Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 27
27.01: Lurking 9 to 5
When Marge begins to suspect Homer might be eyeing women twenty five years younger than herself, she decides to become a secretary at the plant to keep tabs on him. Instead of keeping tabs on Homer, she finds herself eyeing some of her younger co-workers which leads to Homer questioning if Marge is faithful to him.

27.02: Punched by an Angel
Maggie's on-again, off-again tenure with the Junior Campettes takes an unexpected twist--the Campettes want Maggie to teach them how to watch out for their fellow citizens and become a pre-teen Guardian Angels type of posse. Meanwhile, when Felecia notices Mayor Edna Skinner littering, she tries to confront her, but is brushed aside as if her civic duties are a joke. Upset she tells Eric and through Maggie, the Campettes' watchdog-ism goes through the roof.

27.03: Eric Flakes (They're Grrrrross)
When Eric's shady talent agent (from Season 2's Clothes Doors) comes forward with legitimate work for the young Mr. Simpson, Eric agrees to have his picture taken and have his faced used on a new and possibly interesting product: Breakfast cereal. Unfortunately, this presweetened cereal is the nastiest thing Eric's had for breakfast and he doesn't know how much longer he can do the ad campaign and pretend to like the product.

27.04: Tree House of History III: Kidz Storyz
Springfield's first annual Kids Day, for kids 12 and under, is a celebration of being young and is full of empty, dressed-up back yardisms filled with kids crafts and chatting with your neighbors. Despite the blandness, Maggie wants to fit in and being a year older than the cut-off age, lies to enter and win the best story telling contest--her earliest memories of being injured in Bart's and now her and Eric's tree house.

27.05: A Mic is a Terrible Thing to Waste
While not on the air, Bart's contract says he must do some form of community bonding to make the X.L. Corp look more like a friend to Springfield, than some faceless, giant conglomerate. So, Bart asks the president of Springfield University to allow him to teach a course in being a radio personality to a class room full of uptight nerds. Of course still being the prankster, Bart, instead of doing pranks on campus, uses the nerds to do his other "boring" non-on air work like reading to little kids and public appearances with KBXL listeners at the local malls, etc. Meanwhile, Maggie and Eric had both lined up their friends to meet Bart, but when he's a no show, the two youngest siblings decide to remodel Bart's work ethic.

27.06: The C.M. Burns Memorial Stadium
After concluding Mr. Burns died in a plane crash over the Andes Mountains at the ripe old age of 109, Waylon Smithers takes $78 million and donates it to the town for a new sports stadium IF the town can pull itself together and lure the NFL Superbowl planning committee to bring the Superbowl to Springfield in three years. Ecstatic, Homer jumps in to lead the adults, but not without some qualms from Mark DeGeorge and Felecia, who's a big football fan, encourages Maggie and Eric to rally the youth to help clean up Springfield.

27.07: See B.S. (An animated 60 Minutes / Maggie and Eric Episode)
An animated Mike Wallace, Morley Shafer, Ed Bradley each give an interview with the various members of Springfield's community. In segment one, Wallace interviews various Springfield citizens and how they feel about the town's growth. Segment two features an interview with Waylon Smithers and Viktor Goss, the two richest men in Springfield and in the final interview, Morley interviews Edna Skinner and her scandal with her ex-husband and the ex-Mayor, Seymour.

27.08: One Gin Solider
Seymour Skinner's recent secret shame, drinking, catches up to him when he nearly hits a bus after drunk driving. So, when he's in jail for 90 days, he meets another 'Nam vet who was in for trespassing at a city hall when his demands for a real Vietnam Wall Memorial were ignored by the City Council. After hearing this man's plight, Skinner decides to use this man's ordeal to help him win public support and, even further, get back in office.

27.09: Unspeakable
When a botched tonsillectomy leaves Eric voiceless, the Simpsons try to sue the doctor, but when everything is in his wife's name, they get nothing and have to pay for an even riskier surgery to restore Eric's voice. Even better, they think they can correct the "Marge-ish" tone and he's overjoyed, but when Felecia finds out about the enhancement, she's appalled about the possible change and begs him to keep the scratchiness.

27.10: So Much for my Meh-jucation
After suffering from a nasty bout of the flu for 2 weeks which kept Eric away from the school and in bed (no faking it here!), Eric's gumption and will to learn are nearly non-existent. After a month of lethargy and declining grades, Homer and Marge take Eric to a specialist to find out what's wrong. While there's nothing physically wrong with Eric, it turns out Eric's newfound slackerdom is caused by being overly spoiled and leads Homer and Marge in conflict over what is the right amount of attention/spoiling, putting parent against parent.

