Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 32
32.01: Tricks of the Treat Trade
On the eve of Halloween, Eric and Felecia plan a route to get the most amount of candy over a 4 and 1/2 hour period through an elaborate scheme of costume changes and bad acting. Meanwhile, Maggie's having a difficult time babysitting the frenzied duo while an obnoxious costumed witch keeps pestering her and tries to steal her candy. (Little Maggie knows the witch is Lisa!)

32.02: THoH Yesterday and Tomorrow Man (Halloween Episode)
The XL Corp's new cloning division takes up a bit of DNA stealing from the Simpson grave site, thanks to a bonus for Bart, and creates a genetically perfect clone of Abraham Simpson, which has been aged to 22. Reentering society, Abe, pumped full of artificial memories, images of the Simpson family, and not to mention all the genetic ghosts, and he wants revenge on his "son" for pulling the plug on his past life, unless someone can stop him.

32.03: The Fall Battlegrounds
Every October and November dating back to the days of Jebediah Springfield, angry teens have settled their differences in the center of town in the First Park of Springfield as their parents cheered on. While over 210 years later, the parents don't cheer their kids on, teens have carried on the Springfield spirit and Maggie learns of the underground park fight and is challenged by the girl who was held back a grade. Unfortunately, Maggie loses and winds up pretty battered, but when Marge finds out about the battleground, she tries to get the highest levels of town government to intervene, but no one wants to touch this sacred cow.

32.04: Game Void
Springfield Public Schools, by order of Mayor Seymour Skinner, has banned all student cell phones, portable video games and soda. While making the parents and teachers happy, the makers of the games, phones and soft drinks are trying to lobby Skinner to change his mind, but the board of education and the state are putting pressure on him to keep the ban in effect or the school loses its funding.

32.05: Maggie's Gold Rush
Always the athletic one, Maggie's dashes across the Middle School grounds attracts the attention of ageing, and now retired, coach Andy Fortknight. At first thinking he's some sort of dirty old man, Maggie soon has great respect for Andy and he wants her to train for the 100 meter and have her one day be on the Springfield Olympic Track team. Unfortunately, the other athletes are too "clean cut" for Maggie's tastes and they drive her up the wall and she's finding her fellow tracksters are harder to deal with than the running itself.

32.06: Thanksgiving in Vegas
After dealing with the coldest stretch of weather that has lasted since mid-October, the entire family tosses a dozen warm weather destinations into a hat and Eric is chosen to pull a destination out. After arriving, Eric is reluctantly allowed by Marge to dye his hair black and he enters an Elvis lookalike contest and Bart and Maggie watch a pay-per-view boxing event, but are mistaken for Mob targets at the casino they're visiting. Meanwhile, Homer, Marge and Lisa are all trying to find a pleasant restaurant to spend Thanksgiving at.

32.07: Bart's Slam Song
Bart's romp at the XL company outing during a kareoke festival proves he's a great singer--when he's drunk. Impressed, a co-worker in the production department arranges a meeting with Bart and his father-in-law, who's a record talent scout. When Bart agrees to make a song for an upcoming movie soundtrack, Bart has to enlist Lisa's help to write a catchy pop tune, but Lisa agrees to help, with one condition--she wants a part where she can inject a few lines slamming Jessica Lovejoy for what she did to Bart when they were kids. When Jessica overhears Lisa's plans she makes it her new goal in life to stop this production, no matter who she has to seduce.

32.08: Radio America USA, Maggie Style!
Maggie's Tuesday's show on public access TV is being forced off the air by the XLcable's boss, Viktor, to make way for some new faces, is a bitter blow. Instead of whimpering on her laurels, Maggie decides to take her weekly patriotic musing to the radio airwaves from a short-wave broadcast from Bart's old tree house, but when the toll of trying to be patriotic and energetic when her show becomes a nightly town craze, she begins to abuse uppers and Marge wants her to stop because Maggie's not sleeping and some of her commentary is making Eric a little paranoid his older sister might be a little too far to the "right."

32.09: Try'N To Survive
Eric's solo trip to the Try'N Save is a little too exciting for his tastes after being pursued by a group of 9th Grade bullies. Running to the backroom area, he manages to lose his pursuers, but after hiding behind some boxes, one of the ones he climbed over falls off and hits him in the back of his head. Several hours later, he awakens to find the store closed and he spies a group of kids stealing video games other small items. After being spotted, he now has to survive the night, using whatever he comes across to stay ahead, and away from the renegade Try'N Save employees.

32.10: Lost in E-Motion
Homer and Marge have been proud, yet concerned over Maggie's physical prowess, but when their third-born is stuck in front of the computer for far too long periods of time, they install Parental Spyware to track their daughter's habits, and when Maggie learns of the spying she no longer trusts Homer and Marge and becomes even more attached to her E-Friends. Now, Marge must find a way to get Maggie back into her athletic self, and more importantly, she must find a way to get her daughter's trust restored.

32.11: Whose Crime is it Anyway?
When Maggie pranks a call to a Most wanted show, she has to find the criminal in Springfield she "claims" to know the whereabouts of. Meanwhile, Eric's curiosity lands him the role as an extortionist when he discovers Maggie's prank and decides to get even with all the times she's been picking on him, thanks to advice from the fill-in school advisor (who happens to be the criminal on the run that's hiding in plain site).

