Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 28
28.01: Grumpy 20-Something Men
With his unemployment running out, Bart grudgingly allows Milhouse to move in with him. Being in a cramped apartment, Bart's patience is running a bit thin at the messes the Van Houten's been leaving every day. So, helping Milhouse get some work, Bart pursues his boss, Viktor, to let Milhouse get a job as a janitor and just like how Bart was hired, Milhouse becomes a Viktor's new favorite personality prospect for KBXL.

28.02: So Much for My Meh-jucation 2
Eric is assigned to become Maggie's Study-Buddy when she has to do a research paper on Eric's day, but when Eric decides to be a bit crafty and switch his daily routine, it drives Maggie crazy because she actually has to pay attention.

28.03: Dread and Breakfast
Marge's love of cooking spills over when she and Lisa put their heads together to open their own Bed and Breakfast just outside of Springfield near the Amish district. All is well until the local Amish community is shunning Marge's success as it is bringing in too many "modern" folk and disrupting the quaintness of the area. Meanwhile, Maggie is becoming tired of the constant housework she suddenly assigned to with Marge being gone and Lisa's patronizing isn't helping Maggie's mood, either.

28.04: Chrissy
Homer's going through Abe's old junk reveals an old set of keys to a car Abe owned for short while back in the 50's, a 1957 Chevy Abe called Chrissy. Sporting his new, "classy" wheels around town, Homer think he's cool, but when the car just happens to nearly run over Eric in the driveway, Maggie thinks there's something afoul with the car--Abe's spirit doesn't want anyone to use his former wheels.

28.05: The Scar Mangled Banner
Springfield's town flag is vandalized by some hoodlums in a July 4th celebration after it is set ablaze with some fireworks. When Edna Skinner decides to hire a P.I. with town money to find the culprit, half of Springfield is for the investigation, while the other half thinks the case is waste of taxpayer's money. Maggie, the tried and true patriot of the family, is upset at Eric's non-chalant attitude over the town's symbol and tries to find out who set the flag on fire and sets out to find the culprit herself.

28.06: Maggie vs. Her Face
After breaking her nose in a bizarre sleepwalking mishap, Maggie's nose's future is up in the air as the structure is really damaged. Meanwhile, Eric's trying to cheer up his older sister with some puppeteering with a rendition of the Wizard of Oz. After seeing her delight, Eric decides to take the show to the school to help pay for the surgery since the family's insurance plan went under a few months ago.

28.07: The Choice is Beer!
Homer becomes the Duff Beer Spokesman when Bart pulls a few favors with the XL Corp and Duff Breweries, but when Homer botches his new job, live at the Mayoral ball by showing up drunk, he has to try to earn Bart's trust again. At the same time, Marge is upset that Bart let Homer take up another crazy scheme that not only caused him to loose his Duff job, but made Homer's boss at the plant question Homer's "wholesome" job persona. Now Bart might be partly responsible for the cash flow into the Simpson home.

28.08: Eric Clipton
In this clip show, we get a look back at various classic moments from the show's amazing twenty eight year run.

28.09: Maggie on Hiatus
Maggie's interest in art has always been an interest, itself, of Marge and when she has the opportunity to help her youngest daughter, she decides to take Maggie to an open house / spend a few days at college in LA with some of her college savings. As Marge and Maggie are sequestered on the west coast, Eric and Felecia realize how boring the afternoons are now that Maggie's trouble making and body-guarding are out of the picture for a while.

28.10: When Felecia Met Someone Else
Maggie, Eric and Felecia all have different visions of what the future holds for the three of them in this trilogy:
Maggie: Envisions herself sing and working in all areas of the art world: Painting, Sculpting and doing some work with making metal pieces.
Felecia: Dreams of being married with Eric and having a six kids...
Eric: Worries he'll grow apart from Felecia and his worst nightmare comes true: he has to sit in the friends section of Felecia's wedding to some other guy. (The Badly Drawn Boy song: You were Right would be playing over Eric's story)

28.11: 12 Somewhat Discontent and Irritable Men
When Homer and Marge have another spat and Moe's is closed, Homer meets a group of traveling street performers and they're impressed with his raw, bitter emotion and offer him a chance to express himself with some parts in angry, bitter roles. After being even more impressed, the lead actor, Jerry (voiced by Jerry Seinfeld) lets Homer audition for the role of the Juror who holds out to the bitter end in 12 Angry Men. After landing the role, Marge is proud of Homer but is somewhat worried he might bomb and tries to offer Homer some help in acting, but that only drives Homer a bit crazy and makes him more nervous on the night of the grand opening.

