Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 31
31.01: Marge the Liar
Marge's search for her fellow classmates for her 30th class reunion winds up getting sidetracked when she comes across her arch-nemesis, Brenda Bladskee, the snooty bitch and sneak of Marge's class. When Marge is debating whether or not to add her to the guest list, she does some online research and finds out Brenda has a support group for wives who were married once and never found love again. Feeling a bit daring, Marge decides to infiltrate her way into the group by lying to Brenda and getting revenge on a high-school prank Brenda played on Marge when she was in the 9th grade.

31.02: The Simpsons Experiment (Halloween Ep)
Felecia's friendship with Eric takes a surprising turn when after a nasty fall, she finds the back of his scraped neck to be a torn bit of fake flesh, with wires hanging out. Not seeing the oddity, she folds the flap of fake skin over and tells Eric there's "nothing wrong." Not knowing what to do, she tries to tell Marge, but when Marge tries to kill her with a butcher knife, Felecia suddenly starts to question the world around her. Terrified, she tries to turn to the one person who could help--the old Professor Frink.

31.03: Homer vs. the Prince
At the annual Springfield Renaissance Festival, Maggie decides to take up the role of the "hunchback" by wearing a worn out garb and fake monster costume. Meanwhile, Homer takes up the role of town drunk and Mark DeGeorge, Felecia's father, is the prince of the festival. After a scripted argument between Town Drunk Homer and Prince DeGeorge goes astray, the two decide to settle their dispute in the jousting arena. Unfortunately, their anger takes the better of them as they fail to take heed of the approaching thunderstorm and the dangerous lightning.

31.04: Magarchy
When a bookwormish head counselor of the Junior Campettes takes over the slot, Maggie's aggressive "suggestions" are thrown out the window. Instead of a lot of rugged, outdoors classes and courses, pot-holder making and quilting are reinstated. Furious, Maggie quits the Junior Campettes and forms another young female camping group called the Roughneckers. Unfortunetly, the Junior Campettes hire another Simpson, Marge, to give the Campettes the more "buddy" like atmosphere and now Maggie and Marge are trying to corner the market.

31.05: Confessions of a Pre-Teen Drama Thing
Eric proves to be the most talented of potential actors in the 4th grade, but unfortunately, Felecia isn't. So, to help, one of the schools counselors, voiced by Tom Hanks, helps Felecia get up to speed. Meanwhile, his son, Willis, who attends a private school, wants Felecia to be his girlfriend. Very conniving, Willis manages to get Felecia to be friends and when he hears of Eric, he's willing to use his accomplished acting skills to make Eric look bad and to win Felecia over.

31.06: Little Beleaguered
Springfield's home to its Little League is endangered when it turns out the land used to house the six athletic fields was illegally sold twenty years ago. Originally, the land was meant to be used as overflow farmland in case of urban sprawl, but the law was ignored because of the lack of town growth back then, but today the battle for the land is heating up, with Homer and Marge leading the fight for the children.

31.07: Phone Alone
When PBS's annual fundraising time comes around, Maggie decides to take up volunteering her time answering phones for her "life skills" class. Meanwhile, Maggie's starting to attract attention as the girl who won't take any breaks (minus bathroom) from answering the phones. For nearly 29 hours, she's starting to act a bit strange and Marge is worried Maggie might accidently snap at one of the callers on the air, putting a damper on the fund raising efforts.

31.08: Save the Last Trance for Me
When Maggie undergoes some "questionable" hypnotism based on the recommendation of her childhood psychologist for her recent sleeping disorder, she mumbles out something no one expects while under: some nice things about Lisa. Shocked, Homer, Marge and Eric want to know more, but Marge suspects that Maggie might've been faking being hypnotized to hide whatever the real problem might be.

31.09: Too Much Skin(ner)
With the upcoming Springfield Mayoral election, Seymour and his on-again, off-again, marriage to Edna takes an unusual twist--Edna decides to run for the seat, siding with the Democrats, while her husband wants to be the GOP candidate. Not to be outdone, dejected ex-Mayor Quimby wants to run, but is running as an independent trying to win over the young, yuppie vote. Meanwhile, Lisa, proud Edna is trying to get reelected and for standing up for the liberal agenda, is one of her campaign workers. Also, with the political spectrum spread far and wide, the Simpson family is also torn (mainly for betting purposes) over who will win the election.

31.10: The Money Runs Dry
Felecia's grandparents's business in Denver has suffered serious losses in the previous financial quarter and her parents allowance is suddenly cut off and Mark and Mandy are forced to take WrealW jobs. Unfortunately, Mandy never had any schooling beyond high school and is now an employee at Krusty Burger and Mark winds up working in Capital City at the XLL Media Office alongside Lenny and Carl (who both left SNPP 9 years earlier). Luckily, Felecia is being babysat by Homer and Marge, but when Mark's promoted, he and Mandy decide to move to Capital City. So, calling in a favor to Homer, Eric begs him to go to Denver and ask Felecia's grandfather to reinstate the monthly allowance to the DeGeorge's in Springfield so his best friend won't move away.

