Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 37
37.01: Maggie vs. Lisa vs. Country Music
When Lurleen calls up Maggie upon returning to Springfield to ask if she's up singing back up on her next single as a "special guest", Maggie's thrilled at the chance get back behind the mic. Unexpectedly and dissapointedly, Lurleen asks Lisa to come back and record some back-up saxaphone tracks with Maggie. Even more disturbing, Lurleen is asking for the Simpson's Sisters to come aboard for another reason, a "Making of the Country Band" reality show. Now with the cameras on the band, Maggie is now enjoying antagonizing Lisa on the set and their arguing is becoming a national sensation...even more than the band itself.

37.02: The Long and Winding Blog
A year ago, a user by the name of "Capricorn X" started leaving online clues about a legedary, unsolved murder case from Springfield in the early 1950's. The case was the original owner of SNPP wasn't Mr. Burns, but an enterprising Englishman Mark Hannington who built the plant. Mr. Hannington's demise came a few hours after he turned down Mr. Burns's bid for a buyout and when Mr. Burns's was legitamtely cleared of all charges, the question remained--who killed Mr. Hannington and for 50 years, that question lingerged in the back of the minds of Springfield's elderly...and someone still alive is now giving out clues and the case re-emerging is becoming the story of the minute. Facinated by the recent turn of events, Mr. Smithers, with Lisa's help, is quite eager to find out who this killer might be.

37.03: My Dinner with Margie
Maggie's first run-in with the new 4th Grade teacher, Mr. Franz Hershfield, lands her in detention and a after school meeting with Marge and Franz. Surprisingly, Franz's attention quickly turns away from Maggie's behavior and to Marge and an attempted asking her out. At first upset, Marge suddenly realizes Franz's intentions were genuine--but horribly misguided, so with her empathatic side coming out, Marge becomes Franz's "date coach" to help him meet his second, between 30 & 45 wife of his dreams.

37.04: Fourth and Goals
Maggie's second attempt to join the JV football team finally makes it through and with her determination, makes it the position of Starting QB. Meanwhile, Bart's a bit confused why Eric isn't more excited in sports and "encourages" him to join Pee-Wee football. While Eric is warming the bench, Maggie's on the verge of breaking the Springfield JV and Varsity passing record, which was to Bart's dismay, his record 8 seasons ago.

37.05: Jessica's No-Hitter
After a "typical" morning show, Jessica walks out tired of Bart's verbal abuse and immediately finds new work at the power plant as Mr. Smithers's secretary. Once she realizes he's "festive", she finally feels like she's working for a guy who's not going to be hitting on her and after getting know Waylon, she feels like he's the caring father she's never had. Meanwhile, Bart's new "test" replacements haven't been too hopeful. In fact, his new co-DJ is one of the ugliest, most boring-as-white bread people's ever met and he's at his wits end trying to find anyone who can replace Jessica.

37.06: Poke-E-Coli (THoH Episode)
The new Krusty Burger has had a nasty mutation in it's protein DNA when it was exposed to the new, Iradiated form of germ control--the E Coli, instead of being destroyed, mutated and when it comes in contact with a person's digestive tract tissue, it causes the insides of person to rot over the course of 48 hours. When Maggie feeds some of the meat bits off the burgers to her Guniea Pig "Ringov, she sees him slowly die. Having eaten some meat aswell, she's desperately trying to find a cure and warn the rest of Springfield.

37.07: Star Kampette
When Felecia promises her mother, Mandy, to become a Junior Kampette again after a falling out, they both go back to the Kampette Korner to re-enlist, but after a two-week stint, Kent Brockman's semi-famous, niece who's appeared in the "Tiny Taylor's" snack commericals is the star atraction at the Korner. Instead of her work ethic and cleverness, her "star power" is winning the badges and when she flirts with Eric, Felecia starts "Operation: Falling Star" to rid the camp of her.

37.08: Disguise Does Matter
When Eric tags along with Bart to Bart's 5th class reunion, Eric meets ex-Principal Skinner, who he barely remembered. Surprised Eric has little in common with his vagabondish older brother, Skinner challenges Eric to a "wild" assignment--borrow his disguise kit and spy on Quimby Headquarters while wearing a hidden camera. At first a bit apprehensive, Skinner talks him into it when he says: " doing this, you'll have out pranked anything Bart's done!". Meanwhile, Edna is doubtful Eric can pull it off and bets Skinner that Eric will be found out.

37.09: Second Hand Puppies
A few doors down, one of the houses burns down and the Smith family is left with just about nothing. After Maggie meets them for the first time, she agrees to help sell the Smith's Sheltie puppies for them. Everything seems fine until Maggie accidently leaves the basement window open and 6 out of the 7 puppies escape. Using the last puppy as a Homing puppy, Maggie and Eric try to recover the lost dogs.

37.10: Homer vs. Child 5
When Patty and Selma win tickets to a two-week, all expense paid trip to Hollywood, Selma's illness prevents her from going. Not letting two tickets go to waste, Patty gives Homer and Marge the tickets and they decide to make it another Honeymoon. Meanwhile before the trip, Homer catches Marge interested in program where they mention how much easier it is with medication to have kids at a later age. Scared to even talk with Marge about her potential desire to have another child, his goofy paranoia causes Marge to stay from him when they arrive in Hollywood.

