Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 23
23.01: Portrait of a Fax Murderer
Homer is given the opportunity to advance his career by being placed in a "calm", office environment at the plant, but when his twitchy job coach (voiced by Christopher Walken) is an ex-felon and somewhat unstable, Homer realizes he's safer back at his post at sector 7G. Meanwhile, Lisa's in town and visits Homer at work and Lisa has a crush on the new guy as he acts really sweet and charming when she's around.

23.02: Lovejoy in Action
For a ratings booster, the Rev. starts a TV show that exposes the moral decay of books and certain establishments by doing tabloid-like expose's. Naming the program, Church Response and Protection, the show is an immediate hit, but Homer and Maggie dislike the censorship and try to stop Lovejoy and his gang by turning to one of the most immoral and indecent people in Springfield that could smear the Rev's reputation--his daughter.

23.03: Confessions of a Less than Successful Mind
Eric plans to upstage Maggie's antics at this years talent show by doing something no one has attempted in Talent Show History--make a movie on a 30 dollar budget. His partner, the happily volunteering Felecia, becomes a co-budgeter, co writer, and co-star who make a mockumentary about Felecia's parents trying to make a home movie. However, when Maggie finds out Eric's plans, she decides to make a movie about a teenager trying to get a job in a fast food restaurant by lying about her age and taking along a hidden camera to record the footage.

23.04: Marge vs. Maggie's Mascot
Maggie, thanks to Homer's stint in college, manages to get the Dean from Homer Goes to College to let her be the person in the new, mascot costume-- Ms. Football. However, since it's college football, Marge is worried that Maggie might be given alcohol, or worse. Meanwhile, Maggie's role is working out perfectly since the costume is a perfect fit and Maggie enjoys dancing around in the outfit during the football games since no one knows it's her.

23.05: Wailing on a Traveling Band
When the up and coming punk/alternative band SchizoNova's ratty touring bus breaks down outside of Springfield, they realize they lost their cash box that had almost six thousand dollars for paying the stage hands for the tour. Meanwhile, two miles behind them, Felecia finds the cash box in the ditch and keeps it a secret from Maggie and Eric, as well as her parents. So, stranded in Springfield, the band reads about a girl who gave $6,000 she found to a charity. After finding out it was Felecia, the drummer makes a stop at the DeGeorge house and is pleasantly surprised to find Mandy, Felecia's mom, was his old girlfriend back in Junior high who Mandy never got over. Using his old "charm", he tries to get back the Six Grand while Maggie and Eric try to volunteer as stage help but realize it's more work than they imagined.

23.06: The Land Before Crime
A town meeting is called to discuss the recent crime wave of vandalism and robbery and it's theme: be more vigilant of what's going on around you and be prepared. But when Homer and Mark witness a car across the street being broken into, they both make a run for the criminal and both manage to subdue him. Unfortunately, they both try and hog the spotlight and when the media labels them a "crime fighting duo", they make an uneasy truce and try to be the watchdogs of Evergreen Terrace while trying not to kill each other.

23.07: Skinners Lament
Mayor Skinner's ratings have been way down since his highly public divorce and falling out with his son and now rumored hitting the bottle. So much so, that the Springfield Action Committee, made up of various registered voters who want to look important, demand he clean up his act and set a good example or he'll be unelected in a recall election. Meanwhile, during the saber rattling, the group has been secretly trying to find a candidate and so far they've managed to ask Quimby, who's interested because he lost his last reelection back in Shelbyville.

23.08: Mag-Sockey
Maggie's opportunity to prove herself as a "real" tough girl--legitimately--finally comes around in the form a of Karate Competition. To make sure she doesn't lose interest, she enlists Eric and Felecia to be her support team while Homer and Marge are weary of this venture because they don't want to her to get hurt. (Pat Morita guest stars as the coach of the evil girl who wants to kick Maggie's butt.)

23.09: Recipe for Distress
Marge's contribution to the Springfield Shopper is a recipe for an Apple Glazed Crisp Bar and she wants to share it with Springfield. So, on open office day, she visits the Shopper to submit her idea. At the same time, Mandy, Felecia's mother, is also there as she's looking for a part-time secretary job. Seeing Marge leave a note in the suggestion box, Mandy quickly opens it as soon as Marge is out of sight and steals the recipe. Three weeks later, Marge is puzzled because her submission has yet to appear while Mandy has just won an award at a cook off with an amazingly similar Glazed Apple Crisp Bar. So, when Marge smells something foul, she plans a way to get even.

23.10: Ugly Muscle Beach
Springfield's shaky tourist industry is hit hard as a the foreign Zebra-muscle makes its new home just a few feet out in the water along Springfield's gold coast. More and more cases of people stepping on the rock-hard mini-clams forces Mayor Skinner to take action and he holds a town council meeting and the first person/people who can come up with a safe way to remove the clams without polluting the oceanfront will win a million dollars. Going nuts, Springfield's citizens try to find a way to get rid of the clams in a 22 Short Films style of an episode.

