Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 24
24.01: Spring-Net (Halloween Episode)
The Hacker nerds, Gerald, Sven and Leena help launch the first A.I. driven, mega-high speed internet service for Springfield, but when the ISP takes up all the data space in town that's online and becomes alive. After destroying the only bridge out of town it tries to kill off the citizens of Springfield by taking over any computer driven machinery. Meanwhile, Maggie leads the resistance, made up of who's still alive in Springfield as they try to stop the SpringNet virus from breaking through the firewall that keeps the service in town.

24.02: Keepers of the Gait
Maggie's bad posture from a poor exercise regimen has finally caught up to her and now under Dr. Hibbert's advice, she has to take up some ballet to help restore her poise and balance. Meanwhile, Felecia is begging to join Maggie's class, but her mother is saying a definite "no!", but will let her join only on one condition--If Eric agrees to, too, but he strongly objects.

24.03: Give Us our Daily Ned
With Ned's 10th anniversary to Rachael only a few weeks away, he invites Homer and Marge to the party in Capital City where Rachael is performing. Also invited are, Herb Powell, along with his girlfriend, and the now jobless and wifeless, Seymour Skinner. After the final notes are played, Rachael makes an announcement that even surprises Ned--She's giving up the music business forever and wants to start an acting career. Both shocked and proud, Ned questions why Rachael would "do such a thing" and Eric wants Rachael to help get him some recognition, too.

24.04: Just the Sax, Ma'am
When Lisa's car overheats and needs some coolant just outside of Vegas, she goes into a gas station only to return and see some kid running off with her saxophone. After chasing down the boy, Lisa is shocked to learn he's an orphan who wants to learn to play a musical instrument, but can't afford to buy one and the orphanage doesn't allow any instruments. When Lisa gives the little boy a ride back to the orphanage, she talks with the staff and they agree to let a small group of children work and save up for their own instruments. Excited, Lisa calls home and Homer, Marge, Maggie, Eric and the DeGeorges, who want to do some gambling, meet up. While Marge is visiting Lisa, Homer takes the kids gambling, and manages to get kicked out of nearly every casino in town.

24.05: Switch 2 (sequel to Simpsons Comics #20)
Biff Westwood, the child singing star and Bart Simpson doppleganger from Simpsons Comics #20, has grown up and returned to the Music scene with a nu-metal sound to promote his new album, Solarium. While still popular, he is no longer being chased by the women, but manages to pay Bart a visit and swoons Jessica Lovejoy into a date. Unfortunately, he has to leave a day before the date and sneaks out of Springfield and asks Bart for a favor-- Take Jessica out and get her number, but when Biff changes his mind and returns to the restaurant, he and Bart have to find a way to finish the date without arousing Jessica's attention. Meanwhile, Maggie is taking a lot of tabloid photos of Biff (who's actually Bart) eating with Jessica and thinks she's going to get a lot of cash for them.

24.06: Pit Homer
Homer's accidental dropping of a steak via a trip-and-fall over a whimpering, hungry, and very stray pit-bull, outside of the supermarket makes him an instant master to the hungry canine. Now guarding Homer like there's no tomorrow, the dog which Homer names Growly successfully defends the house against a would be intruder. However, Marge is a bit upset the dog's TOO mean and upset over the amount of blood from the robber. So now Homer must find a way to give Growly up without having to be put to sleep.

24.07: Seventh Inning Wretch
When Eric's little league coach is hit by foul ball and suffers a fractured skull, Maggie is the only person the team trusts (and more importantly, they deem COOL enough) to take the position. Unfortunately, the older-sister coddling of Eric begins to drive Eric crazy and Lisa isn't too happy and thinks Maggie's ego is going to ruin the team.

24.08: Bleepless in Seattle
When Seattle enacts more liberal laws regarding language and topics that can be discussed on the radio during daylight hours, Bart tries to convince Mayor Edna to pass a law allowing the broadcasting of more "adult" based commentary on the air. Meanwhile, Marge is prepared to fight the on-air liberalization and is shocked to find out her son is the one trying to change the laws.

24.09: The Ugly Sibling
As part of revenge for spiking his cake with laxatives, Eric enters Maggie's photo into a national Ugly magazine. Much to Maggie's dismay, she tries to get a retraction, but has her fingers crossed that she doesn't win. Meanwhile, Eric's "revenge" isn't going as well because Maggie and Eric are now fighting over the "cash" payment for Maggie's pic and Homer is ready to strangle both of them if they don't stop fighting.

24.10: The Atoms Family
Felecia's Uncle's (on her father's side of the) family, the development team for her grandfather's company visits Springfield for the first time and Felecia and her parents have to give them a tour of Springfield. Meanwhile, their genius daughter, Alberta, has a major crush on Eric, thus causing Felecia to instigate a cousin cat-fight. Meanwhile, Alberta's geeky parents (Voiced by Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn) are having a hoot getting along well with Homer and Marge despite Mark's protests.

24.11: SchizoNova Strikes Back
SchizoNova, the band who lost Six Thousand Dollars last season when they misplaced their cash box and Felecia found it in a ditch, has now made it somewhat "big" and they're now filming a music video in Springfield for their next song: Avoid the Man (and Woman). Now somewhat friends with Maggie, Eric and Felecia, they're allowed to be extras and Marge is proud, until she finds out Maggie and Eric will be part of a background of hookers, super models, bikers and pyromaniacs.

