Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 19

19.01: The Review Crew
After a couple of disappointing summer films, Maggie, Eric, and Felecia decide to convince their parents to start a Movie Review show on public access TV. When their show actually becomes a source of respectable opinions the trio become the target of movie makers who try to "persuade" the reviewers to "say the right things".

19.02: Three Women Try 'N Save
Marge, Mandy and Edna negotiate with the Try N Save corp to become designers whom make Home Decorating ideas, but when one of the Three cheats the other two by undermining the controlling stock, not only three become even more unfriendly with each other, the feds begin an investigation in trader fraud.

19.03: Rent-A-Pony
Lisa finally gets another chance to own her own horse via a horse ranch that lets her adopt a horse she can visit a few times a month. But when the horse mysteriously dies between visits, Lisa decides to investigate and discovers the pony ranch is actually a pony-mill and needs some serious help.

19.04: Lessons in Love
Worried their daughter's sex education in school might not be as adequate as liberal parent desires, Mark and Mandy DeGeorge petition to move the proposed First Date course, which describes the different types of birth control and how to use them, down a few grades so the course runs in the 7th grade. As usual, the conservative Simpson Parents are quite opposed and try to prevent the lowering of the grade at which the class is taught.

19.05: Bart the Idol
After a banner year of profits, KBXL's production crew gives the go ahead for an intern to be trained with Bart and Jessica on how to work a radio morning show. Luckily for Bart, she's a charming young college student who seems to have a crush on him. But for Jessica, this young, chipper upstart brings new feelings to the surface--does she actually REALLY have crush on Bart herself? As the training--and flirtation--continue, Jessica tries to get to the center of her feelings, if any, towards Bart.

19.06: Walk Like Your A Gypin'
Marge's hurried food shopping results in moderately injuring a 14yr old guy when she accidently hits him while he was crossing the street. After having their insurance company sued, the Simpsons try to get back to a normal routine. Three months later, Maggie meets Marge's victims family again--when she watches the guy intentionally step out in front of slow moving traffic. Smelling a major scheme, Maggie plots revenge...

19.07: Movin' on Yuppie
After a burst pipe in Bart's apartment causes serious damage to the kitchen and living room, Bart is relocated to the landlord's other building across town until the repairs are completed. Grudgingly, Bart takes up residence with the tenants--mostly upscale young men and women whom are not unlike Mark and Mandy DeGeorge--who are the hangers-on and have ties to Springfield's elite. When Eric learns of the people who live there, he tries to shoehorn his way into their daily routine so he can possibly meet with some of the fashion and model designers and get some info on a career.

19.08: Marge vs. Breakfast
The newest attraction at Itchy and Scratchy Land has a lot of kids excited--it's the Krusty Cereal Playland--where children can play in sets based around their favorite Krusty Cereal Box designs and when they're done, the little ones can mix and match their own cereal for the dispensing booth (for an additional charge). Disappointed in this form of shameless marketing, Marge visits Krusty, who's been living in semi-retirement for the past five years, and finds out that he never approved of the attraction and he didn't even knew it existed. Furious he's not getting paid any royalties from the attraction, Krusty sides with Marge and tries to make changes in his company.

19.09: Bob-fugees
Sick and tired of life in Springfield, Bob decides to take the only way out of crime--and Springfield--the same way he got in--by armed robbery. So, after holding up the First Bank of Springfield, he manages to escape with a sizeable sum of cash, but he ends up running into Eric and Felecia while trying to sneak out. Taking them hostage, he tells Eric his side of his troubled past and what made him and Bart mortal enemies (and later nonchalant observers of each other) up to the bank robbery. After arriving in Mexico, Bob also tells Eric of his childhood, one which he had girl his age who was his best friend, but she tragically died and the only way he could feel good about himself was to become someone who was involved in entertaining the public, thus starting the path of becoming a "Sideshow" Bob. Unfortunately, Bob's captured and the incompetent Mexican officials also think Eric and Felecia are part of the robbery. Tired of being pushed around by idiots, Bob, Eric and Felecia decide it's time to let themselves out.

19.10: The Lawnmower Girl
In yet another way to have Lisa become jealous of her, Maggie decides to team up with a local farm equipment dealer to take a riding lawnmower across country to raise money for charity. However, when Lisa is more proud of her little sister an than envious, Maggie's wind is taken out of her own sails and doesn't know if she wants to finish the other 3/4's of the trip.

