Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 35
35.01: Cool Hand Fluke
Homer's card skills have been a bit iffy, but when Eric convinces him all he needs is the proper motivation (instead of money, it's beer and doughnuts), Homer finds himself to be the most unnatural card shark around. Winning his way to the top, he decides to take his winnings to the World Series of Poker in Shelbyville, where the judges and officials are more crooked than Dreaderick Tatum's teeth.

35.02: Bob...Just Bob
With his brother locked up for 8 consecutive life sentences and with all his enemies dead, or scattered, (Sideshow) Bob now has one last duty to perform now that he's been officially pardoned--reenter society and work a "normal" 9 to 5 work day. With no children's programming currently on the air that's of any interest, Bob completes several applications and manages to get an 8 dollar an hour, entry-level job doing low-end office work at the XL head office just a few doors down from Bart's Morning Show studio. Despite forgiving Bart for his actions when he was a kid, Bart is still a little shaky now that his ex-childhood stalker is an employee at his workplace and is a bit jealous that Bob is now considered the "older hunk" and is getting the swooning from the ladies.

35.03: I, Gina
When Bart and Gina stop by the Simpson home, Marge, for the first time, has a heart to heart talk with Gina and what role she might have in Bart's future, but when Marge asks about Gina's real parents, Gina sadly doesn't know and hasn't had the courage to look into her past. After much soul searching, Gina reluctantly teams up with Homer, Marge, Bart, Maggie and Eric to search for her past....which leads them to Philadelphia: After three weeks of being bounced around by the Pennsylvania adoption agency, Gina Vendetti receives an address along the river in Philadelphia. With Bart by her side, she rings the doorbell and her father she hasn't seen since she was a year old has been awaiting for her to come back one day. Sadly, Gina learns her mother passed away while giving birth to her and she is an only child. All this time, her devastated father never remarried and he gave Gina up so she could have a real, two-parent upbringing because he felt that he couldn't be the parent Gina needed.

35.04: The Redemption Of Maggie Simpson (Halloween Episode)
When Maggie is ran off a bridge by a drunk cargo truck driver, she is killed and finds herself at the gates of heaven and is given a choice--go back to when she was 9 and stop herself from hating Lisa, or spend eternity in hell. Having to think this out...for several hours, Maggie agrees to go back to her 9 year-old self and try to change her life, but instead of making amends with Lisa, she secretly tries to give herself clues to prevent her future-self from dying.

35.05: Missing In Sanction
Skinner's once a year vacation is coming up again and this time, he wants to go back to Vietnam, but this time it's because the once horrible war-wasteland is now a quasi-inexpensive paradise that welcomes the US dollar. Ducking out of session, Skinner decides to buy some land near his old army base along the coast. Three weeks later, he suddenly reappears in session and quits his role of mayor cold-turkey. When Arlie (Skinner's Son) is shocked his father is returning to 'Nam, Edna files for custody and is granted it. After saying his goodbyes, Skinner starts to settle down, but the war flashbacks are starting to return at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge are Skinner's liaisons in Springfield and are trying to convince him to return.

35.06: In Spite Of Spivy
Eric and Feleica are feeling a bit nervous about the very reclusive new-kid, Spivy Smith, whom doesn't want anyone to go near him. Curious, the duo spy on Spivy and find out he's living not too far from Evergreen Terrace and his father has been spending insane amounts of time in the basement on what appears to be a ham radio set-up. When Eric and Feleica are found spying on Spivy's father, Spivy comes clean and says that his father has an obsession with trying to contact alien life--specifically the aliens that he thinks "kidnapped" him five years previous. After hearing the story, Eric and Feleica are split on whether or not the alien abduction occurred, and even more so on if aliens actually exist.

35.07: Put A Little Note In Your Heart
Lisa's travels lands her in Portland, Maine where she finds there is little to no jazz/blues clubs. Not being able to start up, or get any "general" nightclubs to take up the music, Lisa decides to start a class in jazz at more prominent community college where she teaches jazz theory and uses it as a cover to find others who share the same passion for music she does.

