Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 40
40.01: Marge Simpson, out!
When Maggie wins a backstage meeting with John Mayer, Marge is at first very shy about escorting Maggie back to meet him, but after John is very humbled by Marge's motherly self. After a few minutes of chatting, John's not paying any attention to Maggie, but he's now in conversation with Marge over the "content" of today's music and its impact on kids and early teens. After a few post-concert phone calls, John calls his agent and soon Marge is now offerred next-generation pop-culture hosting job on Channel 6 as a liason where evolving artists can appeal to older listeners. Unfortunetly, Bart and Maggie are begining to feel that anyone under 17 who talks with Marge will be deemed "uncool".

40.02: In Farm's Way
With the rapid growth of Shelbyville and Springfield, Mayor Skinner is looking for ways to help raise tax revenue and bring new business to the area. Quietly repealing the Homestead Protection Act that was given to the Farmers on the outskirts of Springfield, Mayor Skinner has now opened the door for some new businesses, but when a "snitch" finds out Skinner's role in the deruralizing of Springfield, Skinner's role of the squeaky clean mayor is put on the line. Meanwhile, the only remenent of Homer's family farm, the barn, is torn down and is the storehouse of land moving equipment and Homer is contemplating sabatoge.

40.03: The Sister is Doin' it for Herself (90min THoH Movie)
With Homer and Marge on a much needed vacation from parenting, Lisa agrees to keep on eye on Maggie and Eric for the weekend. So, in her usual, intellectual self, Lisa takes the duo to something educational, but this time, it's the excavation of the indian burial mounds outside of Springfield. Shortly after arriving, Maggie runs off and Lisa chases after, but when Lisa trips and falls into a small crevace behind some bushes, she lands in a barely lit hole that's lined with strange blue flowers and on the bottom--lined with quicksand, which Lisa is rapidly sucked into. Blacking out, the last thing Lisa sees is the light being snuffed out by the smothering quicksand. Suddenly, Lisa reaches up and catches an old tree root and manages to pull herself out. Climbing about six feet, she finds herself standing alone in a desserted field, no mounds, and no excavation. Puzzled, she finds her car is gone and walks back to the house, the door is locked and when she knocks, she sees the sight of her life--Maggie is somehow the same age as she is AND she's no longer the tomboy Lisa remebered, but an almost nerdy 21yr old college student. Lisa, realizing something truly bizzarre has occured, learns that when she "disappered", Maggie's badassness dissappeared and out of her loss of Lisa, she became the "smart" one and felt compelled to carry on in Lisa's footsteps and too everyone's surprise, she's doing better than Lisa ever did. At first, Lisa is proud of her little sister, but when Maggie is excelling better than she ever did, Lisa begins to miss her old life and not know how Maggie felt all these years. And now, Lisa must find a way to set everything back to the way it was before the incident at the Mound excavation.

40.04: Dude, where's my Summer Vacation?
With Skinner's new hardline approach on education, he signs a ordinance into effect that makes the school year last all year long. Not only students are distressed, local business that need cheap, teenage labor are protesting the new laws. Meanwhile, with the kids out of the house everyday, Marge manages to get a well-paid position at Krusty Burger due to the now lack of applicants during the day shift. Meanwhile, students are now trying to "hustle" the teachers into going strike because the teachers aren't recieving any extra pay for the three extra months work.

40.05: The Turnabout Pertruder
When Maggie tries her hand at babysitting, she learns her gruff personality won't land her any work, so to help, she asks Felecia to partner up with her. After a few jobs, Felecia isn't too happy Maggie's just sitting back while she is doing all the work. Meanwhile, Eric's getting creeped out by how much Felecia enjoys babysitting and then to make things even more strange for Eric, Felecia is talking about wanting to be married one day and have kids, which is making Eric feel weird, leaving him the unpleasent task of asking Homer and Marge about the birds and the bees.