37.11: A Maggie To watch over You
Maggie's shortage of allowence after being grounded is causing her to be something she generaly isn't--Nice. So, after testing the neighborhood for some jobs she can do around the house, she decides to take up the occupation of babysitting, but her added incentive--she's also taking her clientel and getting them in shape for their parents. Unfortunetly, when Felecia is "volunteered" by Mandy (her mom) for some Maggie-sitting, Maggie's "equal treatment" treatment is rubbing Eric the wrong way.

37.12: Eric on the Couch...aka Eric's Clipshow
When Eric's sent to detention for flipping out in class, Homer and Marge are called in and they're informed it would be best for Eric to see a behavior specialist for his "breakdown". The next day, Eric is lying on the couch under a light and thru-flashbacks, begins to recount his life from his earliest memories to the present.

37.13: Bartman For Sale
When Bart allows Eric to use his old "Bartman" garb from when he was Eric's age, Eric tries to unsuccessfully follow in his older brother's footsteps. After trying to stop a purse snatcher, Eric winds up helping the criminal get away, instead. Now with the public upset some prepubecent costumed vigilante is trying (and failing) the symbol of "Bartman" has turned into a running joke and it's up to Bart to get his old, good alter ego back and that involves training Eric.

37.14: Bartman For Sale, part 2
After a two-week, exhuastive training protocol, Eric's a bit more steady in the antics of "Bartman" and his rope swinging is almost non-lethal. However, a new archnemesis has arose and this overimaginative 11yr old nephew of Sideshow Bob calls himself "Blackout". "Blackout" (real name Robb), has always idolized his uncle's villany, but when he stopped his evil ways and became a semi-good vigilante, Robb wanted to tip the scales of injustice back into the family name. Now "Blackout" is becoming quite the burglary artist and no home is safe...unless Bartman can crack the case.

37.15: American Lie
Not in contact with the family for a spell, Lisa recives a worried phone call from Marge, but not the "miss you" kind, but the type which involves the question: "Are you Married yet?". Annoyed that Marge is on the conservative family kick, Lisa decides to have her good friend pretend to be her husband (and pretend to go through a divorce) just to prove to Marge that she's at least open to the idea of being hitched.

37.16: Before you See the Ring, you slap your Sister
When Bart calls a family meeting at the Simpson home, he has an annoucement--he's going to ask Gina to marry him. Everyone's estatic, especially Lisa, who never thought Bart would be "serious." Unfortunetly, Maggie's not very fond of Gina since the incident in juvenile hall and when Gina is invited over for dinner, Maggie's anti-trepidation towards Gina causes her to turn down Bart's offer for marrige and Bart vows to never forgive Maggie for this snafu.

37.17: A Cup of Java and the Caffeine Kid
When Eric and Felecia take a time out a Java Jimmy's, Eric's sophisticated, youthful demenor attracts the interest of the owner. Soon, Eric's image is on the front of the coffee house (now called Caring Brew) holding a cup of joe. Unfortunetly, Marge is upset and wants Eric to stop promoting a product that shouldn't be consumed by "underage" drinkers that she feels will be too hyper after consuming it.

37.18: The Shelbyville Rejects
In Shelbyville, Maggie is known as "the toughest girl in 20 miles" and when the Shelbyville Group Home is closed due to lack of funding, the students are bussed to Springfield. Upon arriving, the Shelbyville Rejects take it upon themselves to see who can beat up Maggie. Worse for Maggie, she has local problems at the local level since her anger is getting her into fights and trouble in school and one more fight on School property can have her expelled. Caught in the dillema of not starting any fights, yet not wanting to appear weak, Maggie must find a "creative" solution for her conflicts.

37.19: Second To Nun
Homer and Marge's views on Catholosism have been pretty nary over the years, but when Marge befriends a rather no-nonsense, yet very learned Nun named Hellena (voiced by Gina Davis), she invites her to the Simpson home to "help" Maggie get out of her mean, tomboy streak and act more like a typical girl of her age. Across the yard, Mandy DeGeroge recognizes Hellena as the woman who was once a Junior Kampette leader who stole almost all the cash out of the treasury, but never was caught. Suspecting she might steal from the Simpsons, Mandy is torn at whether or not to warn them their money might be in danger.

37.20: Bone, thugs and Margie (season Finale)
After not dating anyone since Jack left and never returned from Austraila, Maggie befriends a hardass from the Shelbyville group home nicknamed "Razor" (real name Jeb). A very vendicative, handsome and tatoo-armed persona, Maggie's smitten she might have found a real guy to hang out with. Marge, of course, is none too happy with Maggie's choice in guys, and when Maggie and Marge butt heads, Maggie askes Razor to stop by for dinner and when everyone, including Eric, gets along with him, Marge begins to think she might be too much of a paranoid parent and tries to get along with him. Meanwhile, Homer's seeing how everyone likes Maggie's date, so to try and impressing Marge, he tries to give himself a makeover, punk style.

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