Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 26
26.01: Your Life on 6 (Halloween Episode)
When Maggie picks up an old 13 black and white TV at the home of a recently deceased TV reporter for 5 dollars, she makes an odd discovery when the local news appears at 6: after the credits roll, the "news" cuts to Eric crossing the street just as a large truck is just about to run him down, then the screen returns to the normal programming. After the show Maggie becomes paranoid and starts to follow Eric and when the truck is about to hit her little brother, Maggie jumps out and they both avoid injury. Convinced the TV is possesed, Maggie watches again, only to see Homer and Marge about to be killed while on a boat and she has to find a way to save them.

26.02: EriK (#500!)
Eric's next modeling job is now the "adopted" son of Krusty the Klown burger chain as he does commercials with Krusty as one of Krusty's Kids. One of the side benefits is free food and when Eric begins to eat too much, Maggie has to help her brother stay off the fries and greasy burgers. Meanwhile Krusty Burger comes under investigation by the Health Board for possibly taking in tainted beef and Eric becomes paranoid he's come down with something when he really hasn't and begins to bad mouth Krusty and his company.

26.03: Save the last Supper for Me
The KBXL Radio Cafe, located on the ground level of the KBXL FM building, has been the hangout for Maggie, Eric, and Felecia for over five years and the most nostalgic point for Eric and Felecia's lives. Now with the collapsing economy in Springfield, the Cafe is about to be closed and a consignment shop is going to take the space. Fighting to keep cafe afloat, the trio organize a rally to protest its closing and Bart even agrees to be a stand in cook to attract attention, but when the cafe is allowed to remain open, Bart is now stuck as the Cafe Cook and can't have his old job back.

26.04: Kamp Jessica
When Jessica Lovejoy nearly runs down the new Chief of Police, she's convicted of 2 counts of reckless driving and 1 count of D.W.I. As part of her punishment, she's forced to do 250 hours of community service. Deciding to take the "youth leader" program, she learns the program to be a counseler with the Junior Campettes in their self-esteem builder sessions. At first a total grouch, Jessica soon connects to the 7-10yr olds and sees a childhood she never had and realizes this is what she wants to do. Meanwhile, a jealous Maggie, who's a legend around the Campettes, isn't too happy Jessica is moving in on her turf--no matter the reason--and wants her gone and is willing to sink to the lowest levels to have her removed.

26.05: Fraction of a Grinch
When Homer and Maggie are pegged Springfield's most unfriendly citizens, they try to do good for the town, or else Marge has scheduled some counseling time and Homer and Maggie try to avoid this at all costs. Meanwhile Eric and Felecia, both helping Homer and Maggie, try to turn the tables on the newspaper editor who published the article by airing some of his dirty laundry.

26.06: Late Night at the Springfield Heights
Mandy DeGeorge, Felecia's mother, was once a leader when she was part of the Junior Campettes and one thing they stole 15 years ago when she was 12 was a one-of-a kind miniature statue of Jebediah, hand carved by his son. However, since Mandy's mother was a feminist who hated Jebediah's past for his womanizing, she looked the other way when Mandy and the other Campettes stole the statue from the museum. Today, Felecia has now found out about the impropriety and along with Eric and Maggie try to find out where the statue is hidden.

26.07: Dad Somebody
Eric's new friends at Springfield Elementary in the fifth grade are the people he assumes are of a greater social significance, so he tries to lie to fit in and one of the lies is that Homer is a self-employed man who runs a "great business." Now that he's in too deep, Eric tries to convince Homer to act like he's in business for himself and since Homer hasn't always been the most competent father, he tries to lie for Eric.

26.08: The Art of Bore
Maggie's newfound interest in poetry, and using Eric to "judge" her lines, becomes a new way of expressing herself and her frustrations with Lisa. Meanwhile, Eric and Felecia have been coming up with some new material and because they're perceived as a cute kiddie couple, their poems are being noticed more while Maggie's better work is being overlooked. Upset, Maggie intends to shake up the editor of the Springfield Shopper by teaming up with Marge to get some credibility.

26.09: Marge vs. Urbaniana
When Marge snaps at Eric and Felecia, she realizes that the growing tax base and urban sprawl affecting the once tranquil town of Springfield is starting to get to her and she and the family needs to get away. Unfortunately, the Simpsons are short on cash so Marge, at the advice of her insured therapist, tells her to take a vacation. However, when Marge allows him to come along, he begins to seduce her. Meanwhile, back at home, Maggie's trying her hand at roll playing the model housewife by cooking dinner and trying to past Homer's "sophisticated" taste tests.

