Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 22
22.01: Changing of the Guard
Maggie's promoted to senior hall monitor in the middle school and with her intimidating ways, student waywardness is down. But when Maggie is video taped being a bully, more than a hall-monitor, she's called to a review board and has to explain her actions. Meanwhile, not known to Maggie, Eric was the person who filmed the shot as part of a tribute to my sister, Maggie home movie and tries not to let the secret get out.

22.02: That's Our Arlie!
Marge, after seeing the divorce and public pandering of Seymour and Edna Skinner's lives since then, asks Homer to take Arlie, along with Bart, Maggie, and Eric when they go to Canada for a five day camping trip. Being an only child, Arlie at first feels awkward, but Bart helps him open up and seeing a somewhat-stable family, Arlie finally has the gumption to question his parent's divorce.

22.03: A Boy and His God
Bart's failing to go to church for almost a year gets Marge's attention. Despite not living at home, Marge tries to have Bart attend Rev. Lovejoy's service, but Bart tries to side-step the issue with Marge. Combined with Homer's eh, it's no big deal! to Bart, Marge is more committed to seeing her eldest back in church.

22.04: 28 Seasons Later (Halloween Episode)
Maggie awakens from a coma induced by a trauma in a traffic accident. Upon noticing how her skin is pink like in cartoons, she gets up in the hospital and realizes she's somehow entered a Futurama universe. Feeling really giddy she's not dreaming and now trapped in her favorite show, she desires to meet Fry and the rest of the gang, but 28 years have passed since the "last" episode of Futurama aired. The long forgotten Planet Express has been out of business for years and Farnsworth is now just a head in a jar. Wanting to know more about what happened she tries to catch up with the former Planet Express crew and set things right. The following has happened to the crew since Planet Express went under:
Fry: Living in a mental ward with other people who claim to be from different eras from the Earth's past. With "treatment" from the doctors, they make Fry believe his past life on Earth never happened and was a dream.
Leela: Now the boss-lady of the Orphanarium. She lives alone, bitter and childless, but loves keeping an "eye" on the kids.
Amy: Has been married five times and has nine kids, most of which are completely human. Since Kif was killed by a traitorous Zapp Brannigan, she's been trying to find the right man, alien, thing, or a combination of the three.
Hermes: Head accountant for the Headly President Regan's head.
Dr. Zoidberg: Whereabouts are unknown. Last reported sighting was on a plate at the Red Lobster near the Mars University.
Bender: Managed to make a living stealing, but was caught and his mind was downloaded and compressed (using the really FAT4096) into the central Convict's Mainframe. Unfortunately, his body was melted and turned into a girder in the mayor's expanded office.
Zapp Brannigan: Most wanted criminal in the DOOP universe for trying to sell Earth for money for one night at the universe's largest Brothel.

22.05: The Passions of Marge Simpson
When Homer and Marge have problems in the bedroom yet again, Marge's pent-up desires are put down on paper as an author. Instead of a raunchy sex-driven romance novel, Marge decides to write short stories about housewives who "just want more." Meanwhile, Homer reads some of what Marge has written and becomes worried that the stories are a way of escaping from Homer into the reality of the written word.

22.06: Open Mic Fight
The KBXL Diner has, for the past eight years, been a landmark in downtown Springfield. Located on the first floor of the XL building, Maggie, Eric, and Felecia have used open mic Thursdays to read poetry, sing a few songs, and do other stuff. However, when the radio station wants to end mic night and replace it with a time slot for promoting new bands, only, the trio are upset and want Bart to change his boss's mind. Meanwhile, Lisa is part of a the first act to appear once the mic night has ended and wants to be seen in a light outside of the grungy nightclub circuits.

22.07: Homer Takes the Fall
Homer, nearly drunk, tries to drive Maggie home, but loses control of the car and lands in the ditch. After being found by a police officer an hour later, Homer is given a Breathalyzer and is arrested for child endangerment and DUI. Sentenced to three months in jail, Homer is also forced to undergo psychotherapy to help rid him of his constant lack of focus to himself and those around him.

22.08: Treehouse of Victory
Felecia hears that Springield has been chosen to be the city where a major lumber company is sponsoring a contest in which the children, between the ages of 8-14, try to build the ultimate treehouse. Of course Eric's up on the idea, but Maggie's not up for it because of her secret fear of ladders and what happened to her when she was four years old--Nine years ago, Maggie playfully climbed up a metal ladder which barely touched a power line that gave her a near-fatal jolt of electricity. Now traumatized, she tries to overcome her fear and help out.

22.09: The Simpsons Around the World
This episode would be a three-parter about how OFF lives would be like if they were Russian, French, and English.
Russia: Homer works at a the worlds most unsafe Nuclear facility, while Marge and the kids are tired of Rye bread and Bart's, low-watt radio station is being threatened to be turned off if he keeps playing that sinful American music.
France: Maggie Simpson, by age 13 has become a famous French painter while Eric is a model who's growing tired of being a model and wants more out of life and meets a nice American girl named Felecia...
England: Homer's job at the Thames hydroelectric plant is going okay and the family is living in the cramped apartments Liverpool. Meanwhile, Lisa is starting to become known as a top-class saxaphonist while Maggie is trying to learn how to paint and be an artist in general in order to impress a young man who is royalty.