27.11: Hey Now, You're a Small-Star
Maggie's snubbed at the auditions for the lead role of Princess Leia in a school-play-gerized version of Star Wars and is offered the role of Chewbacca instead. Even worse, after trying a month of wanting the part, Felecia lands the role and Eric, of course, gets Luke Skywalker. Finally, to add insult to friendship, Mandy DeGeorge, Felecia's mom, is trying to weasel Eric out of the play since she's become the director. Now upset at the current state of things, Maggie, Eric, and Felecia all decide to Springfield-ize the play/Space Epic.

27.12: Jack and Nillian
Jack's friend Nillian tags along when Jack's family comes over to Springfield for their bi-yearly visit. Instantly smitten over Nillian, Maggie and Jack's friendship takes a turn for the worse, along with Nillian and Jack. Meanwhile, Jack tries to have Eric help him find out a way to get Maggie back.

27.13: How McBain Got his Loot Back
After the last McBain movie flopped, Rainier Wolfcastle lands a small, supporting role as the neighbor on the newly successful FOX sitcom, Greener Pastures. To much his surprise and lead actor's dismay, Rainier begins to become the attraction of the show and is becoming more well known for his comedic styling of today than his action flicks of yesterday. Meanwhile, Bart, still Rainier's number one fan, is upset that his idol is becoming more of a clown than a hero invites him to a live interview on his morning show, but ends up causing Wolfcastle to question his future. So, at the end of the show, Rainier announces that he's quitting the show to make another McBain flick. Meanwhile, Eric liked McBain's new direction and is upset that his older brother took away one of the funniest guys on TV. Now it's brother vs. brother over how a character should be.

27.14: Separation of Town and Village
Years after the Sprungfeld/Springfield debacle, Jebediah's only true, close friend Blanc Noharander, an immigrant wanting to settle the new frontier, decides to start a new settlement on the other side of the river called Noahville, across from Springfield. Thirty years later, he's murdered by one of Jebidiah's sons and Noahville is abolished and absorbed into Springfield. Today, new documentation is found about the murder of Blanc and his descendents demand Springfield's section on the other side of the river be now renamed Noahville. Being an avid studier of Jebediah, Lisa decides to look into the issue and begins to suspect a modern day scam.

27.15: Too Much Class
Shelbyville's elementary school has been closed due to high levels of asbestos and the students, much to Eric's dismay, have been crammed together with Springfield's students. However, Eric's new locker partner is a cute girl who Eric actually has a crush on, thus causing Felecia to be a bit paranoid over their friendship. Meanwhile, Felecia's stinky new locker partner is disrupting Felecia's organized way of doing things.

27.16: Bart's Solo Broadcast
When severe cutbacks in morning advertising force KBXL to go down to one DJ for the morning show, Bart and Jessica decide to democratically flip a coin to see who will stay and who will go. When Bart loses, he grudgingly takes his new job at the station: an office boy who will assist Viktor's (the CEO) middle management by doing errands and other various demeaning jobs. Even worse, his training crew are a bunch of burnt-out co-workers. After a week of doing this demeaning, demasculating work, Bart decides enough is enough and wants to spruce up the job--and his co-workers.

27.17: Homer vs. the Shrink
When Homer throws a major fit at work, management gives him two choices: Get help, or Get a new Job. So, after taking option one, Homer is scheduled a meeting with Mr. Burns's former shrink, Dr. Ronald Xerxes, a very eccentric individual who has a fascination with people's childhoods and upbringing. So when Homer is interviewed, he regresses (through flashbacks) back to his childhood to what caused him to have such a short temper. After a few sessions, Homer is seemingly cured, but Maggie and Eric are upset because Homer has become a bit listless and boring.

27.18: Maggie ver 2.1
A seventh grade class trip to the XL Computer R&D facility in Capital City introduces Maggie to a world of A.I. When the scientists ask for a volunteer, Maggie steps forward and they ask her to speak into a mic and give the computer's speech program her voice. Impressed by the technology, Maggie decides that this is her day to get out of her C+ funk and hit the books to learn computer programming. Unfortunately, her inner self is conflicting with her newfound bookworminess and Eric misses the old Maggie.

27.19: A Marge is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Marge's disappointment at Lisa's turning away from college causes her to preshop around for a potential college for Maggie, thus Maggie is unwittingly dragged along with Marge to various local schools. Meanwhile, Eric's trying to start his own college fund so he and Felecia take up babysitting at Felecia's house, but Eric's finding watching little kids a bit grating.

27.20: Creature Cohorts
When Maggie is offered a pet iguana for a really low price by the pet store salesman, she accepts the offer, but is busted by the Feds when she leaves. After being cleared of any known wrongdoing, Maggie agrees to be a snitch and go undercover (she thinks it's exciting!) to help catch the sellers of illegal animals coming from pet mills. Getting deeper into the organization, Maggie's secret after school job is uncovered by Marge and she's not too happy, but since Maggie is one person away from finding out the brains behind the operation, she is given a week to find a way out. Unfortunately, for Maggie, the man behind the pets is Mark DeGeorge and if she turns him in, he can get up to 10 years in prison.

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