32.12: Breaking Up Is Hard on You (and the rest of us)
Randy, Saul, and Zak, Guitar, Bass, and Drummer, of Schizonova have finally had enough of each other and erupt in an on stage argument during a charity concert in Springfield's memorial park. Having spent the last five years on the road, Zak, the only member who lives in Shelbyville decides to leave and get together with some other disenfranchised band members back home and form a new band, while Randy tries to convince Mandy, Felecia's mom, to let him crash at her pad since he and Mandy used to be friends back in high school. Meanwhile, Maggie and Eric beg Homer to let Saul stay in the garage as long as he promises to use his minor carpentry/plumbing skills (he acquired before he joined the band) around the house. Unfortunately, Maggie, Eric and Feleica have to keep the two band members from trying to beat each other senseless.

32.13: All Their Troubles Seem So Far Away
Eric and Felecia's beach trip becomes odd after swimming around the cove and diving 10ft below the waterline. Goofing around, the duo stumble upon a 20ft long cave with a light at the end of the tunnel. After a short swim, the pair find themselves in a cave where they find the remains of a man and woman and paintings left behind on the wall describing what appears to be their lives several hundred years ago. In a surreal flashback, Eric and Felecia try to understand the pictures and imagine themselves living out the lives of the couple who were mysteriously buried together in the hidden cave.

32.14: The Life of Briben
Ex-Mayor Joe Quimby is now private citizen Joe Quimby has lived a modest life off his pension. Over a dozen years later, he tries to run an honest campaign since he has no connections, or massive amounts of money to buy his way to the top. Meanwhile, while shopping at the Try N' Save, he runs into Homer while backing up and after hearing about the Mayor's plight, Homer decides not to sue as long as he becomes Quimby's campaign advisor. Unfortunately, Homer thinks Quimby is still loaded and he'll get a "paid-out" if he gives him good advice, and Quimby is afraid Homer will indeed sue him once finds out the truth, so he's conflicted between his new-found political morality or going back to his old self.

32.15: Man-Ho-War
Homer's trip to WrestleFest 2005 winds up a bit more exciting when he, on live TV, very "realistically slams a chair over the reigning champ, Roidrage. Capitalizing on the Fan Takes Control! scene, the powers that be ask Homer to become the Manager who tamed Roidrage and within a week Homer is ringside playing the part of the bad guy Manager. Meanwhile, Marge is horribly embarrassed that her husband, in her terms, is acting like an out of control teenager and is trying to keep Maggie away from the events because she thinks she'll do something on live television, too.

32.16: The Other O.C.
When Viktor's, Bart and Jessica's boss at the XL Corp, cousin, Neil, from Wisconsin wants to use his family clout to break into Hollywood, Viktor gives him some money and time on a backwater station in L.A. After meeting with Bart and Jessica while they were arguing over the direction to take a new radio ad, he suddenly is given inspiration that these two will become the next-generation Odd Couple. Bart and Jessica both reluctantly agree to give the part a chance and Viktor, unknown to the other parties, is going to pull the plug but when the show is a minor hit, he takes the show away from Neil and tries to pitch it to the big 5 networks (UPN doesn't count).

32.17: Gnomeland Security
When Maggie is dumbfounded by what she considers Mass Paranoia over the possibility of terrorists in Springfield, she decides to, as a "gag", form a youth group to patrol the streets for suspected terrorists. Even more dumbfounded the citizens are supporting her half-baked idea, she is given time off from school to "patrol" the town (since the dumb-dumb citizens think a teenage girl could never be an authority figure). After a month of no activity, Maggie decides to call a town meeting, but when she reports no signs of anything out of the ordinary, the Citizenry appoints someone who can get results--ex Mayor Quimby and if he can't find news, he'll find some people to guarantee job security.

32.18: E=Eric 2 Squared
One of the few aspects of Eric's personality that has bugged Felecia during their whole time as friends are his sometimes self-conceited ways. Bringing this issue to the table, Eric reluctantly agrees to join a summer camp that promotes teamwork and tolerance. Unfortunately, Eric becomes very good friends with his gifted, same age camp counselor and begins to think that he's God's gift to the future of woman. To make things worse, when Felecia arrives, she finds out her best friend is now even more conceited and she's at a loss at how to make him more outgoing.

32.19: This Old Snake
Felecia's relatives take a quick stop through Springfield while making plans to buy a house on the East Coast. Bringing with them, their pet anaconda, Jade, who turns up missing the next moring. Worried that the snake has become stuck somewhere in the drywall, the DeGeorge's have to start ripping up the house trying to find the slithery beast. Meanwhile Homer overhears one of the Mark DeGeorge's relatives in the backyard talk about how Mark and Mandy might be getting a divorce. Mur-murry, Homer has to break the news to Eric and is reluctant to tell Marge, too.

32.20: The Thin Cop Line
Dexter Colt, the detective from The Dad Who knew Too Little, along with semi-crippled cop, Rex Banner have been partners in their own P.I. business for the past four years. Unfortunately, the secret desire to get even with Homer Simpson for getting arrested (Colt) and being hurled out of a catapult (Banner) causes the pair to form an unHomie alliance. Meanwhile, Lisa is back in town to visit and announce she's getting engaged with a Bass player from Seattle, who she describes as both depressed and motivated as she is. All seems well until some un-Star 69 friendly person calls, threatening Homer and the family, Bart decides to call in a favor from the (exSideshow) Bob. Bob, swearing no harm will come upon the Simpson family, is now mostly doing bodyguard work and reluctantly agrees to come to show and tell with Eric. As the hour draws near of their plan to destroy the family the duo begin to work their plans and can Bob stop them and save the family in time?

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