Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 36
36.01: Milhouse's Wedding
When Bart finally gets in contact with Millhouse after a few months, he learns his best friend has hooked up with a hottie, Dana (voiced by Terri Hatcher) whom Millhouse has plans to marry in two weeks. Chosen to be his best man, Bart is both shocked and amazed Milhouse's luck in finding a girl this "good" has come along, but on the eve of the wedding, Bart asks his best friend if he's ready to tie the knot. Scared, Millhouse doesn't want to go through with it and Bart must wonder if he's to do the "right thing"--to help Millhouse get his confidence up, or find out if Dana is a the right girl for him.

36.02: Honey, I Flunked the Kids
Maggie's nervous and moody teacher, Ms. Bessman finally has had a nervous breakdown and Maggie asks Principal (Edna) Skinner to appoint Homer to the role until a real teacher can be found. At first apprehensive that Homer's apelike demenor might be useless, Edna soon realizes his hijinks might be what the 12 and 13yr olds need, plus she also notices that they believe anything he says. After a bit of coaching, Homer's new "teaching" job begins and he quickly feels that today's youth are a pain in the ass and his funny persona quickly fades and Maggie is stuck with the stigma of having her jerkass father run the class and ruin everyone's fun.

36.03: Gabby Road (Halloween Episode)
Marge's new hobby now that Maggie and Eric have been conditioned into keeping the house in perfect order, is to yack on the phone for hours on end with several citizens at a time. Unfortunetly, one of the talkers is only interested in hunting down the other callers for sport. Once Marge realizes she gave away personal info that might put the family in danger, she starts to barricade the house and refuses to let Maggie and Eric out until the killer/killers can be found. Meanwhile, Homer's unaware of the threat is pressing Marge into going ahead to have that "ultimate" garage sale and is trying to invite the whole community over.

36.04: Maggie's Crops
Maggie's always had a thing for eating healthy because of the amount of excersise she does, but after being given some land deeded to her by Grandpa shortly before his death, she develops a love of farming the land. Unfortunetly, she wants to spend a little too much time taking care of the crops, instead of keeping an eye on her little brother...or the rest of the family.

36.05: Lisa-hol
When Lisa's car stalls on her after fueling up with high-blend of Ethanol, she does a little digging and learns the additive of ethanol is really a farce and the energy to produce it is wasteful and doesn't help the eniviorment. Meeting with Mayor Seymour Skinner, she tries to get him to ban the use of Ethanol in Springfield, but since he's under pressure from the Ag industry, he refuses. Meanwhile, the second brainy child to escape Springfield, Martin Prince, is now a bio-chemist who is happy to challenge Lisa's assertions over the uselessness of Ethanol--and put her in her place.

36.06: The Pod People
With the demise of the punk/alternative band SchizoNova, the remaning two members finally find a new drummer, with Maggie's help, by the name of Rodney Rubellke, who also is becoming a well-known I-Podcaster via his radio comedy shows. Now with the new Trio calling themselves the Pod People, they're rapidly gaining a new audience. Everything seems rosey until KBXL refuses to play their new single and The Pod People boycott the station. Meanwhile, Bart is upset the radio station is loosing listeners and is trying to have Viktor change his mind, but when the real issue is The Pod People refused to pay an illegal "playing" fee, Bart is at odds to turn in his boss.

36.07: Itchy and Scratchy's 100th Anniversery Spectacular
The killer cat and mouse duo's absence over the past five years (and their potential return) has been a major buzz on the internet. With the 100th anniversy of their creation coming soon, the I&S studios announces a new I&S series called the Itchy and Scratchy EXTREME Team, which features Itchy and Scratchy as a crime fighting cat an mouse team set 1,000 years into the future. Along with their companions: Major Mutt, Pscho-Pyne, and Captain Condor, they fight off aliens and other baddies in the 31st century. Unfortunetly, Bart's enthusiasim turns to bile as his childhood's favorite cartoon has been changed into...This?!?. Meanwhile Maggie's up in the air on her feelings over it and Eric's stoked this show is going to beat the crap! out of the original. With their viewpoints so far apart, Bart and Eric's feelings for this new show are causing them to fight like never before.

36.08: The Heart Stops when it Stops
During a Sunday sermon on live TV, the Reverand suffers a heart attack. Two-days later, a tearful Jessica is by her father's side and even though she's been a bit "distant" with him, she asks him to stop this "televangelis BS" and be a father she never knew. Now actually feeling real love for Jessica after the longest time, Timothy Lovejoy makes a sacreligious decision of "putting his family before god" and retires from TV. Happy, the Rev and Jessica are spending tim together again, and Jessica even is thinking of getting Mr. Right to one day have kids, but when Tim's past of debts and under the table dealings catch up with him because of his lack of real income, he's conflicted between becoming the money-for-God man or being an honest father.

36.09: How the Westwood got Lost
Biff Westwood, Bart's doppleganger from Simpsons comics #20, has grown up and got out the music industry and is now a Junior Camper Scout Leader and is enjoying a more simple life of helping mould the young, outdoor minded. When Eric signs up for the Junior Campers, he's shocked to notice that Bart was right--Biff does look like Bart, and unlike Bart, has a knack for inspiring the mind. When all Eric talks about is how well Biff does at the Junior Campers, Bart becomes annoyed his younger brother might not be idolizing him, Bart asks Biff to make one last switch--to pretend to be Eric's real brother and he'll try to teach the campers some new tricks of the trade.