31.11: Saving Lisa Simpson
While on a stint in Toronto, Lisa manages to assemble the beginnings of a jazz/blues act calling themselves the Leaves of Brass. After a few nights of performing around Toronto, the LoB's songs that are more pop-ish earns the most applause. Going against the band, Lisa is somewhat unhappy that her dreams of being a blues/jazz performer might be fading because of her band members wanting to be mainstream. Nevertheless, Lisa eagerly wants the rest of Leaves of Brass to meet the family and at the same time, manages to have the band do a small show at the High School Prom. Meanwhile, Maggie is a paid helper in setting up the prom and overhears that Leaves of Grass will be the target of this year's practical joke. Conflicted, she's happy that Lisa might be getting what's coming to her, but she's upset that she won't have a part in it, so she decides to out prank the pranksters before they get to Lisa without Lisa finding out anything.

31.12: Smoke and Pies
Maggie's new "questionable" friends end up having her try something Marge has been dreading: smoking. Easily addicted, Maggie realizes that she's in over her head and tries to kick the habit while not letting anyone find out what she's been doing. Meanwhile, Marge's contribution to the annual Springfield Piefest is on hold until she can figure out what flavor pie to enter and this year, Eric's feeling too embarrassed to help Marge after being teased and called a girlie man because he helps mommy in the kitchen, which is something he and Felecia have been doing since they were both three years old.

31.13: Not Another 70's Movie
Back after graduation, Homer and Marge, along with their fellow class men, are invited to make a teen movie about romance and beer up in Springfield woods by a young producer who wanted to make an experimental film. Instead of making a scripted movie, he let the teens adlib their lines as long as they kept to the theme of a wild party and didn't act like they were making a movie. Unfortunately, Homer gets a little too drunk and nearly makes out with Marge on film. A week later, the teens and the director decide the film was a flop and want to destroyed. Thirty years later, the film, now on VHS turns up at the local video rental store, Maggie and Eric rent it and find out it has a cult following and want Homer and Marge, who are now "stars", to come out and allow the film to be re-released, but they're horribly against the idea.

31.14: The Usual Cellphones
When someone starts taking pictures of Maggie and emails them to her with a camera phone, she begins to feel like she has a stalker, but instead of telling Homer and Marge, or anyone of authority, she decides to find the potential stalker herself. Meanwhile, Felecia, Eric and her father, Mark, are taking a tour of the Springfield Zoo with the rest of the fourth grade. When the fourth grade teacher, Mr. Parnell, has a nervous breakdown, Mark takes over and soon notices he relates well with the kids and agrees to be the substitute until Mr. Parnell gets well.

31.15: Homer and Marge's Parenting Clipshow
Homer and Marge have a late night cup of tea and discuss the pros and cons of raising Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Eric over the years and Maggie and Eric wake up, turn the tables and wind up deciding who was the better parent over the years.

31.16: All's Hell that Ends Hell
Maggie's patience on Sunday's is wearing thin as Churchtime rolls around. Instead of cutely questioning the meaning of church, Maggie flatly states she's now a proud atheist. Horrified, Marge feels left alone in the debate since Lisa is somewhat athiesitic, Bart and Homer a bit separated from religion and Eric's too young, in Marge's opinion. Desperate for some help, Marge asks the Televangelist Lovejoy for some advice on how to get Maggie "back on track".

31.17: The Simple Bart
When Bart winds up suspended for another series of questionable comments on his morning show, he's off the air for two weeks, pending a review from his bosses on what sort of punishment is deemed fit. Fed up with his job and Springfield, he decides to crash with Milhouse, who's living an hour out of town, in a small community called Waltonville, pop. 1,666. In a town where nobody knows his name, Bart decides to do some physical work as a farmhand for a moderate sized farming operation. While on the job, he meets the farmer's daughter, but also finds out Millhouse has been dating her, too. When Milhouse becomes aware of Bart's escapades, the duo become enemies and the simple life Bart envisioned, is turning into a relationship nightmare and KBXL is trying to get a hold Bart to tell him his suspension was an error in judgment.

31.18: May Sweeps Bi-Week
When Maggie is caught coming home late one night (it was the next night), she is grounded, with the exception of School and is forced to do all the chores under Marge's supervision. Feeling a bit sorry for Maggie, Eric tries helping, but Marge disapproves. Two-Weeks later, the house has never looked better and Maggie's efficient house cleaning is leaving Marge in the dust and is making her feel a bit useless and has made Maggie a hardcore neat-freak, much to Eric and Homer's dismay.

31.19: Homer vs. His Blind Spot
Homer's slouchiness catches up to him when a fall, spurred on by leaning too far back in his chair, gives him a sprained neck. On the way home from work, his neck makes it hard to turn his head and results in a nasty fender bender. Unfortunately, Homer is stuck in a predicament: either take the ticket for reckless driving, or retake his driving test. Even worse, if he takes the driving test, it'll reveal he's been driving with an expired licence for the past three years.

31.20: Four More Beers (Season Finale)
Homer and Bart's long, drinkin' weekends are finally rubbing off on Bart and his constant showing up hungover are irritating Jessica and worrying Viktor at KBXL FM. On the homeside, Marge is also irritated with Homer's hungover ways on Mondays, too, and wants Homer and her oldest son to find some new "quality" time on the weekends they spend together. Meanwhile, Maggie and Eric, after a week of summer vacation, begin to spy on Homer and Bart out of Boredom to see if they can keep their promise/agreement with Marge.

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