Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 34
34.01: Drawn Together
A week after Maggie is released from Juvenile Hall, Gina Vendeitti and Bart are now going out. Everyone at home is happy Bart's finally found someone he thinks is special and not a one night stand, but Maggie's none to happy with her older brother's choice in women. And at work at KBXL, Jessica's bitterness that Bart has chosen an "ugly bitch" over herself is caused by Jessica's train of thought that no man can say "no" to me and Jessica herself has developed a suppressed crush on Bart, but is in denial. Unfortunately, the Springfield Justice system learns their intern warden (Gina) is socializing too much and they're considering electing a replacement, again, but this time they might succeed. (After Bart drops Maggie off at him at the end of Queen of the Hill from S33, Bart drops by at Gina's apartment. Dressed up, Gina takes a surprised Bart to the dining room to a candlelit, Italian dinner. When Gina sees Bart's surprise, Gina responds: Hey, I'm just returning the favor.)

34.02: Run Maggie Run
After a successful petition to lower the minimum age to enter the Springfield triathalon, Maggie enters as the youngest entrant, ever, but learns that this type of work out requires more stamina and less "bulk" to win. Unfortunately, she's stuck between wanting to win this event, or to loose a lot of the "buffness" she's acquired over the past four years.

34.03: Something Wicker Comes this Way
Felecia's father, Mark, has been investing some of his family's allowance into a few local companies, and when a small wicker making factory begins to get large orders and cash down payments, Mark stock in them soars, making the family a small fortune. Before Mark's new wealth goes to his head, Felecia and Mandy (Felecia's Mom) convince Mark to not move away and to not to send Felecia to a private school so she isn't away from Eric. After a month of living it up, Mark's business partners have started disappearing and Mark is secretly worried there was a deal that went bad and someone is out to get the people who own the factory.

34.04: Homer: Symbol of America(n Excess)
With the new 4,000+ channel digital cable and satellite service hitting the US and Asia, the market for new shows has been tripled. Also, each user can have a show shown for free over the satellite service if two criteria are met: 1. The show must have consistent ratings and "zero ratings" don't count as consistent, and 2, the show's creators have to pay for their own production. Seeing yet another opportunity, Homer decides he wants to have his own comedy show with minimal props and set designs. With the idea of crossing a scripted comedy with a reality show on the brain, Homer creates a Survivor-Esque program where the family has to play along with Homer as a stranger has to stay in the Simpson home without bailing out, or be voted out by the family. With the show a big hit in Asia, Homer is suddenly seen as the typical American Buffoon and Homer is now being shunned in Springfield as the guy who makes American's look fat and stupid.

34.05: Seeping Tom
When Marge discovers a funny, pungent odor emanating from the corner of the house in the backyard, she discovers the siding is rotting from the inside out. After a quick inspection by the Siding Commission of Springfield, they deem the house unfit for habitation, but Maggie learns the Commission might be scam artists that infect neighborhood homes at night with a mix of chemicals to make them look "rotten."

34.06: Assistance Is Futile
When Bart attends a school meeting regarding the future of Springfield High School's longest running football coach, Samuel Hedgeway (voiced by Jon Stewart). After two of the worst seasons since records were kept, Bart defends his old coach whom he and the team Bart's class went to state with. Later that night, Bart agrees to help Coach Hedgeway get the team back up to snuff since Hedgeway feels he's getting too old to make an impact on the team's spirit.

34.07: Reverend Killjoy
Reverend Lovejoy's return to Televangelism is marked with an extremely ultra-conservative slant that attacks everything from fast food to sports. When scantily clad cheerleaders are in his cross hairs, he asks some of his politician friends to pass legislation that prohibits the cheerleaders from dress too skimpily. Upset over her father's "silly" ways, Jessica Lovejoy manages to "convince" her way onto Springfield's A&M cheerleading squad and convinces the other girls to disobey the ban on "indecency" set into effect. Meanwhile, The Reverend is trying to make amends with Jessica since he's secretly getting back together with Helen.

34.08: The Long, Wet, Lisa Summer
When the Springfield river bed has a breach that causes water to flood the drainage/sewage system, downtown Springfield is flooded and many businesses are forced to close down, thus ruining the local economy. After investigating, the cause is garbage that has been building up on the riverbed, thus causing the weakening between the sewer system wall and the river. When Lisa returns to visit, her beloved nightclub is now a washout and she learns of the cause of this flood and forms a town committee to get federal funding to clean up the flood damage and to get the ex-Mayor Quimby to trial for his allowing the dumping of the trash into the river 15 years ago.

34.09: Where On Earth Is Jebediah Springfield?
Bart's workplace, the XL Building, was built on the old Springfield Park location and the park's prominent Jeremiah Springfield statue has been in storage for the past decade. With the statue's cost of storage becoming a hassle, the town wants the residents to vote on a location: In the new Springfield Park, or in downtown on a statue near the new eel office complex. With sentimental tensions rising the statue suddenly goes missing and the town's upper and lower classes are pointing fingers at each other over the missing relic.

34.10: Maggie Vs. 1922
For extra credit to keep from being held back in 7th Grade History, Maggie needs to do a report on a the Great Springfield Tornado Outbreak of 1922. Unfortunately, with Springfield being one of the most illiterate cities in the 1920's, not many records were kept, much less books printed. So to get the info from a primary source, Maggie travels to the Springfield Retirement Castle to meet the only, barely senile survivor: Isabelle Rollini. In the interview, Maggie is taken back to 1922 and then through the 13yr old Isabelle eyes in the weeks leading up to the Storms along with Isabelle's very "Simpsony" family.