35.08: Big Brother Is Orbiting You
When Marge is pulled over for speeding, she learns that her new on-board satellite "safety" system is actually routing her driving habits to nearby law enforcement. Feeling like her privacy has been violated, Marge petitions the automakers to stop leeching her privacy away. Meanwhile, Gerald learns that someone has hacked into the central control computer and is stealing codes to unlock users's doors and to steal their cars and Marge might be next.

35.09: After Dreams
In three segments, Homer, Marge and Bart imagine their lives AFTER retiring from their dream careers/lives:
MARGE: (Astronaut): When Marge takes her last steps off the space shuttle and back into the private sector, she becomes an "Oprah-esque" talk show host and deals with women's issues.
HOMER: (Rock Star): After his 14th diamond record, Homer and his band Damn Loud! split up and Homer becomes a record producer and meets a super model.
BART: (next Caretaker of the Playdude Mansion): At age 65, he tries to get back together with Gina and live out his life and try to spend their twilight years together.

35.10: No Sig For You
Springfield's most well known soccer player, Clayton KIX Clemens, is holding an autograph signing and when he leaves after arguing with a fan in line ahead of Eric, Eric is worried this might have been the last chance to meet Kix face to face. The next day, Maggie manages to get Clayton's attention during a warm up session before a game and explains how her brother really wanted to meet him, so Clayton invites Maggie and Eric to his home where he's given an autograph and a few pointers to improve their games. Meanwhile, Bart is begging Maggie and Eric to let him in on their newfound friendship with Kix since he was a fan when he was a kid. Unfortunately, Kix isn't too fond of KBXL since they pranked him a couple of years ago and he won't forgive Bart. Now, if Bart wants the same treatment, he must become the butt of the team's jokes.

35.11: Entertainment From Marge
When Marge's seen speaking with XL anchorwoman Sandra Steele after Sandra's become Reiner Wolfcastle's second wife, Marge becomes friends with her and through Sandra, she meets many big name Hollywood celebrities. When the media catches wind of Marge's "connections" various papers and tabloids want to hire her and Marge finally agrees to work for the Hollywood Pryer as "special" reporter. Getting the scoop is easy since Marge is more like the &quiot;typical, middle-class mother" when aproaching a "star" rather than some leechy gossip columnist. Unfortunately, Marge's boss is afraid her sudden rise in the office could mean his firing, so he sends her on a "sleazy" job and Marge is at an ends to accept it.

35.12: 72
Maggie, Eric and Felecia are usually together at some point in the day, but for once all three have to be at different events, nowhere near each other. In a 3-way split screen, all three have to spend 24 hours apart without each other's support:
Felecia: Goes through an entire day and night at a hotel with Mark (Her dad) was he attends a family get together / business conference. While there, another guy thinks she's cool and wants to hang with her, but she thinks he's too annoying and tries to avoid him.
Maggie: Returning a favor from Marge, he babysits Maggie as he....yawn...broadcasts from the Springfield Book Fair. Bored as hell, Maggie tries to amuse herself by tormenting the nerds and Jessica Lovejoy.
Eric: With Homer feeling he's not spending enough time with his youngest child, Homer drags the normal shy Eric out to the new Duff Gardens and when Eric accidently downs one of Homer's "happy" drinks, Homer has to pretend Eric has some sort of sickness/mental disorder to keep the onlookers at bay while Eric tries to sober up.

35.13: Life Of The Beached
On the north end of Shelbyville coastline, a beached killer whale draws a crowd of volunteers who seem a bit lost on how to deal with the situation. When Lisa arrives, she uses her experience on environmentalism to direct the rescue efforts until the proper authorities arrive. Unfortunately, she meets Jesse (from Lisa the Treehugger) who's gone from that "cute" guy she admired as a kid, into a gruff, and a bit of a loser who's trying to soak up the spotlight. When Lisa tries to talk with him, she's harshenly blown off at first, but Jesse apologizes and offers her a cheap drink. After hearing how his "pro-earth" ways led him down the path of being destitute, it makes Lisa wonder if holding her current viewpoints is going to give her a future.

