Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 16
16.01: Terra Nova Scotia
Felecia's grandfather's plane is reported down on the harsh, land known as Nova Scotia. Not hurrying to his side, Mark DeGeorge manages to find some time to head east, and allows Eric to come along. Upon arriving, Felecia finds her grandpa living in a small town and is reluctant to leave as he enjoys living a simple, non-corporate lifestyle. Meanwhile, Eric, fame and stature's number one fan, tries to convince Felecia's grandpa to reconsider his volunteered downsizing.

16.02: Maggie From the Block
When a new girl who's actually both tough and popular moves in on Maggie's turf and embarrasses her in front the gym class, Maggie vows to get even, but when revenge leaves an empty feeling, Maggie tries to be friends Soon, she's introduced to a whole new slew of kids who are part of juvenile hall, and the underground tough-man/woman competitions. Unfortunately, Maggie's only way "out" is to kick the toughest girls ass, and she has plenty of motivation when some of her rivals friends mess with Eric and Felecia. (J Lo does not guest star)

16.03: Spam I Am
Maggie and Eric decide to enter a Spam sculpting contest after Eric learns of the contest is headed for Springfield. To help promote their presence, Maggie asks Gerald and the hacker twins, Sven and Leena, to increase internet advertising to garner support for the sibling team, but when there's a glitch in the adware, the Spam contest is spammed to nearly every computer's primary email account and causes the slower and older computers to crash.

16.04: Of Mice and Morons (# 300)
After Homer accidentally starts a fire in Sector 7G that causes severe damage to the plant, he blames it on circumstances which weren't his doing. Now closed for repairs, Homer, to cover up his screw up, tries to draw attention away from the accident by protesting the plant and saying it is unsafe for its employees. Meanwhile, Lisa, also on the protesting warpath, learns of Homer's cover-up and is conflicted on whether or not to tell the authorities.

16.05: Welcome to the Boon Town (Tree House of Horror episode)
When Marge survives a car-crash that should've killed her, she feels like she's encountered a miracle, but when she nearly dies, again, after a steel beam breaks loose from the construction crane and crushes the car moments before she was suppose to get in, she suddenly feels like she's about to die at every turn and becomes increasingly paranoid of the world around her. Homer, Maggie and Eric try to help her see that she's only the victim of cruel circumstances...or is she?

16.06: The Fifth Estate
Mandy DeGeorge, the snotty next-door neighbor lady, along with her husband Mark, organize a magazine that illustrates the finer points about being a housewife with a real-world budget, in a more blue-collar version of Martha Stewart, but when Marge finds out a plethora of tips in the magazine were derivative of ideas she gave to Mandy back when she was pregnant, Marge vows to get even with her own publication called the Fifth Estate.

16.07: Sanitation: The Next Generation
Groundskeeper Wille's tenure as school janitor is coming to an end as he announces his retirement after this school year. Meanwhile, the currently unemployable ex-army guy Milhouse (who's now becoming the every-new-episode-he-gets-another job) quickly learns from Willie the ropes. Back at home, Eric is excited he's going to be able to meet on of Bart's old friends and Bart is glad Milhouse has steady job. All is rosey until Willie decides to take back his retirement plans, but since the school can only afford one janitor, one of them has to go--and they have a janitorial contest to see who's the best.

16.08: Park Rangers
When the oldest trailer park in the United States turns out to be in Springfield, the Guinness Book of Records people decide to pay Springfield a visit. Meanwhile, Homer wants to capture part of the spotlight and tries to come up with a record he can attempt to beat. Meanwhile, Eric and Felecia try to go for the "cute" award by Felecia trying to give Eric the longest continuous hug--three days as Homer and Maggie protest because they feel it isn't a "real" Guiness award.

16.09: Patty vs. Selma
Richard Dean Anderson (guest starring as himself) is holding an online contest where the winner is awarded a walk-on role in the two-hour, made for TV movie where McGuyver saves the day one last time. When Selma wins the award, Patty becomes jealous, but when she learns Selma cheated by entering the contest using different computers so the ISP addresses are all different, Patty agrees not to squeal if she can get to meet (and possibly kiss) R.D. Anderson herself. Unbeknownst to Selma, Patty is planning on arriving a few hours early to pose as Selma and tries to steal the part.

16.10: Eric and Felecia
A talent scout looking for some new blood makes his yearly rounds around the Springfield school system looking for potential actors, comedians, and other Freak-Os that could get ratings. Upon seeing Eric and Felecia, he's captivated by their camaraderie and decides to have a chat with them. Impressed, by their story them grow up together, but not by their lack of marketability, he decides to write a TV show based around their lives that will most likely be accepted by one of the networks. Six months later, the show premiers, and Simpsons and DeGeorges are happy with the small, one-time payment for the ideas, but when the show airs on the WB, it's not what they imagined--it's a horrid late-teen sex comedy that pushes the envelope of bad taste. It's so bad, Eric and Felecia are suddenly afraid their lives will become the show that was supposedly based on them and begin to question their friendship.

16.11: Rex and Effects
Private Eye, Rex Banner, returns to Springfield, this time undercover to exact revenge on the police force for catapulting him. Meanwhile, Wiggum, who's been retired for five years, signs back on, but this time he's a rookie all over again and he's given one task only--distract Rex Banner. Meanwhile, Maggie is caught SUPPOSEDLY shoplifting a candy bar from a gas station, but she looses the receipt in the breeze and the camera is at a bad angle so it isn't clear if she grabbed the bar, or not, to the jury. Meanwhile the 81 year old clerk, and owner is hell-bent on sending Maggie up the creek for stealing "his stuff" but can't remember when the last time he went to the bathroom.