36.10: Stuck in a Town you Can't get out Of
When the City and School Bus driver's Union fail to reach a contract agreement with the officials in the Springfield transportation department, Marge has to drive Maggie and Eric to their seperate schools. To help save travel time, Mrs. DeGeorge (Felecia's mother) offers Eric a ride w/Felecia. Meanwhile, with the influx of cars, Homer's drive to work is becoming a chore. Now having to wake up at 4:00 a.m. just to get there on time, he's becoming a bit of a pill and he's so desperate to sleep in, he asks plant manager Waylond Smithers to have his negotionations team to help settle the dispute. With the strike over, the townspeople now see Smithers as a potential replacment for Skinner now that his term is almost up.

36.11: The 700 Flubbs (Idea #700!)
Tired of Reverand Lovejoy's "boring" Sunday morning TV sermon, Homer decides that he can do a "better" job of bringing the word of God to his fellow Springfieldians through his own show on public access TV. After two-weeks, the Rev's audience is down and Homer's show is on the rise, but when some men come in and rough up Homer after one of his shows, Homer is at odds--keep doing his show, or publically chastise Lovejoy and make plenty of questionable accusations, and he chooses the latter. Meanwhile, Marge is at a religious dead-end because she has to choose between a greedy guy, or a raving lunatic.

36.12: Days of Our Marge
When a convention of daytime tv comes to Springfield, Marge visits the now desolute booths of soap operas. After having lunch with some of their PR people, they're intrigued by Marge's down to earthness and want her to become a consultant to their writing staff. Meanwhile, Homer's now jealous that Marge is making more money than himself and becomes her personal assitant at her office.

36.13: Son of Sham
When Jessica claims she's seen Jesus in the bark of a tree, Bart and his co-workers begin to scoff. However when others think that Jessica's "sighting" my have some substance, she's suddenly looked upon as being "sent from god" by the local religious zealots. Unfortunetly, the Rev is not amused and is convinced Jessica has made up the whole story.

36.14: School of Mark
When Edna Skinner says she's had enough of being principal and the ex-Mayor and wants to reconcile with Seymour, this leaves a position of principal open. With Mark's campaign serivice and office skills on his resume (plus he's a parent), he's hired to take Edna's place. Unfortunetly for Eric, he begins to subconciously have it out for him in order for him to stay away from Felecia. With Edna out of the picture, Eric asks Felecia for help in trying to "expose" her father's dislike for Eric in an attempt to have him fired.

36.15: Bart on Bart
When Bart realizes it's only a few months away till his 23rd birthday, he begins to feel that his life will be the continious, saccarine filled, nondescript moring yammer-fest that he's grown to despise. Feeling closed in, he takes a leave of absence and leaves Jessica in charge to find a new co-host. Finally deciding that doing something outside the norm might give him a new sense of purpose, he takes a camera and makes a docu-drama on what he'd like to do with his life with Eric as the camera guy and Maggie as the equipment helper. Together, the trio hit the road for the next 60 days and make the film. Meanwhile, Lisa thinks Bart ripped off this "idea" to make a self-movie out of her diary and decides to spy on them from afar to see if anything Bart's doing is too-familiar.

36.16: Brailty
Lisa falls for a blind saxaphonist from New York who, with the exception of being blind, has a everything in common with her. Unfortunetly, Maggie's nosey, destructive side uncovers Lisa's new beu is a bit of a scam artist who's pretending to be blind and has been stalking her for the last year.

36.17: Without Furuther Apu
Apu's short return to Springifeld mark's the end of an era--the end of the Kwik-E-Mart chain in Springfield as Apu sells his stock to the XL Corp. With his newfound monies, Apu decides to spend one night with his old beer-buying buddy, Homer, but when he drunkenly blows the money on some strippers, Homer tries to help Apu out of this mess one last time.

36.18: The Bliss Story Channel vs Springifeld
When Springifeld is greeted by the crew of the The Bliss Story Channel at a town meeting, the orgainizers want to hear about how great everytown USA got that way, but everyone in town has a different viewpoint why the town, why it's great and the producers of the Bliss Story Channel are desperately trying to find someone who can say the reall love Springfield.

36.19: Eric and the Community Service Factory
Eric's massive music downloading from his new wireless T4 connection is part of a sting that is trying to catch people from illegal music downloads. Unfortunetly for the youngest Simpson, he's given two options--pay the 10,000 fine, or 200 hours of community service. With the latter the only option for the Simpson family, Eric has to give up his GQ side and get down and dirty with the rest of the semi-criminals of Springfield. Feeling as low as he's ever been, Eric asks Maggie how she manages, and she tells him to how to find something and hate it and the anger is a great motivator. Sick of picking up garbage, Eric's hate of picking up garbage is turning into a beast.

36.20: And then there was Marge Bouvier
With the wife changing her last name back to her maiden name a new, stylish trend hitting the US, Marge asks Homer if he'd mind, and he doesn't, so after Marge changes her last name back to Bouvier, some debt collectors from her past track her down and the family is now burdened by some old debts from Marge's mother. With the weight of more bills on the Simpson/Bouvier family, Marge takes up her old secretary job, similar to the one she had when Eric as born and Maggie now is left to fend for Eric. Feeling like whatever is left of her childhood is slipping away, Maggie begins to do some icky, Lisa-like research to find out if the family can get out of debt and get Marge back into the house full-time

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