Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 20

20.01: Face Lift Your Fears
Homer, feeling his age, begins to study the faddish (for men) plastic surgery and a the science behind face lifts. Instead of flowers or candy, he thinks a more youthful face would be more appealing to Marge.

20.02: Silence is Maggie
Maggie's love of painting is overtaking her school work and is causing her to flunk out of all her classes, except art. When Marge tells her to get back in line with the rest of her school work, she refuses and instead of arguing, Maggie takes a vow of silence, but before she says her last words, she says she'll never speak to Marge again until she accepts her and the career she wishes to pursue.

20.03: Edna K. Author
When Edna K. Skinner is offered a "tell-all" book deal about her former marriage to Mayor Seymour Skinner, she accepts and becomes Springfield's newest celebrity. Meanwhile, Seymour is trying to find dirt to counter the book and needs the help of the one Simpson who had the most dealings with his ex when she was a teacher--Bart.

20.04: The Fresh Mom of Springfield
Mona Simpson's confidence since Mr. Burns left town six years ago, is on the up and up and she intends to pick up where she left off with her life back years ago. Now in her mid-70's, she decides she wants to go back to finish up her college degree in philosophy she had to drop out of when she met Abe. While there, she meets a professor who just recently lost his wife and when she takes him home meets Homer, Homer suddenly feels intimidated with his mom dating a guy with a 204 IQ.

20.05: Around the World in 80 Minutes
With the near-completion of the International Space Station, Springfield's students are given an exercise to write a 300 word essay about what they envision life to be like:
Eric's Story: Eric imagines what it'd be like being weightless and trying to survive gym class.
Felecia's Story: Felecia writes a story where she imagines being a Space mom, married to her space man, Eric and life aboard the station
Maggie's Story: Maggie envisions the opening day celebration on board the I.S.S. when Earth makes first contact with nasty aliens that laugh at the primitive station.

20.06: A Big Fat Trip
Homer gets a pamphlet in the mail for an amazing offer to a take a trip for two to a resort in Hawaii. With his 22nd wedding anniversary only a few weeks away, he convinces Marge to go along, but when they arrive, the "resort" is a treatment center for the overweight. Disappointed, Homer tries to get tickets back to Springfield since he can't afford another hotel, but when the cost is more than he can afford, he tries to enjoy himself. Meanwhile, Marge is helping the owner of the resort try out some new low-fat meals that are winning over the clients.

20.07: A Current Despair
Threatening to draw attention to Springfield's unconstitutional treatment of prisoners via a pact with a "edgy" news program A Current Despair, Bob is released in a prison blackmailing. Freed, but broke, Bob is taken in by the editor of A Current Despair and is given an assignment as a roving reporter to find any and all dirt on popular figures around Springfield during sweeps. After choosing Bart (of course!), Bob does some digging by interviewing some of Bart's old friends from high-school, and it turns out Bart might really be hiding something sinister from his friends and family.

20.08: Face the Music
Lisa, wanting Maggie and/or Eric to become somewhat musically inclined, tries to persuade them to learn an instrument of choice. After thirty seconds of asking Maggie, she buys Eric a starter, acoustic guitar which he begins to take a shine to. Meanwhile, Maggie is trying to persuade Eric that his time is better spent becoming a drawer/painter thus leading to another dispute between the two Simpson sisters.

20.09: The Backstreet Coys
At the Second annual, XL Corporation Divison Day, the various departments from the XL corp (TV, Radio, workers from the plant, and newspaper writers, editors, etc) Bart, while keeping tabs on Maggie and Eric, meet Viktor, head of the XL division in Springfield. Impressed with Eric's love of design and things that are fashionable, Eric is offered a non-paying job of being the child ambassador / spokesman to the XL corp as a place where kids can think of working when they become older. Meanwhile, Marge, worried Eric might be falling behind in school, makes him quit the job, but when he's offered nearly a 500 per week starting salary, Maggie suddenly wants in.

20.10: Some Pets Stink
A pleasant bike-ride turns foul when Eric and Felecia come across a skunk that was hit by car not too long before they arrived. Not too far away, a few of the babies catch their attention. Feeling sorry for the animals, Felecia decides to keep one and after bringing home the furry fume-bag, she's ordered to keep it outside. Being somewhat tame, she names it Ivan and tries to train it and being even more daring, she has Ivan de-scented and tries to land a spot on Letterman's stupid pet tricks. (Guest Starring: David Letterman)

20.11: A Night at the Karlson
Carl, Homer's former co-worker at SNPP, takes a detour through Springfield to visit the plant and see if anyone is there from when he was employed there. Upon meeting Homer, he tells Homer that he's the owner of a dance club in Capital city called the Karlson Espree. When Homer tells him Bart is a DJ, Carl offers Bart a job and invites Homer and Bart a chance to check out the wild side of Capital City. Unfortunately, what Carl doesn't tell the two is he's in serious debt with the local mob and Homer and Bart become caught up in the middle.