19.11: Little Springfields
Within Springfield's city limits, there's been a town called Springdale, while surrounded by all sides of Springfield, is a town of its own with a population of 102. However, when Springfieldians find out they've been paying for the town's municipalites, the citizens of Springifield demand the down be assimilated with the rest of Springfield. Now with only three weeks before a mandate to become part of Springfield is enacted, one of Lisa's old friends and now Springdale council member, Janey, tries to get a hold of Lisa to see if she can offer some advice to help the town stay independent.

19.12: Battle of the Bats
In the minor league playoffs, the Springfield Isotopes and the Albuquerque Mimics are both tied three a piece. Wanting to cheer the team on, Homer, Marge, Bart, Maggie and Eric travel to New Mexico. While there, Bart meets one of the mid-managers who likes his style and offers him a job and Bart accepts. But when Bart finds out the Topes's star player is about to be traded after the series, he's told to "shut-up" or never work for the XL corporation anywhere ever again. Conflicted, he HAS to tell Homer, but doesn't know what to do.

19.13: Mark and Mandy (Halloween story)
Eric and Felecia have always been best friends, but when Felecia says she has a secret that only Eric can know, Eric agrees to hear her, but when the secret is she, along with her parents are actually aliens who must leave Earth in 23 and 3/4 hours, Eric has to decide to decide if he wants to leave, or go with Felecia.

19.14: My Little Student
Lisa, back on hiatus in Springfield, makes a back up inspection of Maggie and Eric's report cards. Somewhat pleased with Eric's A's and B's, she moves onto Maggie, who's achieving C's and D's. Worried her obnoxious little sister might be slacking off, or not understanding the material, Marge ok's Lisa to become Maggie's tutor--even after the last attempt to hire one failed. Unfortunately, Maggie has plans to make Lisa's life a disaster.

19.15: The Heat Was Off
In response to the town's decision to repeal the 109 year-old triple-digit heat days off ordinance by the Mayor's office, the students get together and write a play that makes fun of Mayor Skinner's term in office. Playing Edna Skinner, Maggie quickly steals the show, but when Arlie, Skinner's son plays his father, Seymour quickly learns that his son doesn't have the respect for him that he once had. Meanwhile, Edna thinks Maggie's rendition of her is absolutely hilarious!

19.16: Skin vs Sin
Jessica Lovejoy is offered $10,000, four months salary at KBXL, to pose nude in the December issue of Playdude for the Hot Voices, Hot Bodies special. However, when KBXL and Rev. Lovejoy find out about the potential issues (no pun intended) with the company, the clout surrounding the Rev's church program, and the companies "wholesome public image" Jessica comes under fire.

19.17: A Moe for all Seasons
Now that the gang is no longer after him, Moe decides to try and open another bar across the street from the old Moe's in a new mini-mall, but since the area's demographics is made up of mostly yuppies who would rather stay at home and drink wine coolers with their girlfriends and watch DVDs, Moe asks for Homer's help to attract the old-school crowd back to his tavern.

19.18: Evan's Essence
Bart's co-worker and on-again, off-again boyfriend to Jessica finally calls it quits with Jessica and asks Bart if he could get in touch with Lisa for a date. When Lisa agrees, Jessica becomes insanely jealous that "her man" is dating her childhood enemy and starts a mud-slinging campaign.

19.19: Theft Therapy
Homer and Marge try to get some marital help online along with Mark, Mandy, and various other couples in Springfield, but when Maggie overhears some talk from Gerald, Sven, and Leena (the hackers) a new company, similar to the name of the online therapy session, is collecting vast amounts of personal info and selling it to the highest bidders, Maggie tries to convince Homer and Marge their sessions are a bad idea.

19.20: Pretense to Preteens
Felecia's grandfather, Mark Sr., and CEO of the family company which Felecia's father, Mark, was kicked out of, visits the DeGeorge family. Charmed by Eric and Felecia's friendship that reminds him of when he was a kid, he invites the Simpsons, along with his family to Denver for Eric and Felecia's birthday. However, when he's stricken with a heart-attack, Mark Sr. first words when he's better is to make sure Eric and Felecia's friendship continues to grow. Feeling pressured, the two kids suddenly are afraid of their futures and are beginning to think their friendship isn't as strong as they think it is. (The final scene takes place during a Denver Nuggets game as Eric gives Felecia a kiss on the cheek on the Jumbotron)

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