Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 25
25.01: Much Too Late For Good Buys
While shopping at the Heavenly Hills Mall, Lisa encounters a new store, which is using a name in a such a perverse manner, sickens her soul: The Bleeding Gums CD Bonanza, which features only top 40-esque music that Lisa's calls poptrash. Talking with the owner, it turns out he is BG's older, half-brother who never forgave his younger brother for running away and taking up the sax. Now both emotionally determined on the opposite ends of the spectrum, Lisa and BG's older brother are squaring off against each other to make or break this new business...or have the name changed.

25.02: The Mommy Figure
Marge's brush with a representative from the Lovell Doll corp. at a town meeting about "making a difference in your community" finally gives her the courage, and chance, to pitch her idea: a doll that represents the "classic" mother figure that works in the home and isn't some pre-teen, eight-inch sex object. A month later, the Mommy doll is produced and has the same strikingly tall blue hair like Marge and is a minor, yet profitable hit. However, Mandy is strictly opposed to the toy since its "too old-fashioned" look makes it look okay for a woman to be stuck at home and not pursuing a career. Now wanting to defend her "doll" Marge takes to the streets and lets the parents decide (and their daughters).

25.03: This Pad Is Your Pad...
When the Simpsons are about to lose their house due to an unexpected snafu in their taxes, Bart manages to keep the house in a pre-auction agreement until Homer and Marge come up with the money. After selling the car, Homer, Marge, Maggie and Eric move into Bart's two room apartment, while Homer and Marge get jobs at the XL Cafe, located below KBXL FM, as a cook and waitress. Meanwhile, Maggie's having a blast helping Bart at work and Eric and Felecia are trying to weasel free food off Marge (most of which is ice cream) while she is working.

25.04: Book Ends (Semi-Clipshow)
Homer and Marge gather together their old scrapbooks and photo albums and after inviting Bart and Lisa over, recollect memories over the past year. Meanwhile, the family is trying to find an "ideal" family themed photo album, but can't come to terms on the correct order of the photos.

25.05: Homer the Statistic
When a $84,763 credit card bill arrives in the mail, Homer and Marge are shocked when they find out Homer was a victim of identity theft, they're asked by the FBI to help catch the perpetrator. Meanwhile, the hacker twins and Gerald decide to side with Maggie in their own investigation on who might be stealing identities.

25.06: Springfield's Caveman
Tired of being called a dumb, modern-day caveman, Homer tries to squelch his neighborhood critics by taking residence in a cave in Springfield national forest. After the second day, he becomes a media sensation and reporters from around the world report on the Homer-Man phenomena. Meanwhile, when the ex-mayor Skinner comes forward and says Homer stole his idea, the decide to settle the score by spending time together in the cave until one of them leaves.

25.07: Spark and Ride
The still reclusive Smithers decides his next best step to re-enter society is to join a park and ride on his way to work and meet some of the new and old employees. A few mornings later, Maggie misses the bus and Smithers is late for the park and ride, so when the two latey's come together, Smithers agrees to give Maggie a ride to school. While on the way, Maggie and Smithers learn more about each other's past and Maggie learns of what happened in Mr. Burns's last days as plant owner and learns of another fact--she shot Mr. Burns as a baby and no one told her after all these years.

25.08: Jessica Gets Married
Evan Ellinson, Jessica Lovejoy's on again and off again boyfriend, and co-worker at KBXL FM, finally pops the question to Jessica--and Jessica's reaction is an astounding Yes!. Meanwhile, the very strict Rev. Lovejoy isn't too happy with the soon to be son-in-law and asks Bart to try and stop the wedding--and even offers to put some cash up as a reward--by any sneaky means possible. After several attempts to dissuade her, Bart gives up and the wedding is planned and the invitations are sent. In a twist, Jessica begs Bart to persuade her father to be at her wedding.

25.09: A Kick to the Ball
Maggie's constant hanging around the house after school is driving Marge nuts, so Mom offers Daughter a proposal: clean house at 4 p.m., or take up an after school activity. Against proposal number one, Maggie takes up the upcoming soccer team tryouts and manages to make the team. Proud, Homer, Marge and Eric take Maggie to a soccer expo and she meets a disgraced, high-school star soccer player who was kicked out due to roughness. Not caring about being the "best" player, Maggie learns the "kicks" on how to brutalize her way to the top of the team without the coaches seeing it. Within a few games, she's suddenly the most "respected" girl on the team.

25.10: A Crib Too Far
Maggie and Eric's new reality series on Public Access TV called (Shockingly!) Springfield's Cribs is a minor hit and in order to find homes to highlight, Maggie and Eric, along with Felecia go door to door in the upper-crust neighborhood. After being let in by Mayor Edna Skinner, the trio have a montage of footage. Meanwhile, also staking out the house, albeit uninvitedly, is Sideshow Bob who desires to find the evidence that helped Edna illegally win the election so he can have her removed to allow himself an opening to run for election again.