24.12: Maggie and Reggie
When Mr. Krabappel returns to Edna, she welcomes him back and her husband's son from another marriage, Reggie, is enrolled in the Springfield Middle school. Acting really snooty and elitist, Maggie is first annoyed by him, but when she finds out he doesn't give a crap about politics, acting mature and wants to have a salvageable childhood/teenage life, Maggie steps in to help, but soon wants to be with him 24/7. Meanwhile, Eric and Felecia are feeling a bit nervous about this guy and tail him and find out he's actually not Mr. K's real son, but a punk who's working for Sideshow Bob, who now wants to get back into politics.

24.13: Bartie in the Middle
Bart, after the recent abuse and mingling with his meager pay, quits KBXL and joins the rival, and welcoming station, WOMP FM's morning show featuring Huey Hiram, the veteran DJ (voiced by Huey Lewis). Now the "young, funny guy" of the group, Bart's popularity skyrockets and Huey isn't too happy to be the second string Host of his radio show. All is well, until WOMP is potentially being brought out by KBXL and Bart tries to persuade the owners of WOMP to not sell out as his quitting KBXL will most likely get him fired if the station is bought out.

24.14: Rolling towards F Land
Marge's shock at seeing Eric's report card looking more like Maggie's is even more odd when she discovers that 80% of the honor roll students are girls and 75% of the 4.0 students are girls, too. Feeling strange at the lopsided gender statistics, Marge asks some education experts and realizes in the politically correct world of gender-equality, the educators fail to realize is boys and girls learn somewhat differently and the school system has been lobbied to teach for a female bias. Now wanting to do something about it, Marge tries to get the woman she talked with to make changes at Springfield elementary.

24.15: Gone with the Maggie
Lisa, has been auditioning with a troupe to play Scarlett O'Hara for a play set to be performed in the Springfield amphitheater. Of course Marge is proud of her oldest daughter and tries to get Maggie interested in acting on stage, or at least just seeing Lisa perform. Alas, Maggie cares for neither prospect and the night of the play, chooses not to attend. The next morning, Marge is upset to find Maggie not even the slightest bit remorseful. Now at the end of her rope with Marge, Maggie finally tells her to "back off" and Marge mistakes Maggie's behavior for a potentially troubled youth.

24.16: Gone with the Maggie (Part II)
Now with Marge, Maggie and Lisa in a family management/anger management class, the instructor/therapist named Ron (voiced by David Spade) tries to settle the near-decade long hostility with Maggie and Lisa. Getting nowhere, Ron decides to give Lisa and Maggie a chance to really work together in a rafting trip down the Colorado River. Accompanied by Ron, who's also a lifelong rafter, and a guide the foursome become separated when the raft tips over. Now in the middle of the forest, the group have to walk the rest of the trip and try to avoid the wild, a pair of escaped criminals, and a tour guide who turns out not to be a real tour guide after all.

24.17: The Bus Stops There
With school funding on the nation's cutting block, Maggie and Eric are indifferent, but when the funding means they might have to purchase uniforms with their own money and have a crapload more homework because of the shorter school day, Maggie and Eric along with students from schools across the country take a bus trip to DC to protest the cuts in schooling. Unfortunately, the Springfield bus breaks down in Cleveland and the students end up visiting the Rock'N Roll Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, Lisa was eagerly waiting for Maggie and Eric to arrive, but is disappointed over the occurring events.

24.18: The Itchy and Scratchy Reunion Special
Rabbi Krusty needing a bit of cash, decides to get back to the remaining animators and executives from Roger Meyer's empire to make an Itchy and Scratchy anthology. Getting in touch with Bart, Krusty asks him for an interview about his times growing up with the show. So, strapped for ideas, Krusty asks Bart for what would be a decent idea, but when Bart has a brain freeze and asks Maggie and Eric for ideas, they come up with a decent plot: Roller Coaster of Blood. Soon, the episode is produced and Bart is given the limelight for producing the idea and when no credit goes to Maggie or Eric, they begin to hound Bart for some credit.

24.19: Love and Sprockets
Bart's never had an attraction towards geeky women, but when Lisa's old friend, Sheena from High School accompanies her to visit Bart, Bart is smitten and asks her out. Not having any luck with men, Sheena agrees to a date (she's a lesbian), and keeps it a secret and begs Lisa to keep it a secret, too.

24.20: Just Sew It
Felecia's pen pal, Anux (pronounced Ang-wa) from Thailand talks about her first job--a sweat shop that makes the highly popular Dribblers basketball shoes. Shocked at the mentioned decrepit conditions, Felecia asks Eric to start a demonstration in front of the regional office in Downtown Springfield. Afraid of an elementary school backlash, Eric is somewhat against the idea of protesting the most popular brand of shoes, so Felecia takes her grandparents monetary influence into play: she brings Anux to Springfield to help the protesting.

24.21: Eric's Walk of Fame
Eric's dream of being seen comes true--now in a multi-year contract, he signs on to be the top childhood model in all of the major department store adds across the US. Now worth six figures, he buys a cottage outside of LA as Homer, Marge, and Maggie move in. Meanwhile, Felecia is desperately trying to get through, but because of his busy schedule, she decides it'd be best to pay him a visit. When she arrives, she finds not only Eric's warm personality has changed, but he has new girlfriend and doesn't seem to happy to see her.

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