22.10: Lake, Rattle, and Roll
Lisa decides to take the Summer off from touring and teach a course in wood and brass instruments and Maggie, as usual, has to be her nosey self. Grudgingly, Lisa allows Maggie to stay a few days as long as she promises to be good. When Maggie wanders off into the woods, she comes upon a shack, but to her surprise, it's owned by the bum who she thought "lived" out on the streets. Unfortunately, Maggie also finds out this guy is on the run from the law because of a bank robbery nearly forty years ago and he just wants to be left alone.

22.11: The Isle of Lost Spam
When Maggie and the hacker nerds, Gerald, Leena and Sven, decide to play another prank, they convince a large group of people with their sob-story email to send in cash to help bail a fictional, wrongly accused, criminal out of jail. When the FCC begins to investigate, Maggie tries to convince Homer to be the "sob-story criminal" to bail out or Maggie and the nerds will wind up in federal-juvenile hall, along with having to pay back the money and a quarter-million dollar fine.

22.12: Returning Marge
Marge, again, takes up a new line of work to help out when Homer is on a reduced work week as a customer care rep at a large electronics store. When her boss sees how politely her demeanor is to the customers, she is asked to host a customer-care rap session with the teenagers on the staff and suddenly becomes a "cool mom figure" to them. Meanwhile, Maggie and Eric are becoming upset that normal mom isn't around the house, so to get her attention, they go to the store and act overly-obnoxious when they return something to try to get her attention.

22.13: Bart vs. the Elements
With the weatherman in a serious car-wreck, a shifty news director asks Bart to fill in for the weatherman. All he has to do for two and a half minutes is slowly read a Teleprompter and click his "next" button on his remote. Despite doing a horrible job trying to pass off weather terminology, Bart's image, again, lands him in a slightly-higher paying job, a weatherman in training. Meanwhile, Jessica and her new, temporary partner, Milhouse, are trying to pass off a decent morning show, despite Milhouse's dorkiness.

22.14: Trivial Pursuit
When Maggie uses a card from her copy of Springfield Trivia Pursuit as a cheat-sheet, she ends up surprised the answer on the card and the "correct" answer on the test are two different things. Curious, but not wanting to look like a nerd, she does a little digging at the Springfield library and discovers a lot of inconsistencies with the Town's supposed history and the answers in the board game. So, Maggie decides to find out which was correct: her schooling, or the game.

22.15: Welfare or Unfair
Springfield, being a very liberal city, has known for years to have the most giving of welfare benefits, but when Marge finds out Ruth Powers has been living a somewhat easy life for the past six years on welfare, she decides to get to the bottom of things and finds out many citizens, some who even make six-digit incomes, are cheating the system out of money. So, Marge, Maggie, and Eric start a working family crusade to stop the lazy from living off the public.

22.16: Take the Pray Train
When Reverend Lovejoy decides to take his Televangelist service across America to raise money for God, Homer, Marge, Maggie and Eric decide to go along on this mini-vacation. Shortly into the trip, the train suffers a low-speed derailment and it appears the tracks were sabotaged. Curious about his enemies and no one seriously hurt, the Rev. is interested in wanting to know who's trying to do him in. Meanwhile, Homer, Marge, Maggie and Eric are stuck in Peoria, Illinois and are trying to make the best of this mid-western bore-fest.

22.17: First State Branch of Arrogance
When Marge has a checking snafu thanks to the First Bank of Springfield's bumbling accounting, she wants the family saving's withdrawn, but the teller screws up and gives her a check made out for over $28 million, Marge deposits the money into a new account at a new bank. Three days later, the old bank furiously demands she return the money, but thanks to a law that says the bank has 48 hours to correct the mistake, or else forfeit any money in its mistakes, Marge demands a public apology from the Bank of Springfield's president. Meanwhile the family is begging Marge to keep the money and is going nuts trying to convince her.

22.18: Felecia Needs a Cracker
Felecia and her parents win a beautiful parrot named Perieces at a government auction at Don Vitiro's old estate after he passed on. But when the circumstances around the death of the old man were deemed unnatural, the bird suddenly becomes a witness to a potential murder and when no records are kept as to who the new owner of the bird is, Felecia becomes the target for the mob and FBI.

22.19: Try N Save your Family
With chemical testing on animals banned in the state Springfield is in, the company that supplies Try N Save tries to take the more direct approach-- Giving free samples to a test family. When Marge "signs" up for the program, disguised as a way for some free coupons, she is given loads of free shampoo, soap, deodorant, lipstick, and other cosmetic gems. Meanwhile, Homer is crazy about the milkshake flavored toothpaste. But when the family suddenly experiences bizarre side-effects from twitchyness to night terrors, to excessive sweating, Marge begins to wonder if the stuff she won is actually a losing proposition.

22.20: Driving Mr. Lazy
Homer, needing a sober-cab after a company party, stumbles into a cab owned by a company not participating in the sober-cab program as Homer drunkenly tells the driver to drive to Capitol City and back. Broke as a joke, Homer is shocked to hear his free sober cab ride is actually $1,229 and as he tries to stiff the driver, he is caught and has two options: Jail, plus the bill, or he can work off his debt for a month driving the cab. Agreeing to the second option, he begins to drive everyone from the average business man to Eric and Felecia who just like being driven around. However, Homer suddenly likes his new job more than the job at the plant and is considering making this his permanent career

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