26.10: Parole Model
An ex-con visits Springfield Middle school and tells the class the usual "keep it straight" lines, but when his speech sounds too "routine" for Maggie, she does some digging and finds the guy was actually a cop posing as a ex-con just so he can give a stereotypical speech. Meanwhile Maggie is visiting the warden of the Springfield prison to find an actual inmate who's about to be paroled who would give a speech about the really brutal world in the prison system.

26.11: Wine and Dine Again
Skinner, now looking for a new mate online, stumbles upon one Alexis Crowly, whom was Homer's first girlfriend, and has an instant attraction for Skinner. However, when she and Skinner start to become close, he begins to be a very childish and tries to make a mother-figure out of Alexis. Confused, but not wanting to loose Skinner, Alexis asks Homer and Marge for some help.

26.12: Battles of the Bad Bands
The band called SchizoNova is about to make another stop, but when they find out their rival punk band, Pork Sausage, is also in town, they're not too happy. After a nasty fight, both bands agree to do a charity show for the town in the city park. Eric, while backstage with the SchizoNova crew, meets Pork Sausage and becomes friends with them and is made an honorary member of the band while Maggie refuses to go near P.S. When Eric is called out onto stage for PS, Maggie and SchizoNova are mortified their once groupie has switched sides.

26.13: Maggie vs. Krusty Co.
When a guest tour of Krusty Manufacturing turns into a near-fatal forklift accident involving Maggie, Homer and Marge actually take sides with their youngest daughter and try to sue Krusty Co, but the Clown idol's business is on the skids and a lawsuit would ruin him for good. Meanwhile, Bart hears of what's happening to his former childhood hero and begs Maggie, who now has a broken arm, to convince Marge to drop the lawsuit.

26.14: Bart Simpson is Radioactive Man!
It is now over a decade since Bart was passed over in a role for Fallout Boy and the experience has faded into a cute memory. Now 12 years later, Bart's chance to star in a Radioactive Man television series as Radioactive Man is better than average. Meanwhile, Bob's also trying out for some roles and plays a new villain for Radioactive Man, the Medic--a criminal doctor/mastermind who's a genius with medicinal toxins that can't be tested. But nasty memories of Bart taking on Sideshow Bob from when Bart was a child keep coming back to haunt him and mess with the filming.

26.15: One Cute Clip Show
When a hiking trip with Mark and Mandy DeGeorge (Felecia's Parents) takes a turn for the worse when they become lost in the desert and are out of cell phone range, Eric and Felecia spot the ghostly outlines of an abandoned town in a valley. Seeking shelter from the nighttime desert cold, Eric, Felecia sit by a fire created by Mark and the group talk about Eric and Felecia's times growing up via flashbacks.

26.16: Driving Some Body
When Homer is at the mercy of a Job Temp Agency during a work slowdown, he's unfortunately the lead man for a funeral driver job. However, when a body Homer has to deliver to the funeral home goes missing, he's blamed and has to find out what happened to his cargo.

26.17: Beyond Hoarders
Mona Simpson's possessions have outgrown her home in Springfield and she asks Homer, Marge, Maggie and Eric to sort through and catalog her belongings. At first against the tedious task, Mona allows Maggie and Eric to keep one item of their choosing to do with as they wish. Meanwhile, according to tax records, Mona's behind a few years in back taxes and the possessions wind up in limbo.

26.18: Homer's Hard Times
When Homer is hassled by the incompetent police force and receives a day in court, he notices he's being tried by a really young judge (Voiced by Harry Anderson). Homer snaps and takes a lunge at his honor. After being subdued and charged with contempt of court and 3rd degree assault, Homer's sent to a prison work camp for 30 days. Upon meeting other inmates who have gone through similar snafus, Homer rallies the gang and, with Lisa's help, keep the Judge and the police system in line.

26.19: Maggie Vs. Bart: The Downhill
The only real rivalry between Maggie and Bart over the last few years has been with skateboarding. Now with a money prize at stake, Maggie and Bart are in training to conquer the Mile-and-a-half downhill course to win the $10,000 prize.

26.20: The Data Dump
Database, now a computer repairman with his own Computer repair business, is happily accepting broken computers to be worked on. Unknown to anyone else, he's secretly wiping the hard drives of his clients for their social security numbers and other personal info and selling the data to the electronic information black market. When Maggie's computer breaks, she takes it in and when she returns to pick it up she sees a printout of Eric's personal information on the counter that that Database forgot to hide. Suspecting something's foul, she asks Gerald, the one-eye browed kid, for some computer help.

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