Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 38
38.01: Big Box Springfield
With the exception of the Sprawlmart, Springfield has been a much vacant of large stores, but when the town passes a No-Tax for new Business law, every big-box store threatens to wipe out the original downtown Springfield. Mayor Skinner, meanwhile, has been taking kick-backs for letting the big stores in and when Marge finds out, she's conflcited between conveinet shopping, or presevering a "pure" Springfield.

38.02: Fallout Girl
With Skateboarding leaving her cold, Maggie, thanks to the xTreme sPorts channel, finds a sport she is capable of doing AND affording the equipment for--Street Luge. Now, sneaking out with Eric and Felecia, Maggie is secretly hanging with the "cool" lugers at the top of Springfield Hill and she is in the running for the top girl spot on the team. Unfortunetly, when Homer and Marge are returning home they nearly hit the street luge team at an intersection. Shortly after, Maggie is grounded for the next year and is prohibited from sports, other than her weight room in the basement. Now depressed and ill-spirited, Maggie's becoming more and more out of shape and Eric is worried his sister's firey spirit is unfairly being snuffed out.

38.03: How Conservative is Lisa Simpson?
When Lisa stops back at home for Halloween to go trick or treating with Eric, she winds up on a doorstep of a Genius violinist Duumas Krekov whom she's instantly smitten. However, after the first date, Lisa is conflicted over Duumas--he's a wonderful guy, BUT he's too religious and has too many conservative views that make Lisa shudder. Even more unnerving, Homer and Marge love him and are wishful that Lisa be more involved.

38.04: Fight for Your Life and/or Lives (Halloween Episode)
In a world with crime on the rise, Capital Punishment is instituted by Government for nearly every crime imagineable, no matter how petty. And thanks to Hollywood's political influence, Death Row inmates are given an out--they can just sit there waiting to die, or they can fight weapon-to-hand with a champion to win their freedom. Unfortunetly, if they lose to the Champion, their family will also executed...and if the inmate wins, they'll become a Champion and their family will be rewarded immensly. When Maggie's up to the choice, she accepts to fight a Champion, much to Homer's objection.

38.05: The Simpsons Clone Wars
With science courses on the rise in sophistication, a bio-tech botony cloning class is being offered as an elective class in the 7th grade and Maggie's very interested in taking part. Marge, however, is worried these Clone-Fangled-Gee-Wizitz are playing god and she wants the school to drop the course. Next door, Felecia's liberal mother, Mandy, is outraged that Marge is trying to steer the conservative wheel and is starting a campaign to ban Marge from interjecting her "backward" morals into any public debate.

38.06: There's no Hab Like Rehab
Maggie and Eric's soon to be obsolete childhood bike rides which take them around the scenic countryside of Springfield finds them at the end of a familar and now in the process of being paved, driveway which leads back into a secluded, wooded area. After sneaking around some electrical fencing and through some thorny bushes, Maggie and Eric find a newly constructed facility where celeberties go to get "cleaned up." Unfortunetly, the duo are caught sneaking around and if they tell anyone about this place, the Rehab House will prosocute them for trespassing. To make keeping the place a secret even more unbearable, the guy who plays Dash Dangerguy is there and Eric is dying to tell someone.

38.07: Skinner: The Next Generation
Arlie, the son of Seymour and Edna K. Skinner, is having to open the Mayor's mansion to the long returning Chalmer's family. Superintedent Chalmers, not retired, is paying a visit to his old underling to catch up on old times, and Skinner is as nervous as ever. Also visiting, Chalmers's grandson, Ronnie, who's just as much as blowhard like his grandfather, execpt Arlie isn't intimidated and he wants to kick Ronnie's ass. Soon after Arlie is introducing Ronnie to the 4th Grade and Eric's a bit scared of Ronnie and to make matters worse, Ronnie has a crush on Felecia and she's somewhat impressed at Ronnie.

38.08: Pray at the Pump
With the cost of gas skyrocketing all over Springfield (and the US), Lisa's long standing public support of building a hybrid-car factor in Springfield starts to fall on supportive ears. With the plant's construction underway, Homer manages to find a decent job as an assembly line worker but the massive amounts of overtime is keeping him at work doing.....actual work. Meanwhile, Marge is worried Homer might actually be working TOO much. Even Maggie's a bit upset since Homer misses the Father-Daughter luncheon at the middle school.

38.09: The $100 million dollar Boat Trip
With the Isotopes Football team wanting a new, $100 million dollar, 20,000 seat stadium in the near future, town support is mixed and when memebers of the team are found behaving lewdly on a public yacht on Lake Sprigifield with some exotic dancers, a scandle hits the Team. Even worse, Homer was with Lenny and Carl that evening on the same boat and Marge is having a hard time dealing with Homer like Springfield is now doing with the Isotopes Football team.

38.10: Out of Farm's Way
Homer's newest get-rich-scheme involves buying an alpaca (which he calls Al Capone) for Marge for a pet, but to use it's wool (and Maggie's newfound knitting abilities) to make Alpaca Wool Sweaters. Meanwhile, Cooking with Springfield is opting for a blue-collar, small scale kitchen and is eyeing the DeGeorge's Home as a possible shooting location, but the Alpaca is making too much noise during the shooting and Mandy is thinking of some animal-napping.