35.14: Lil' Homie's Book Of Rhymes
When Homer was in the second grade, one of his few creative bursts was a 30 page book of poetry about everything from the first girl that got his attention to how he scraped his knee for the whole world to see. Forty years later, an attic cleaning of Marge's Ebay-Bound Ringo paintings finds the box of Homer's sonnets. And when Homer reads his old prose, he has a surge of nostalgia, but after a couple of weeks of trying, he's at a loss. Meanwhile, Marge sees Homer's creative side and takes up her painting again and Homer, while happy Marge is active in art again, but is even sadder he's still has no talent to put on paper...until he asks Eric and is surprised his youngest son has the same love of poetry he had when he was 8.

35.15: Drunken Mastered
Even though Homer's been keen for alcohol, he really hasn't drank too much just for the sake of showing off. But when a new, 20 something co-worker, Johnny Hanson (voiced by Jude Law) who's a bit of a lush becomes Homer's co-safety inspector and they soon become drinking buddies. After two weeks of coming home plastered every night, Marge is at her wits end with Homer's debauchery. So, in a rather uncongenial way of solving the situation, she accepts a dare set by Johnny if she beats him in a drinking contest, he'll quit working with Homer.

35.16: Fatlantis
When the latest diet fails for Homer, he reads about a gated community where the obese can all live in happiness. After Marge tries to come to terms with Homer's failed diet, again, Homer tells her of Atlantis and his desire to live there. Mortified, Marge tries to talk him out, but Homer decides to give it a try for a week and after he leaves, Marge tries to talk to the head of the community, Unfortunately, he's a chef and tries to "fatten" Marge up to get her to move in as well.

35.17: World Series Of Poke Her
Maggie's worst fear has come true--a girl, a few years older than her has begun to antagonize her. Unfortunately, Maggie is on thin ice already for fighting and causing trouble and any attempt to fight back could potentially be mistaken for more trouble and could lead to expulsion. So, in a back alley agreement, Maggie and her nemesis agree on a place and time to settle it once and for all and throughout Springfield Middle School the students are all placing bets on the off-grounds fight of the year.

35.18: The Bar Side
When Moe's Tavern closed its doors nine years ago, Homer was left with a tavern less Springfield. Last year, Moe's reopened in a strip mall, but lacked the charm of the original and it lacked something even more important--business. With a second closure on the horizon, Moe decides to go back to his original calling, acting. Just weeks before closing, Moe finds one open rehearsal for playing a role he's familiar with--playing a grouchy bartender in a new comedy series. Seeing the potential making a name for himself, Moe dives into the role and he becomes a fan favorite, but when his ego takes over, his stardom is on the verge of burring out.

35.19: A Horse Line
Lisa's rounds lands her Capital City where she and other street performers are planning an impromptu concert at City Hall. While setting up on the Hall's front lawn, she meets up with Mr. Bergstrom for a third time and after a brief conversation, Mr. Bergstrom tells Lisa that his 66yr old cousin is retiring from his horse ranch and they need some young blood to keep the place running. After selling off most of the stock, there's 10 horses left to care for. Excitedly Lisa accepts the offer and a three other semi-experienced farm hands are hired, too, and they take on the duties of running the place.

35.20: Last Train To Springfield
Springfield's industrial complex is facing a tough choice--fight to keep the freight trains running, or go the more expensive route of over the road trucking. When Mayor Seymour Skinner learns that the XL Corp was behind the Soo Burlington's decision to end the trains to Springfield, he decides to try some of his old school bargaining tactics to get XL Corp's boss, Viktor, to change his mind and save Springfield's businesses a was of money. Meanwhile, Televangelist Timothy Lovejoy is a miffed the trains coming and going might be ending since the Springfield Railway system is what got him hooked on model railroading.

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