Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 15
15.01: The Last Bar-fighter
Homer's nostalgia for Moe's Tavern causes him to look up his old bartender and try to convince him to reopen Moe's, but when Homer learns his old friend has been living in hiding because of unpaid gambling debts to the mob, his intrusion makes Moe a reborn target.

15.02: Eric's Idol
Eric's idol, a same-aged child, fashion/GQ star, Logan Kent, makes an appearance at Springfield Elementary to give a speech on "winning" and Eric has the chance to meet him afterwards. Charmed by Eric's enthusiasm, Logan invites Eric to come to LA and see how the career works and soon realizes his "normal" life is being envied by all the child models.

15.03: On the beach, off the Plant
Mark and Mandy, while spending a romantic evening on Springfield's beach, are interupted by a helicopter telling them to leave the area. Furious, the couple research and find the plant is now causing water pollution and start a protest. Making things worse for Homer, Lisa has now grudgingly joined the protesters.

15.04: Dash Fandom
Dash Dangerous's (a kid's space adventure series mentioned in M&E, season 7) ratings have been slipping ever since the main character's actor announced his planned retirment from the children's world of sci-fi television. However, the networks vows to keep it going and wants a new hero to fill Dash's shoes, a younger more "relatable" hero. Maggie tries out for the role since she's physically fit enough and wants to be called Danger Gurrl and Arlie Skinner is the other contender since he's has "the attitude". However, Springfield is divided over who should take the role-- Maggie or Arlie.

15.05: I think my past is Simon
Graham Simon, the inspiration to Rev. Lovejoy becoming a reverend and former atheist and now on his death bed, begs Lovejoy to come out to Colorado. Upon arriving, Graham tells the Rev what he thinks--Lovejoy's become a money grubbing bastard. Furious the Rev leaves, but when his next telecast rolls around, he breaks down and pulls his Sunday bible program off the air and retools it to be aired in the old Springfield community church, but can he be an "honest" preacher again?

15.06: Private Barts
When KBXL makes a few phone calls to Hollywood, a talent agent and a newbie writer (voiced by Howard Stern) want to make a movie about Bart and his life as a moderate-sized town disc jockey and his odd-ball family, Bart agrees, but when the movie debuts, Bart instantly becomes a national celebrity, but does he really want to leave Springfield behind?

15.07: Bowling for Shelbyville
Maggie and Eric, with Homer's coaching, become passable bowlers and when a chance to bowl for the newly established "Family League" passes by in Springfield, Homer, Marge, Maggie and Eric travel to Shelbyville and join the tournament over there, but end off bowling against Springfield.

15.08: Tooth and Fang (THoH Episode)
Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Eric find out on the night before Halloween that they might be the only normal humans in Springfield. Why? Springfield, and the surrounding land was cursed by the Native Americans because their land was traded for jellybeans and there's been a secret war going on at night between the citizens--half of them are were Vampires, that can pass as human in the daytime, and half of them are Werewolves. For nearly three centuries, both sides have been fighting and the only way to break the curse is with the sacrifical blood of the mix breeds and the Simpson kids are the mix breeds since Marge is were-Vampire and Homer is a werewolf and being a mixed blood cancels out the curse. With the secret out, the four kids have to survive long enough to make it out of Springfield time.

15.09: Bribe Time Live
After a nearly 12 years as Mayor, Skinner is thinking of retiring and Eric decides to do a report on the political system on Skinner, but Skinner, in a rush of emotion, admitts he took bribes from the then richest man in Springfield, Mr. Burns, to help him win the election. In a set of flashbacks, he tells Eric of what transpired over the course of the election.

15.10: War of the Nerds
Gary, the former college geek and now the former owner of an internet business, decides to take his massive comic book collection and open his own comic book store to compete with the CBG. After some vandals try to break in just before opening, Maggie chases them down and nearly beats one of the guys up. Impressed, Gary hires Maggie to keep an out for anyone who might try and mess up his shop while Eric is having a field day with all the free reading. Over the summer, Maggie, Eric and Gary all become great friends, but when the shop becomes a victim of arson, Maggie vows to get even.