38.11: Revenge of Siblings
Maggie and Eric's excitment of the upcoming Springfield / Shelbyville soccer championship causes them to make some bad choices, such as buying face paint from a vendor who happens to be a prankster from Shelbyville, that won't wash off. Now pissed and purple, Maggie and Eric decide to skip the doctor and go to Shelbyville to catch the guy who sold them the make-up.

38.12: The House that Marge Nearly Burned
Marge's snafu with cooking bacon while hurried causes a modest grease fire that destroys half the kitchen and nearly causes the family to vacate the house. With Marge's nerves frazzled as much as the kitchen, she thinks she has become an unfit homemaker and the family has to encourage her to get back on her feet. Meanwhile, Mark DeGeorge buys an old-skool satelite dish and has modified it to catch DSS satelite signals, but without being caught....until Eric, uncharacteristicaly, blackmails Mark into letting him come over and visit Felecia so they can both watch the classic cartoon network.

38.13: Sale the Seven C's
Gerald, the unibrow computer nerd/hacker, has offered a new service--Grade Swapping. With the new firewall, grade-lock system, Gerald has found a way to bypass the grade-locking by swapping the students's names with better student's grades. When Maggie's GPA begins to plummet, she reluctantly turns to her one time foe and she's even more surprised to learn Gerald has had a crush on her since the fifth grade.

38.14: The DaSimpson Code
Lisa's pet-project of the family's genology has led her to England where she finds herself in a small, isolated village of Kemphor-Portstown. Upon arrival, she finds herself being somewhat given a cold-shoulder becasue of her last name and learns the Son of a Simpleton is what Simpson means. Even stranger, the real last name of first "Simpson" was Simpleck and the Simplecks owned most of the land around the town from the 1090's to the early 1600's. Unfortunetly, the family lost the land in a gambling bet, but the winner suddenly died and the Simpleck Family fortune was suddenly lost to the ages, but Lisa feels she could possible track it down.

38.15: Ned: Corporate Jesus
When cleaning the attic, Marge finds a box of Ned's stuff that Homer either borrowed, or bought off him over 12 years ago. In it, Ned's first Bible given to him by his beatnik parents several decades ago is slowly deteriorating. Wanting to give him his book back, Marge convinces Homer to track down Ned who's now living in Denver with Rachel. When he arrives, he finds Ned working for the DeGeorge Mining Company as a resident minister, but he's recieving a fat paycheck and Homer's surprised at how much Ned has changed. Missing the old, simple Ned Flanders, Homer subtely brings out the topic that Ned might becoming too much of a Lovejoy and when Ned realizes he's "in it for the money" he and Racheal, who likes the $$$ come to a crux over their future.

38.16: Springfield, City of Tomorrow...or, Yesterday....
With fifty percent of Springfield baby boomers and the rest younger, up and comers, the town is divided over which direction to vest it's tourism trade: Be a historic town with little technology (Like Lancaster, PA), or be the mecca of modern society with Wi-Fi internet and be a hub of entertainment and education. Mayor Skinner is caught up in the middle and has to decide where to direct the tourism budget and he enlists Marge's help, but Maggie and Eric feel she's too out of touch to help the town.

38.17: My Skinny, happy Wonder Boss
When Viktor applies for a transfer from KBXL to a more "profitable" market, his potential replacement seems like the nicest guy East of the Mississippi. Unfortunetly, it seems to good to be true as the company when Bart realizes his rocking good time is soon coming to end as the station is changing to a conservative, talk show-esque format and Mr. Niceboss wants Bart to be the host. Meanwhile, Homer is trying to save money by installing a wood stove in the basement and Maggie's making some $$$ by chopping firewood but accidently chops down some trees that weren't meant to be cut.

38.18: Eric & Felcia's 22 Minute Clip Show
For 38 seasons, these two childhood sweethearts have had their fights, parties, trials and tribulations, but now grown-ups in their late 20's they look back, in a clip show format, they're greatest moments. For the episode finale, Eric compiled a special musical montage to celebrate their childhood time together to XTC's Mayor of Simpleton.

38.19: Trading Maggie
When Maggie takes a trip to the Springfield Heights mall to get more protein shake mix, she signs up for a local test of a new Fox reality show: Trading UP where a family takes blind vote on which two members get traded to another family, where the two least liked family members are sent to the other family. Unfortunetly, Homer and Maggie are sent to another seemingly "normal" family, but they soon realize that they're part of a vegitarian, mystic, almost Partridge-esque family. Even worse, the twin sons of Mystica Family are happy to be free of their parents influence and the over-compensation of being free is starting to creep Marge and Eric out.

38.20: Gina...Again? (Season Finale)
On a trip to the reconstructed Itchy and Scratchyland, Bart and Gina relive their adolesence by enjoying the rides and I&S nostalgia, but when the guy in the Itchy suit makes a pass at Gina while Bart's in the bathroom, Gina looses it and causes a scene and is arrested, which is, unfortunetly, a violation of her parole from Juvie. Now in jail, Bart has to figure out a way to get her out of jail beyond just paying bail. Meanwhile, unknown to a brokenhearted Bart, Maggie was behind Itchy taking a pass a Gina to make her irate and as Bart begins to piece the story together, Bart's afraid that Maggie's coniving ways are actually to sign of a future felon.

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