25.11: Bet on Maggie
For her birthday, Bart agrees to help Maggie do some slightly illegal gambling at the horse race track by having Maggie pick a horse with her birthday money and Bart placing the bet. When Maggie's horse wins, she's a thousand dollars richer, but doesn't want to stop, so Bart agrees to meet her next week and continue this charade. Meanwhile, Eric finds out what's afoot and tries to get Maggie and Bart to stop.

25.12: Isn't Technology Blunderful?
When the Elementary School's new heating/cooling system goes astray to the point violating several health laws and fire codes, Mayor Edna Skinner issues a city ordinance to either home school your children, or have them attend night school at the middle school from 4 pm to 11 pm. Marge agrees with the latter with Eric, but Felecia's partents want her home schooled so she isn't up late. Meanwhile, Homer must be Mr. Mom as Marge is a substitute and he has to help Eric get ready for night school and cook supper for Maggie.

25.13: Western Uncivilization
Maggie's seventh grade classes field trip to Mt. Rushmore suffers a snafu when the bus breaks down about a mile from the monument. Stranded for two days, the class, along with assisting guide Seymour Skinner, try to make the best of the situation by b.s'ing the time away when a native American who's friends with the hotel owner agrees to give them a real history lesson--on how the faces on Mt. Rushmore whittled away the land.

25.14: Quietly Being Homer
When Homer has problems trying to get his sex drive out of park, he and Marge agree to obtain some sexual enhancing drugs, but when Homer is allergic to the Viagra and the like, Homer tries meditation at the advice of a relaxation specialist. Soon, he takes an new turn and tries mediation (Homer: it's like being lazy and asleep at the same time!), he forgets anything about sex while Marge is now trying to get him to do anything besides meditation.

25.15: The Hillbilly Squares
Bart's new co-worker in the production department at KBXL FM's a cute little blonde he takes an immediate liking to him. Soon, Bart heads back to her place, a crusty, somewhat run-down farm, 90 miles outside of Springfield. At first he's appalled, but after a few hours begins to fit in and within a week, wants to quit KBXL. Meanwhile the unwedded Jessica wants Bart back not because she "wants" him, but she wants to see Bart wind up with someone better than that hillbilly girlfriend.

25.16: Felecia's Mom Has Got it Goin' On
When Eric's locked out of the house, Mandy grudgingly lets him in and gives him some hot chocolate. After saying thanks for the help, Eric flatly asks Mandy why she and her husband Mark dislike him and the rest of the Simpson family. After naively agreeing to the reasoning about why ultra-conservative parents like Mandy's rich in-laws and Simpsons, Mandy begins to see Eric as future son-in law and invites him, and him alone over for supper. Meanwhile Maggie finds out why she isn't allowed to come over and tells Homer and Marge, thus causing a tug-of-war between the two families with Marge forbidding Eric to see Felecia again.

25.17: Fudd and Guts
The XL Corporation's next buy out option is to purchase the ailing Fudd Corporation, but unknown to the people at the XL Corp, the beer indeed DOES make it's drinkers go blind from long-term consumption (remember Col. Homer?). Worse yet, the XL shareholders are unaware of this threat. Even worse, Duff's discontinuation is on the idea sheets and Fudd will now be sold as Duff beer. When Homer hears of the upcoming Snafu, he and Moe, along with Lisa and Bart travel to the Fudd offices in Capital city to uncover the truth about Fudd.

25.18: Milhouse vs. High School Football
After exhausting his unemployment, Milhouse is trying to find work of any kind and after all of his decent paying job applications fail, he's left with the 9-grand-a-year job of being a football coach's assistant at Springfield's high school. Having the worst record since Bart played football (Bart's team went 11-2) of 0-5, Milhouse tries to get the team to turn around their losing streak, not because he thinks the team can do it, but so he can say he's helping others just to get Lisa's attention.

25.19: The Feminist Show
Lisa's solo performance at a Java House in Boston attracts a few new fans to her growing support team. Just after the show, one of Lisa's fans, a middle-aged, divorced woman named Emma Shultz, sits down with her and wants to know more about her and her past. Impressed, Emma tells Lisa she's the head of programming of the local women's Cable TV network and likes Lisa and asks her if she'd like to host her own talk show about woman's issues. Lisa decides to make one or two show's after being offered a nice down payment, Lisa gets to have a few local feminists and other popular voices to be on the show. On the third show, she manages to get a girl on the show who wants to challenge her views, and it's someone who Lisa doesn't want to be challenged by--Maggie.

25.20: Bob
Sideshow Bob's existence, besides dropping by to give Bart a hassle every once-in-a-while, has taken a 180 degree turn--now the hunter has become the hunted as Cecil is "promoted" to the head of the Springfield mafia and Cecil's first bit of business is to end his sibling rivalry by getting rid of the sibling. Knowing in private that something like this was about to happen, Bob waits for Cecil to make his move. The next morning, Bart and Jessica are kidnaped by Cecil who threatens to kill them, thus stopping Bob from having his revenge. However, Bob doesn't want to get back at Bart anymore and wants to be able to say he got even with Cecil, again. So, in an action-esque manner, Bob goes into the mafia compound to get Bart and Jessica out.

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