Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 21
21.01: Homer and Marge Host Sunday School
Homer, always being a clownish figure, combined with Marge's dedication to kids and religion, make a great teacher combo, at least according to Rev. Lovejoy and his shareholders. So, as part of a new Sunday morning kids/religion show, Homer and Marge play hosts/entertainers. Meanwhile, Maggie and Eric now have to put up with having the dorkiest parents in town and Homer wants out once he finds out what the kids outside the show think of him.

21.02: Maggie vs the Underside of SNPP
Maggie, while on tour of the plant, wanders off into the vast, and rarely used corridors of SNPP. After finding a passage that leads into carved bedrock, she follows the stone hallway and finds Mr. Burns stash of private Art works he stole in World War 2 (Stuff that wasn't seen in the Flying Hellfish episode) and decides if she should keep the stuff, or report it to the authorities. Meanwhile, an alarm is triggered at the old Burns, now Smithers's, mansion and Waylon hurries over to the cave and has to confront Maggie over the find.

21.03: Eric Simpson's Day Off
Eric, the shy one, is offered on his tenth birthday a chance to skip school with Arlie Skinner, Feleica DeGeorge, and Mia Geroni as they mutually agree to be friends with each other for a day so Eric can have a chance at some hucksterism. After stealing an Ice Cream truck, grafito-tagging City Property and dying Eric's hair bright red, the quartet try to find out what to do the next hour. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge try to track down their wayward son and try to get him to stop before his tenth birthday part is held in juvenile hall.

21.04: More Time at the XL
Bart's personality and somewhat improving work ethic rubs off on Viktor, Bart's boss, and he allows Bart a chance to direct his own show and produce a show that will be tape delayed for late night broadcast on a sister station. After rummaging through his mind what kind of "show" would make use of his talents, he decides to make a "cute" kids-try-to sing music show. When the show takes off and parents see this as way to have their kids talent heard on the radio, Bart receives hundreds of entries and Maggie and Eric help judge the entries.

21.05: A. LIE. (Halloween Episode)
When Eric goes through a box of old records, he shocked to realize the family has no record of his birth. When he questions Dr. Hibbert, the Doc drops the most unimaginative news ever--he tells Eric he's not alive, but an advanced android built by professor Frink. Trying to cope with this new existence, Eric confronts Marge and tells of how Homer's sterility and in ability to father one last child moved Frink enough to put his new, advanced CPU to test in a boy and all the memories he's had have been replicating, and time-displaced, giving Eric the feeling he's moved through 10 years of life, but is only two years old.

21.06: Bart, Maggie and Eric vs. College
On assignment, Bart and Jessica's next special radio show is being held at Springfield A&M and the guest host for a week is the Dean and his party-girl-who-pretends-to-be-a-good student daughter. Naturally, Bart and the girl hit it off and Maggie and Jessica form an uneasy alliance to cause mischief while Eric meets some frat boys who want to use his silhouette as their house's symbol.

21.07: Call Baiting
Homer's constant tiring of having to put up with telemarketers from a siding company finally sends him over the top when he begins calling them every ten minutes telling them his siding is fine and he doesn't need to replace it.. After his tirade, Homer tries to persuade Mayor Skinner to ban all telemarketer calls in Springfield.

21.08: High Q
Maggie's IQ results shock the family: She's only five points behind Lisa's and it's not a mistake. However, the results make Marge wonder what REALLY makes one child with near-equal intelligence to a "gifted" student do so badly, while one child can do so much more. Wanting to get to the bottom of Maggie's bad grades she begins to wonder she's been going the wrong way in trying to get Maggie's grades up and what is the "correct" way to do so.

21.09: Can't Pay the Moe-gage
One month after opening his new, yet smaller Moe's Tavern in the smaller location in the new mini-mall, another bar opens at the other end of the mini-mall and a bar war breaks out with each bar trying to steal the other's business. Meanwhile, Homer's loving the "war" as it is driving the glass of beer down, but Marge is worried that all the cheap booze is driving Homer's waist size up.

21.10: E.K.S. vs Harry
Edna K. Skinner's ex-husband from her first marriage before Seymour, Harry, (voiced by Sean Connery) makes a second return to Springfield, but this time he has his mind set on becoming the town's new Mayor. For the first time since the divorce from Seymour, Edna is now somewhat on his side, again, since her hatred for her first husband is nowhere near as bad as it is with Seymour.