15.11: Bob, Hopeless
Fearing for his life after an accident in the minimum security prison, Bob, while in the intensive care unit, begs to see Bart for possibly one last time for a mission--find his estranged brother so he can seen him one last time in case he doesn't pull through. Given a few sketchy details on where Cecil might've gone since his release, Bart manages to track down the most apathetic Terwilliger of all, but can he convince him to go see Bob in time?

15.12: Death Became Her
Maggie's seeing the aftermath of an accident causes her to develop a weird fascination with coroners and autopsies that she becomes interested in the processing of cadavers, and such. Meanwhile, Marge is mortified her semi-sweet, and somewhat loveable little girl has embraced a hobby this "cheerful". Now fearing for her sanity, Marge tries to get Maggie onto more colorful and "alive" hobbies.

15.13: K-REV
Reverend Lovejoy's TV ministry decides to open it's own religious television network in which some of the programming consists of programs written and starring various members of Springfield. Meanwhile, KBXL TV is starting to loose ratings and tries its hand at it's own "enlightening."

15.14: Sisters are Drawin' it for Themselves
Maggie is furious the Middle School art funding is being cut as Springfield's school system falls on tough economic times. So, Marge, very sympathetic to Maggie's plight, offers to teach art to those interested for free. However, when the schools offers to bring in a nude model for Life Drawing, Marge's objects and is stricken between letting the seventh grade draw the model or have no art class.

15.15: Garden of Edna
Edna K. Skinner, principal, former Springfield first lady and now single mother, auditions for the replacement of Longfellow Greene, a home-improvement/gardening expert who runs his own show on KBXL Channel Six. Upon taking the position, she quits her Principal duties and becomes a popular figure with the morning crowd. Meanwhile ex-husband Skinner longs to be back with her and asks Bart to see if he can pull a few strings and help him sneak onto the set to try and make amends with his special Edna.

15.16: Sibling Radio
After an off-air argument spills over to the on-air Morning show, Bart fires Jessica, and has a much support from the listening audience. So after much searching for a replacement, inspiration strikes--have Lisa be the new co-host! Meanwhile, Jessica is hired at WOMP FM (KBXL's biggest rival) to be the host of their morning show program and does things the way she wanted to back at KBXL. Meanwhile, with both morning shows going head to head, the stunts and various contests to gain listenership is going overboard.

15.17: XL-Topes
The X.L. Corporation buys out the Duff corp and the Isotopes and wants to revamp the team's "small town" image to a more big league persona, complete with an "X-tream" attitude. However, when the gimmicky cover gives way to a losing season, Homer is furious and writes a letter of complaint to the company saying he could do a better job running the team and because of Bart's connection with Viktor, the head of the X.L. corp in Springfield, Homer is allowed to make some "smart" business maneuvers...

15.18: Gone in 60 Places
Some of Sideshow Bob's personal belongings, when he was part of the Krusty's show, were placed in storage at the old Krustylu Studios, he is unable to retrieve them, so he does something extreme--he kidnaps Felecia and demands Eric and Bart to break into the old studio and retrieve what was once his before dawn, or Felecia is dead.

15.19: The Chair
When Eric was nine, he suffered a case of having not enough novocaine causing a case of "semi-numbness" when he had cavity filled, thus leading to a painful, and paranoid view of going to the dentist. Genetically disposed to getting cavities, he feels another one coming on, so he tries to hide the pain. Meanwhile, Maggie tries to help her little brother overcome his fears as he keeps it a secret from the rest of the family as Marge schedules Eric to his next appointment on the "chair."

15.20: Couch vs. the Slouch
While sharing the same personality quirks, Maggie is totally opposite with Homer when it comes to exercise, so she tries to get Homer to be more physically active, but begins to give up hope and finds herself sitting on the couch more and more.

15.21: Talk the Talk, Balk the Talk
Homer and Marge have always been squeamish in dealing with sexual education with their three older kids, but when they take a course on giving "the talk" to Eric, they suddenly realize how inadequate their advice has been to Maggie and try to get her up to speed. Annoyed, she decides to intentionally rebel just to make them feel like their advice isn't working, but the guy she's dating is more than interested in playing games with Homer and Marge.

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