23.11: One Strike they're Out
When the Isotopes go on strike a season after winning the minor-league world series, the owners come forward declaring there just isn't enough money to pay the near, big league wages the team demands. Wanting the season to go on, the coach and general manager begin to draft potential talent. Wanting to fulfill their momentary boyhood fantasies, Bart and Milhouse both eagerly join up. Fortunately, Bart's nightside ball playing still gives him time to do his radio show a few times a week, but for Milhouse, his flat-feet ordeal (which got him discharged from the Army) is starting to catch up with him.

23.12: Mafia V2.0
When Lisa comes home for a visit, Eric asks her to help him on his homework regarding the Mayoral process in Springfield. When she helps her brother, she drives him to the city hall where Skinner is busy at his post, but when she makes a trip to the ladies room and is about to leave, she overhears a familiar voice--Freddy Quimby--talk about his next "hit" and how he plans to run the Mafia now that Fat Tony is as good as dead. Unfortunately, Lisa and Fat Tony have become somewhat friends over the years since Tony decided to semi-retire from the world of organized crime and run a legit pizza shop. Now marked for an apparent death, Lisa has to warn him without becoming a target herself.

23.13: Will and Graceless
Grandpa's forgotten will is returned to the Springfield retirement castle after five years in the dead letter department and the manager decides to deliver it directly to the Simpson Family. Upon reading the letter, it appears that Grandpa left a substantial amount of money buried near what is now left of his old farm house. Excited, the family (minus Lisa) decide to try and dig up the loot, but cannot find anything besides some animal bones. Meanwhile, Bart finds Homer's old childhood bike under some junk and it's in surprisingly good shape. But even after more digging, a Maggie finds a skull and suddenly the past of Grandpa becomes a bit more shady and Mona has to fill in the details.

23.14: Where Isn't The Love?
Marge, after witnessing two teens who were nearly nude and having sex in the city park, is mortified that Springfield's laws against public displays of affection, even the kind that is less abrasive than what she witnessed, aren't tougher. So, along with an uneasy alliance with Rev. Lovejoy, they try to stop public displays but when Maggie is caught kissing Jack (the guy from Australia) Marge is forced to publicly come down hard on her daughter or be considered an offensive fraud.

23.15: The Viktorean Age
Bart's boss, Viktor, has pretty much gained control over most of the property in the new downtown of Springfield over the past decade, but when his monopolizing of Springfield's metropolitan area attracts the attention of the US government, he now has to face off against the feds an Mayor Skinner in an anti-monopoly hearing. Caught in the middle are the residents of Springfield as they don't like big business, but have nothing against the guy who helped rebuild their town.

23.16: Artie Ziff and Three Kids Who Can't Stop Making Fun
For school, Maggie, Eric and Felecia must do a little "giving back to the community" for extra credit and when they have to do some K.P. Duty, they meet another volunteer AND resident: Artie Ziff. When they tell Marge, that her ex-boyfriend is at the homeless shelter, she pays him a visit and is extremely shocked to learn he's not only broke but several hundred-thousand dollars in the hole. Now poor and homeless, Marge agrees to let Maggie and Eric help out with his kitchen duties, but Marge wants nothing to do with him anymore. Meanwhile, Homer gets in touch with Herb and he's interested in Artie as a possible source of new ideas.

23.17: Conceptual Maggie
When Maggie's creative urges have hit a roadblock, she tries to do something a bit more "creative"--making art out of uncooked meat. Securing a bunch of formaldehyde, Maggie carves an star out of a piece of Marge's prime rib and has it float around in the jar, creating a sort of organic lava-lamp. Curious about the work, a curator at the Springfield art museum decides to put the work on display and much to Homer and Marge's dismay, the conceptual art Maggie did suddenly makes her famous. But when she succumbs to the fumes from the formaldehyde, Marge disposes of Maggie's work and the two are, again, at odds over what is considered "art."

23.18: The Other Life of Homer Simpson
Homer's been selfish, but he's been really kind, too, but when he finds a child's note that was partly completed at the base of the birdhouse in the Downtown Springfield Park, he leaves a short reply and two days later, he finds another note in the same spot from another child and, again, he gives a reply. Thinking he's now onto something, Homer buys a generic birdhouse and puts it on ground level so the note have a place to rest. Soon, this Bird-house answer man is the star of Springfield and Maggie and Eric find out about Homer's secret hobby and try to blackmail him into keeping their mouths shut.

23.19: Recalling Skinner
When the town goes through with the recall election, Skinner is both angered and mortified because if he loses, he'll be broke and jobless. Meanwhile, several candidates have turned in their ballots and the winner could be anyone's guess. With their loyalty to Skinner standing firm, the Simpsons all campaign into the wee hours of the morning and when the results are in, Skinner wins--that is EDNA K. Skinner wins.

23.20: Recalling Skinner Part II
After hearing he lost and the doubly sharp feeling of defeat finding out his ex-wife was the winner, Skinner decides to bow out gracefully. A week later, a secret caller to Skinner's house informs him some of his votes were actually thrown in the trash and were never counted. Furious, he learn that some of the supporters of Edna helped "lose" his votes. Wanting justice and his job back, Skinner takes on his ex-wife in the biggest fight of his life.

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