Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 39
39.01: Bart Simpson and the The Summer of SUV
Bart is given KBXL's Hummer to go out on the town for the H1's retirment drive, but when Maggie suggests they take it cross country with the boss's gas card, Bart is inscenced. On the otherhand, Eric and Felecia aren't interested in missing school for fear of punishement from momola and pops-ola. After ditching the youngest sibling and best friend, Bart and Maggie decide to go nuts and crash all the "bad boy" hangouts, like Biker bars go clubbing. Unfortunetly after 48 hours, the Hummer is reported stolen and Bart and Maggie are wanted felons.

39.02: Maggie: M.C. (Mall Cartoonist)
When Maggie's bordom at the Food Court causes her to take her art skills in more casual manner of drawing charicatures of the patorns. After a month of drawing crowds (no pun intended) the manager of Taco Town wants to manage Maggie's talent and open a small stand near where Maggie started. Unfortunetly, Marge isn't too happy Maggie's hanging out at the Mall and is sacrificing homework time for pointless doodleing.

39.03: Feleica DeGeorge, Warrior Princess (Halloween Episode)
When Felecia is shown an ancient Native American artifact from her grandfather's mining operation in the Rockies, she's allowed to keep it as a souveneir. Unfortunetly, the relic contains the spirit of Meetsasquakah, the Moriquio Goddess of War. And for the next few days, Felecia starts to magically transform the interior of her house to resemeble the Moriquio temple while Mark and Mandy are locked up in the basement. Meanwhile, Maggie and Eric have been wondering why there's been strange lights coming from Felecia's house and why their cutesy-wootsy friend is screaming about the coming apocolypse from her bedroom window.

39.04: Ultimate In Public Displays
When the SexPo, a convention for couples who want to spice up their love life, comes to Springfield for the first time, Maude and Marge team up for the first time as the conservative resistance thinking it's a convention of depravitiy. Meanwhile, the more liberal women of Springfield, most notably Edna Skinner and Mandy DeGeorge are all for the experience. Finally, caught in the middle--the husbands and boyfriends who think they're love lives don't need any "help", but they don't want to upset their bedlife with their wives. Unfortunetly for everyone, the publicity makes everyone think that Springfield is the most unloving city in America.

39.05: Honor among Peeves
When the latest tenants of the former Powers household move, a new, hardass neighbor, Sal Belamy (voiced by James Gandolfini) moves in and immediately gives Homer a warning to stay the fuck away fom his property. Not dissuaded, Homer begins to spy on his new nemesis and begins to think that Sal is using the house as mafia hideout.

39.06: Ohio is for Suckers
Homer, Bart and Eric take a Simpson Mens's trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland when a corupt local cop pulls them over as part of scheme to have the Simpsons car impounded and sold off for parts. Meanwhile, some truckers become aware of the cop involved and help Homer, Bart and Eric do some convoy escapage of their own.

39.07: Lisa with an "S"
This clip show features the musical evolution of Lisa, age 8, to Lisa, age 20 and is filmed in a documentry style, which is a bit of reality TV-esque with a camera that follows Lisa around as she writes and performs at Jazz/Blues clubs. There's even a scene involving a fight between Lisa and her tomboyish little sister, Maggie.

39.08: Green Fakers
Maggie's latest pyschological review says Maggie's still to wound uptight so her pychologist suggests she finds a totally new hobby. After much staring at Marge's kitchen flower box after a long night, Maggie's feeling soothed by the bright colors and fragrences. So, through Marge's friends, Maggie visits a greenhouse and takes to the flowers. Meanwhile, Marge is using Maggie's new gardening skills to enter the yard into an award winning showplace. All the while, Eric's lost that his loveable, hardass sister is becoming a ninny.

39.09: Three North
Bart, his girlfriend Gina Vendetti, and Milhouse take trip to Edmonton Canada, to check out the world's largest shopping mall (and so Gina can max out her credit cards!). Milhouse is introduced to Gina and after a few hours everyone's having a great time. After arriving, Milhouse has a surprise, he's been online dating Laura Powers and he tells Bart he plans on popping her the big "question". Meanwhile back in Springifeld, Eric and Felecia learn on Springfield's News Website that Laura is wanted for a string of credit card fraud charges. Excitedly, yet unknowingly, Eric calls Bart and tells him his old childhood friend is now a wanted criminal and now Bart is torn on telling Milhouse the bad news, or seeing if Laura actually really does like him.

39.10: Bart's Gone Wild
After Bart has a nervous breakdown after a rough week at KBXL, he decides to take a week off and get back to nature, but when his crappy Kia rental breaks down, he's stuck miles from the nearest cell phone signal. Even worse, he told nobody where he was going. Out of touch with civilization, Bart now has to figure out how to get back in touch with Springfield.