21.11: Scouting Felecia
Felecia's mom, Mandy, was once a Junior Campette leader when it came to selling cookies door-to-door, thirteen years ago. Today, it's cookie selling time again and she tries to instill the same selling obsession into the less-than-interested Felecia. Meanwhile, Eric's becoming the "hottie" to the other out-of-town Campettes, causing further agitation for Felecia.

21.12: Crops: In Springfield
Marge enters a Best Small Gardening contest where she attempts to grow the largest fruit over the Summer. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge are arguing over what kind of fruit the potential winner should and could be. Just a few miles up the road, Maggie's trying to please the one to three year-olds with grated nerves as she takes a two-month job at the petting zoo as Eric and Felecia help out.

21.13: Maggie vs. Bad Cholesterol
Despite the constant exercise, Maggie's diet of lots of beef and fat is starting to catch up with her. Now with a cholesterol level 30 points above normal she has to diet, or she'll start developing serious heart problems before she's 30. Meanwhile, Homer's teasing of Maggie's plight is starting to rub her the wrong way while Eric becomes her diet coach.

21.14: Game Void
Eric suffers a mild case of carpal-tunnel syndrome and video games are the cause. Upset over his injury, Marge bans video games from the house and starts a "crusade" to get children out of the house and to do something constructive. Meanwhile, Marge's crusade gets the attention of some video game manufacturers and Eric is hired to be a video game tester and spokesman for the benefits of playing video and arcade games, thus putting son and mother in a public relations match.

21.15: The Right Duff
Duff Beer's production is given a timetable of ending and Homer, Barney, and Bart are shocked at the news. After the last cases of Duff are sold, the trio decide to find a better beer, but nothing comes close. So, after downloading the recipe, Bart, Homer and Barney try to make Duff live again, but in a bootlegged form.

21.16: Free Lisa
Lisa, taking part in an animal right's protest on the outskirts of Atlanta, is arrested and thrown in the slammer by an ultra-conservative judge. Meanwhile, Lisa learns that his son was part of the group protesting the animals being tested on back at the lab near the protest site and learns he's become the outcast of the family because of his views and asks Lisa to help him become friends again with his father.

21.17: The Mali-blues
Flashback 9 years ago when the 11 year-old Lisa gives up playing with her Malibu Stacy dolls. For her 12th birthday, Homer mistakenly buys her a Malibu Jazz Stacy Doll, complete with Sax and Lisa decides to store it away unopened. Thanks to a break in the doll-mold in the factory, the set Lisa received is now quite valuable. Two years later, the six-year old Maggie finds the box set and opens it, and accidently breaks the dolls and stuff them back in the box. Now, in the present, Lisa is about to attend a Malibu Stacy convention and tries to get to the bottom of what happened to her dolls.

21.18: Shown and Told
When the Second annual Futurama convention comes to Springfield, Eric manages to get backstage to meet some of the voice actors thanks to some clout with Bart and KBXL. After convincing John Dimaggio, voice of Bender, to take a few moments out of his busy schedule to make a guest-appearance at school for show and tell, he agrees. Unfortunately, when asked about the future of America's favorite Sci-Fi Family John tells the class this will be the last season after 20 seasons. Shocked, Eric tries to find out why his beloved show is ending.

21.19: Pets are Maggie's Too
When Lisa suffers a breakdown on stage, she decides to get some help with her well-being, so with the advice of a psychiatrist (voiced by Tom Hanks) she goes back to Springfield to work with nature, and in Springfield's case, an animal shelter. However, when Maggie wants to adopt a Rottweiler, Lisa is nervous as hell something bad might happen to her little sister, but Maggie is only thinking that Lisa's just trying to be a jerk, again.

21.20: Lost and Clown'd
Maggie, after watching some old VHS tapes of Krusty's show, tries to become a clown for the public broadcast network on cable. With Eric and Felecia's help, she manages to produce a "watchable" show, but when Krusty feels she's ripped something off from his old show, he drags the Simpsons into a legal battle. But Bart's not amused with Maggie and Krusty and tries to settle the dispute.

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