28.12: The Date Escape
As part of the new Jr. High Database, Gerald, Sven, and Leena, the designers, decide to test out the system's reliability by a simple computer dating test. After the 7th grader enters their personal info, Maggie is surprised that she has a lot in common with Sven, the hacker/computer nerd and Leena's sister. After getting to know a little bit about each other, Maggie takes pity on Sven when he tells her about the family Leena and himself left behind back in Sweden and he hopes to be the next Bill Gates. Meanwhile, Eric doesn't trust Sven and thinks the whole story Maggie's been told is as fake as one of Sven's user names.

28.13: The Ralphinator
Ralph's last tenure in Springfield ended up as the fall-guy for Bart's morning show on KBXL FM. A little wiser, but still greatly stupid, Ralph wants to try his antics again, but Bart decides to make Ralph the new mascot for the radio station. Unfortunately, the usually mean and spiteful Jessica Lovejoy takes pity on Ralph and wants Bart to stop abusing his "power" at work.

28.14: Going out a Cavegirl
Maggie's new homework assignment on the life of cavemen and cavewomen lasts a bit too long and she falls asleep. Dreaming, she imagines herself a cave girl who is going to wed to Ger-allld, the maker of bizarre fire.

28.15: Pirates of the Care Bare-ians
Marge's new stuffed bear she makes for Maggie's birthday (a present that Maggie pretends to like only because Marge made it) is reluctantly taken to school with her daughter. Before it is shoved away into Maggie's locker, some of the girls actually like the "rough" looking toy and want one, too. Unfortunately, one of the students brings one home to her toy-president father and he thinks Marge is ripping off their toy-bear. When Marge receives a C&D from making the toy bears, she fights back and tries to convince people she didn't steal the idea.

28.16: Our Greatest Export is Lisa
When Lisa winds up in L.A. she meets a CEO of a Japanese Beer Company who is a bit of a Jazz freak and when he asks her to be a performer, along with some other musical prodigies at a nightclub in Tokyo for a local Jazz/Blues fest. Unfortunately, one of the musical exports is Allison from Lisa's Rival and Lisa is ready to even the score.

28.17: Three Couples and a Little Roddy
When Homer, Marge, and Maggie put on a BBQ/Birthday Party for Eric and Felecia (who both share the same birthday) Ned and Rachel make a surprise visit. After meeting Mark and Mandy, Ned offers to take a boat trip on his new boat/home out. For babysitting, Rodd and Todd are left to keep an eye on things and Rodd (who's been the secret "evil" one since he was a teenager) is more intent with messing with Todd than keeping an eye on the kids.

28.18: The Executive Homer Show
Felecia's grandfather, Carlisle, the richest man in Denver, an ardent industrialist, and all around oafish guy (like Homer, only in his early 70's), finally meets Homer, whom he takes an instant liking to. Meanwhile, his son and Felecia's father, Mark isn't too happy pops is fraternizing with his lunkheaded neighbor. Getting even, Carlisle gives Homer a token job in Denver as the head of recreation at his manufacturing plant. Despite the boost in income, Homer is torn between his job and seeing Maggie and Eric since he's away from home so much.

28.19: On the Bandwagon Again
When SchizoNova's new single takes off, the band finally gathers a roadie crew together to tour the west coast. After hearing the news, Maggie gets the okay from the band to be a guest on the tour and Homer reluctantly agrees to come along. Unlike past band trips, Homer isn't too happy with SchizoNova since he considers them to be a terrible "music" group. Meanwhile, Marge is growing increasingly worried that something bad is going to happen and after a few days, flee the house to try and catch up with the band.

28.20: Dollars and No Sense
When Edna's personal finances come under scrutiny, it turns out she has failed to pay taxes for the last three years and is facing a bit of jail time. Meanwhile, Skinner is planning to have his position restored as Mayor if he can convince a judge to rule that the recall election was illegal. Unfortunately for Eric, Arlie's acting like a stuck up jerk again since he thinks his dad will be back in charge of the town.

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