. Developing a crush on one of the less-midgety jockeys, who's also the son of the ranch's owner, Maggie is given her own horse. Meanwhile, the normally honest and noble Lisa is insanely jealous and wants in on the horsey action and becomes the lead sax player in the Stable owners house jazz band. With both sisters on the staff, the duo become arch rivals as Lisa is given a chance at being a jockey and Maggie's new boyfriend let's her rid for him.

14.11: Model Employee
The controlling board at the X-L corp, under Waylond Smithers, desires to remodel and reinvent the old, 1950's look of the power plant with a new, younger, go-getter staff. After reviewing the plant's staff, Homer's deemed too old and too overpaid for his job position, so he's one strike away from being fired. Worried about his job, he must reinvent himself. With Eric's help, he becomes a snazzy middle-aged worker and is promoted (again), but this time he's offered a spot on the controlling committe and finds out how dysfunctional the plant really is.

14.12: The Food Pyramid Scheme
Marge becomes part of a buisness that offers low-fat, high protein meals, but sells it via telemarketing, but when she recieves a check for $1.4 million dollars for a week's sales, she thinks she's done something special, but when she finds out the money was deposited in her account because of a mistake in the account number after the money was spent, she now is dragged into court to be forced to pay back the money.

14.13: Run of the Milhouse
With his life in constant turmoil since being booted out of the army, Milhouse (a former bouncer and a bodyguard) now is run the run from the law after someone similar looking is fleeing the scene of a homicide. Meanwhile Lisa, is trying to prove him innocent as Milhouse, using his army skills, is managing to stay one step of the law.

14.14: Pull a Rabbi out of the Hat
Ever since Krusty retired nearly a decade ago, Eric has been only able to watch his how in reruns via burned DVD's since the majority of the show was never released. Craving some new material, Eric and Maggie decide to visit the now born again Rabbi and ask him to come out of retirement to make one last live show.

14.15: A Marge Connection
When some dating tips given to Bart lands him a decent date, Marge decides to open a website that helps men and women make that "special" conection, but when a young woman dissapears after meeting Mr. Wrong, Marge goes in desperate search of her based on the clues left in the administrative chatroom logs.

14.16: Snacksercise
Maggie's middle school has been relatively normal in its lunch program, but when Mandy DeGeorge's "new lunch line" kicks in with it's all natural, no soda, no chips or candy agenda, the students are forced to eat a nasty "healthy" diet. Meanwhile, due to the closed lunch hour (no one can leave and go to the store) Maggie starts to bootleg junk food to her fellow classmates in a clandastine operation.

14.17: Sail of the Century
Mark DeGeorge's extremely wealthy father, who's always liked Eric becasue he's acted the way he wanted to his own son to be at age 10, offers Eric and the rest of the family a chance to win a lot of money in boating race. However, when Mark hears of his father helping the Simpsons, he's extremely peturbed and rents his own sailboat and along with his wife Mandy, sail against his father and the Simpsons.

14.18: Bart the Coach
One of Bart's requirments with his job at KBXL is he must perform community service in the name of the X.L. corp to promote a more hometown image for the company. Fortunately, he lands himself the job of coaching Eric's little league's baseball team. Meanwhile, a broke and unemployed Milhouse, now in Shelbyville, is looking for a job at the temp agency and is given a coaching job for the Shelbyville little league team. As fate would bring it, Bart and Milhouse both end up in the championships facing off against each other.

14.19: Skinner vs. Skinner
After appearing somewhat drunk at Mayor Skinner's speech for the Homeless and making a fool of herself, Seymour files for divorce from his overbearing wife, Edna. Soon Edna realizes the error of her ways, but cannot convince her soon-to-be exhusband to take her back, so she asks Marge, Mandy, and old friend, Ned Flanders for advice. However, when things start to look worse, Edna makes a surprise move of her own--she decides to leave him for good and run for Mayor.

14.20: Teen Schemes
Another wave of reality TV hits Springfield, but this time the cameras follow around six teenagers (Maggie being the youngest) and the audience has to pick one teen whom they feel has the most interesting life. When the winner is chosen (not Maggie), the girl wins the $100 Grand and free college schollership. But when Maggie learns the contest was rigged and the girl is actually 21, she vows revenge by exposing her to the public and embarrassing her in the process.

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