34.11: You've Got Perved
To Maggie and Eric's delight, the new wireless internet service is installed in Springfield and is now available everywhere within city limits. Unfortunately, the service is loaded with spyware and everyone in Springfield is suddenly "given" loads of porn-ads and pop ups while surfing. To make things worse, the software company that developed the spyware is now legally clear since NO ONE read the fine print when they signed up. Now to get back at the software company, Maggie asks Springfield's best hacker, Gerald, to get back at them by installing some logic bombs of his own.

34.12: Top Of The Props
Eric's still churning and burning desire to become seen and known as a male model get's another chance, but with no experience he can't get the job (and he can't get experience without a job). So, Maggie and Felecia feel a bit bad and decide to give Eric some job experience by faking a resume and creating a fake Magazine where Eric is the cover boy. In an ironic twist, the Fake magazine gets out and kids all over Springfield want to be part of it and Eric's self-esteem is on the ropes.

34.13: Demolition Men
When Springfield's finest are suspecting a counterfeit money racquet in Springfield, they nearly bust down the door of 742 Evergreen Terrace. After it is discovered there was a typo on the warrant, the denizens are up in arms because of a new fear of Police incompetence. Seeing the public's opinion of its Police fading, the eel corp decides to take over the Police force and give a few citizens the opportunity to make police a career. Seeing a chance to redeem himself in his father's eyes, Mark DeGeorge decides to take up the role as a nu-cop, but Felecia is worried her father might be a bit reckless.

34.14: Love And Learn
Part of a "get-to-know" the younger part of the Simpson family while Maggie, Homer and Marge are away, Bart's girlfriend, Gina Vendetti, does Bart a favor by babysitting Eric and Felecia. While not the greatest sitter, Gina does manage to keep Eric and Felecia entertained by a recounting of her childhood that led up to the incident that got her in Juvenile hall: When Gina first went to Dizneeland when she was 4, she wanted to play Snow White when she grew up. When she turned 10, she escaped from her foster home to try out for the role as the junior Snow White, but when she was cheated out of the role, she snapped and snuck into the changing tower and in a fight, pushed the "winner" out the window. And she was sent to Juvie where the last bits of innocence was washed away...until she met Bart 2 years later.

34.15: Maggie And Eric And The Quest For The Holy Bail
When Maggie is Christmas shopping with Homer, a shoplifter uses Homer as a decoy and places a necktie in Homer's coat pocket to attract security while he makes off with his goods. Meanwhile, Maggie has to accompany Homer to the police station. Unfortunately, the Christmas cash is used to bail Homer out of the slammer to spend time with the family. When Maggie goes to the media, the family wants the ultimate Christmas gift: find the man who set-up Homer and have him do some "good" deed to redeem himself (Marge's idea).

34.16: Rivalries: A New Reality Series
When Viktor sees the heated rivalry between the citizens between Springfield and Shelbyville, he has an inspiration of the next bit reality series where two neighboring towns of similar culture and stature have their finest compete for the prize of the We're So Much Better Than You statue, plus the winning, representing team splits the prize of $1 Million dollars. For Springfield, Bob, who is also chosen to be the team captain, Bart, Jessica, Mark DeGeorge, Rainer Wolfcastle, and Mia Geroni (the brainy 4th grader) are representing Springfield. With their Shelbyville rivals, they must endure the elements, and search for clues leading to the Million dollar prize.

34.17: The Margemobile!
After 15 years of the Station Wagon, Marge decides to move up to a minivan. Enjoying taking Eric to soccer practice and helping Maggie with her heavyweight athletic activities with her new wheels, Marge volunteers her free time and minivan to help the Elementary Soccer Team's other coaches, but when Maggie is upset mother is spending too much time helping Eric's side of the sports time, she begins to become somewhat reclusive and bit lazy. Becoming a bit worried his mad-physical-crazy daughter is going to become a clone of himself, Homer tries to pitch in some father no avail.

34.18: The Springfield FIVE!
Bart is amped that Springfield, thanks to his boss's influence, is now a contender for an NBA expansion team called the The Springfield FIVE. Being a semi-famous local morning show host, Bart manages to get the interviews from the NBA bigwigs and some potential players. When Homer shows up for a visit while an interview is in session, security places Homer in the holding area to prevent him from embarrassing Springfield, again, and when he learns that Bart was the person who ordered him detained, Homer feels like he's losing a son to the glitz of the Sporting world while Bart is afraid of too many Homer screw ups that cost Springfield a few large scale concessions in the past.

34.19: No Gut, No Gory
Maggie and Eric's strong stomaching of horror flicks and gory movies has always scared the shy Felecia into covering her eyes in the theaters, but when Felicia tries to fit in with them and watch a gory flick, she's traumatized and tries to hide it. After two weeks of little or no sleep, she starts acting bizarre and her mother, Mandy thinks Felicia might be physically ill and tries to get to the bottom of what's ailing her daughter and when she finds out, it's going to be war between her and Marge.

34.20: The Faking of the Band...?
SchizoNova's breakup several months ago left the local punk scene torn open like a wound without it's therapeutic leeches. After much bickering pestering from friends and family, the band members decide to give a reunion one last shot as a surprise act in the Springfield Summer Music Fest. After performing a mini-three song set, the band members take a bow. Then, the drummer, Zak makes a surprise announcement--he's formed a new band and will never perform with Schizonova again. Two the other two band members, Rand and Saul, surprise Zak walks off and gives the band the finger. Now alone, Randy and Saul are looking to recruit a new drummer and the honorary roadies, Maggie and Eric are actively recruiting.

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