20.12: Sisterkesh
Lisa, finally doing something she's been wanting to do since she was a child, takes a trip to India for relaxation and meditation. Since she picked up a good deal on the tickets, she has two extra and asks the other members of the family who wants to go. Since Felecia is out of town, Eric agrees to go, but Homer and Maggie don't want to get off the couch, so Marge agrees. Upon arriving, the trio encounter a hotel without running water, locusts and the places on the map don't match up with what is on the tour guide. After three days in search of the palace, Lisa, Marge and Eric begin the fasting. Meanwhile, Maggie is trying to get Homer to do at least one complete pull-up before the family returns and Homer tells Maggie where his love of food originated from when he was a kid.

20.13: Doctor SimpSpin
Eric's been the more mellow of the two, but one thing he has over the other three kids is the ability to B.S. his way out of any situation when the pressure is on. Using this "gift", Eric begins to help other kids in school in their daily plights, Edna Skinner, now employed as the Superintendent again, but still divorced from Seymour, asks Eric to give a speech that "colorfully" describes the current fiscal snafu with the school and the taxpayers.

20.14: His Girl Money
After reviewing his will Grandpa DeGeorge decides it's time to leave his fortune to his only Grandchild--Felecia. At first, she's excited to be the heir, but when people start treating her like someone she's not, she becomes scared at the disturbing change in her family's behavior. Becoming more and more withdrawn, she even begins to mistrust Eric, who must try to set her straight.

20.15: Sour Power
Eric and Felecia do the cute kiddie thing of opening a lemonade stand. Seeing how well they're doing, Maggie wants to try the same, but when people think she's too old and just trying to steal her brother's idea, she hires some of her Junior Campette friends to pose as charity workers that are selling lemonade for "charity." Meanwhile, Eric, who's becoming more and more upset Maggie's stealing his business, finds out Maggie's scheming and makes Felecia look like a sick orphan to con the drivers by to visiting their stand and the two stands continue to go all out to try and outdo each other.

20.16: Bart in NYC
When New York City's branch of KBXL has a top morning show spot open to the DJ who can pull-off the most brazen act--live--to get the attention he or she deserves to be the nations top morning show personality, Bart accepts the challenge. Asking for some advice from the hackers, Sven and Leena, Bart makes a live, untraceable internet phone call to the white house and prank calls President Bush saying he has the hots for the Bush daughters, Bart wins the contest and makes his way to his new studio. Trying to take his spot, Jessica tries to go solo, but the ratings drop Springfield, along with the family, back. Meanwhile the FBI is questioning people in Springfield and Bart's "untraceable" phone call might not be as untraceable as he thought.

20.17: Erasing Maggie Simpson
While not the gung-ho grade gradion like Lisa, Maggie does have a shame on her permanent record--she set off a disgustingly foul stink bomb in the then "new" Springfield elementary's ventilation system--or so everyone was led to believe. Three years later, the superintendent's office, on the third floor of the elementary building, is being remodeled and Maggie vows to get in under the cover of reconstruction and nightfall to remove the splotch from the school's files. (Through flashbacks, Maggie, as a fourth grader, is shown as she follows the girl who planted the device, but fails to stop her and is found passed out next to the stinky mess in the ventilation shaft).

20.18: Selma and the Lease
With the DMV not paying as much because of budget cuts, Selma secretly looks for another job and winds up in the only other career she's been acquainted with--smoking. As a customer care rep at Laramie, Selma now works part-time and soon has access to a lot of the inner-workings of a tobacco company. Meanwhile, once Patty learns of her twin's actions, she suddenly wants in and the two try to make Laramie come out with adds to appeal to the older smokers, but they learn the older market is markedly smaller for obvious reasons and they begin to question their own habits.

20.19: Tooth or Dare
When Eric is the unfortunate recipient of an accidental 2X4 to the mouth during some home remodeling, his left-front tooth is knocked out by Maggie. Trying to make amends for her mistake, she suddenly is guilt-ridden and asks Eric for forgiveness, but Eric is only interested in forgiving Maggie if she tries to do the impossible--ask for Lisa's forgiveness for being a bitch all these years. Meanwhile, Eric's debating on having an fake tooth implant or trying to have the old one put back in.

20.20: McMaggs
Rainier Wolfcastle's waning career has taken another dive, so instead of trying to play the ailing strongman in another "McBain" flick, he becomes a director and wants a teen, aged 13-16, to play one of his kids in a "Child of McBain" movie. Naturally, Maggie throws her hat into the ring and is picked to play McBain's daughter because of how brutish she is, complete with the Austrian accent, and is now the talk of Hollywood. Meanwhile, the McBain flick is facing it's worst enemy yet--the Department of Labor says a lot of Maggie's co-stars are being over-worked and wrongly compensated.

20.21: Heaven and Helen
Rev. Lovejoy's TV ministry's tenth anniversary is just around the corner when Tim receives a surprisingly shocking phone call from his ex-wife Helen. Asking Tim for forgiveness, she wants to get back together and be married partners in the Organization. Meanwhile, Marge, who's been helping Tim at the studio with the celebration decorations, overhears Helen, and her current husband's plans to make the Rev sign away 51% of the ministry. While not a big supporter of Tim, she hates Helen more and decides to help Tim.

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