16.12: Everything is UK
As part of KBXL's Get to Know Europe contest where the winner gets to Moby live at Wembley Stadium, Bart and Jessica are transplanted to London for two weeks and do their "morning" show live from their hotel room between 3pm and 7pm so it's live in Springfield. Everything is going smoothly, but when Bart is involved in a minor traffic accident in the English countryside, Jessica has to grudgingly find him so the "star" of the show can announce the winner. Meanwhile, Bart has fallen in love with a limey British girl, who was the other party in the fender-bender, who's the bass player in a punk band and she invites Bart to her concert. Meanwhile a lost and horribly irritable Jessica Lovejoy is trying to find her meandering boss...

16.13: Judging Maggie
When Reverend Lovejoy decides to expand his teleministry by making a daily talk show that deals with God in the townspeople's lives, the show manages to attract a sufficient audience, but when Maggie is one of the guests, the Rev makes a few overly personal attacks when Maggie asks him some questions about God. Disgusted, Maggie vows never to attend any church associated with Reverend Lovejoy. By next Sunday, Maggie is gathering petitions to have Rev. Lovejoy's talk show--and televangelist program--removed from broadcast. Meanwhile, Lovejoy, in retaliation is now using the Simpson family as examples on how NOT to be the model Christian family.

16.14: TycroSoft, Inc
When Sven and Leena decide to start an small software enterprise, Tycrosoft, involving some puzzle and role playing games, Maggie becomes a design consultant and a layout artist, but when the cash comes in, the trio become bitter enemies in how to disperse the funds. Meanwhile, Gerald is secretly hacking into the bank account and now Maggie and the twins must put aside their differences and find out where the cash is disappearing to.

16.15: What do you want on your soon-to-be moved Tombstone?
The cemetery where Bleeding Gums Murphy was laid to rest has just been zoned for a new office building, which will be part of the X.L. corporation's Phase II building up of Springfield. However, a furious Lisa harshly protests against the plowing over and relocating of B.G.M's remains and demands he be left, along with the other graves, in peace.

16.16: Springfield City Limits
On the 11th annual Get to know your Neighbor Day picnic in the city park, just a few blocks from the old city park, Homer brings the family, minus Bart and Lisa, for a day of fun and meeting other Springfieldianites, but when a game of touch-football ends up in a fight with Homer and Maggie taking on Mayor Skinner and his son, Arlie, Homer and Maggie are restrained by the police and Marge and Eric, look on, horribly embarrassed. Now Homer has two options presented to him by Skinner--be sued and face assault charges, or be banished from Springfield's city limits and the only people allowed in are Maggie and Eric for schooling and Homer for work, and that's it. In the meantime, Bart, without Lisa's help since she's currently in Mexico City, has to research this issue to find out if the ordinance is even legal.

16.17: The Toppermost of the Uppermost
Viktor, the single-named CEO of the Springfield Branch of the X.L. Corp, spontaneously decides to hang out with Bart for an evening after an inspection of KBXL's operations. Confused and nervous, Bart accepts this bar night out. Viktor, while drunk, tells Bart the story of his high school graduation, girlfriend who died in car accident a year after his college graduation, and the trial and tribulations leading up to his secret divorce proceedings three days ago from his wife of nearly 13 years. Now single, Viktor asks Bart, whom he mistakes for being a chick magnet, in help in finding a new woman who will like him for who he is and not for his 4.4 billion dollars.

16.18: In Vain, Indeed
Marge begins to worry that her baby is not being social enough because the only friend he has is Felecia and he doesn't seem to be trying to make friends. After many attempts to "correct" this dilemma, Marge tries one last move--she books Eric, Maggie, Felecia, and Mandy (Felecia's mom) to be guests on the Dr. Phil show along with several kids of various ages, but when Eric learns that the topic of the show wasn't about kids who want to be famous, but kids who have social retardation. Eric, for the first time ever, looses his temper with Marge and walks off the stage in the middle of taping. Now feeling really horrible, Marge must remedy the situation, with or without the help of a TV psychologist.

16.19: Mrs. Neat Freak
Felecia's mom, Mandy DeGeorge, has been a clean/neat freak, but when her obsessive behavior begins to worry her, Felecia decides to invite the Simpsons over for dinner. Grudgingly, Mandy allows Homer, Marge, Maggie and Eric over for dinner, but when Homer breaks a vase and tracks in a lot of dirt/mud, Mandy has a nervous breakdown after the Simpsons leave for the evening. Deciding to take a obsession and turning the energy into something profitable, Mandy decides to start a cleaning service, but she again has to face her nightmares when Homer calls her to tidy up the Simpson's home when Marge has a badly sprained right-ankle.

16.20: The Many Stages of Childhood (Season Finale)
After a few years of trying to appeal to the Springfield City Council, Lisa is mildly joyful when the funding for the arts is approved, but for only a small amount. A few months later, a children's acting company opens in the remodeled Aztec theater and Lisa is given the honor of directing the first play--Romeo and Juliet, with Eric as Romeo and Felecia as Juliet. Things seem to be going well, but when the Aztec theater is inspected, the building fails the fire and electrical mandates and now must remodel or be closed down. With two weeks to comply, Eric, Felecia and the rest of the children must find a way to come up with the 20 thousand dollars for repairs.

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