39.11: The Pies Have It!
With Maggie's help, Marge turns her old mother's recipie of rasberry pie into a local hit. Even worse than Homer trying to eat the profits, Marge is noticing Maggie's becoming a bit chunky from all the pie-help. However, during the Desseret Fest in the community park, All three members of Schizonova arrive and make a surprise reunion concert, but when some unruly teens who haven't forgiven Zak's behavior from the public break up months ago start tossing Marge's pies, Schizonova decides to never to return to Springfield and Maggie tries to convince them otherwise.

39.12: Power to the Steeple
Reverand Lovejoy, not only Televangelist, but businessman, decides to Franchise out his TV ministry for a boatload of cash. Despite protests from ultra-conservatives in his organization, the Rev begins to start Televangelist school and his first "student" is Marge Simpson.

39.13: Homer's Retirement Party
With the plant's conversion to solar power nearly complete, Homer is given a "dream retirement package" where he's given $40,000 a year till age 70 as long as he doesn't spill the beans on the truth behind him and the plant. It seems Homer stumbled onto the news of the plant's perment closure and to keep him quiet and the town from protesting, Homer is bribed, but if he talks, he looses his cash. Torn between the money and his friends Homer is very conflicted.

39.14: How to write the best selling novel in 30 Days (or get sued Trying)
When Lisa meets an aspiring writer who she thinks is cute, she becomes interested in writing her own novel--A story "somewhat" based on her sibling relationship (or lack of) with Maggie. Two months later, Lisa's book called Two of Four reaches its peak at #5 on the NY Times best seller list, but when she returns home, she finds out Maggie as usurped Homer and Marge's parental authority and hired a lawyer to sue Lisa into getting the book off the shelves for "slanderous" content.

39.15: Eric Clothes Inc
With dreams of doing the modeling thing becoming less of a reality, Eric and Felecia try their hand with computer designing some designs for shirts. Mostly dealing with abstract patterns, the duo's designs become sought after. Unfortunetly, Eric's determination to succeed is making him a bit schizophrenic and is starting to creep Felecia out, especially since Felecia wants to still be a "kid."

39.16: The Canalaities of Life
One of the relics of the Springfield/Shelbyville border is the Sheylbyfield canal where both towns have used the waterway for over 120 years. Unfortunetly, neither town wants to pay for the upkeep and is trying to dump the man-made river on someone. In a town meeting, Homer manages to convince both towns to convert a big chunk of the canal into the country's largest waterpark. Unfortunetly, when the money starts pouring in, both towns are now at odds over splitting the profits.

39.17: Bitter Old Bart and the Old Man with Gin
After a depressing day of work, then getting rear-ended, and then robbed, Bart decides to screw this! and gets drunk at few bars and finally stumbles into Moe's tiny bar (which it is now located in a crappy strip mall near the original Moes). After Moe is suprised to see Homer's son after so many years, he becomes a sort-of anger mentor for Bart. After a month, Bart starts getting into some of the horse betting with Moe, but when Moe makes some bets with some mobsters, Bart and Moe are now trying to get themeselves out of hot water.

39.18: Marge gets DVRorced
With the upswing of Maggie's after school girl's hockey team and Eric's newfound love of chess, Marge's time for TV has forced her non-technical self to learn how to use the Hardrive in the Satalite Service to record her favorite programs. Unfortunetly, when she does learn how to watch her favorite shows at a later date, she developes a mild case of insomnia and is starting to fall out of Maggie and Eric's interests.

39.19: Deaf-Pod 5
When Maggie buys Eric an all in one pPod for his 10th birthday, Eric's totally (schway!) into it. With the headphones on nearly 24/7, he's starting to get on Marge's nerves as she thinks he's avoiding him, but when he's starting to become a bit "hard of hearing", Marge is worried Eric's hearing might be in danger so she and Homer decide to bring up the hearing issue to the P-Pod's manufacturers and to the rest of Sprinfield.

39.20: Brooks and None (Season finale)
When Bart accidently crashes into Viktor's (his boss) new BMW, he's fired...unless he can save Springfield's last country station. A few hours before the accident, Viktor's associates wanted to change KTRE FM from a country station to a R&B station for women because market research said it's more "profitable". Even so, Viktor hates R&B and to prove his business partners wrong, he enlists Bart, who knows little about hick music to become the new DJ at KTRE FM and get the station back on the horse. So, to raise support, Bart gets help from KBXL's promoter Fredic Marsden (voiced by Hugo Weaving) to round up some Country Stars and start a Save Our Country! movement in Springfield.

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