40.06: Fourth-Hand Lions
When Moe winds up in the hospital, Moe is worried his liver condition might be the death of him, so to put one small aspect of his life at ease, he give Homer his Lion's Club membership card and asks him to pick up his Lions Club "lifestlye". Unfortunetly, the way Homer conducts himself gets Moe's membership revoked and when Moe is released from the Hospital from a lack of insurance (plus he's feeling a bit better), he is devisated as the Lions Club was his only family. Guilty, Homer allows Moe to move in for a bit until the situation can be worked out.

40.07: The Bum of all Fears
In a Scooby Doo-Esque parody, Maggie, Eric, Felecia and Arlie (Skinners son) are all perplexed at the local case involving missing animals. Oddly, the evidence seems to be a homelss man (voiced by: Rob Reiner) is behind the pet-nappings, but when the animals still being taken, the foursome decide to take matters into their own hands--They put Eric in a St. Bernard costume and set a trap.

40.08: 9 Seconds
When Bob is standing in line a bank, a malise, boring Monday becomes nine-seconds of excitement when the man in front of Bob tries to pull a hold-up. Using his excellent vigilantee-fu skills, Bob quickly makes short work of the evil-do'er, and is now a local hero. Subsequently, when interviewed, Bob's biggest beef with society is how the youth of the present aren't diciplined enough. Using his newfound popularity, he manages to get put through training and lands a job as assistant juvenile hall warden, unfortunetly this puts Gina Vendetti out of a job and financial strain on Bart.

40.09: Escape from Maggie Simpson
With Summer Camp coming again and Maggie's jubilent to give mother nature another kick in the pants. However, Maggie's not going to be a counsler, instead she's assigned to pre-teen terror--an 11yr old girl who's been sent to the Junior Kampettes for some Tough Love. Unfortunetly, for Maggie this problem child is a bigger hard ass than she is.

40.10: This Island Springfield
When Lisa attends the Springfield Music Fest, her childhood idol, Mr. Bergstrom is there greeting the graduating class's drumline. Happy to see her again, Mr. Bergstrom tell Lisa that he's planning on running for Mayor of Springfield under the Independent party with education at the top of his priorties. Unfortunetly, Lisa's uber-mayoral candidate's credentials are turning off potential voters and she has to help convince them otherwise.

40.11: Gnarly Arlie
As a returning favor to Skinner, Homer and Marge agree to babysit Arlie for the traveling duo while their away at a Mayor's Convetion in Salt Lake City. While a bit of pain, Arlie starts to take to the Simpson home and takes interest in Maggie's Skateboarding abilities. With a little guidence, Arlie quickly learns how to board, meanwhile Skinner and Edna return with plans to put a cap on skateboarding in Springfield and, of course, have second thoughts when Arlie protests.

40.12: Eric vs Synergy
Hating to drag his ass out of bed for school, Eric becomes hooked on an enerygy drink called Synergy. Unfortuently, the drink's becoming too addictive and Eric starts to need the juice just to function. Meanwhile, Marge is unaware of Eric's addiction thinks his lack of energy is a lack of motivation and school and enrolls him in after school baseball.

40.13: Monday Maggie Monday
When Maggie attends a party Bart is throwing for Milhouse's return to the army, abeit for a desk job, Milhouse is both thrilled and drunk. While there, Maggie meets a few of Bart's friends: Wendel, Nelson, Sherri and Terri. Unfortunetly, the party's a bore and Maggie decideds to leave, but to her dismay, the shady Army guy thinks that Maggie might have been given sensitive military info from a drunk Milhouse and he begins to follow her and Maggie's keen sense of place sets her off to the fact someone is following her.

40.14: The Fine China Syndrome
Eric and Felecia's game of indoor-football goes astray when the ball lands on the fifteen yard like (aka China Hutch). With the dishes third and long, the duo must find the same exact dishes for the cost of little to nothing, or Marge is going to have Eric's hide over her family's line of chinaware. Meanwhile, the blame game is going into overtime as Eric and Felecia's freindship is on the rocks as they're passing the buck back and forth over who's fault this actually is.

40.15: E-Coli Volkov
In a joint business venture, a 13yr old Russian exchange student. Branya, student's father is trying to use his connections to Skinner and Sprinfield to open a stateside Volkov's Vegitable packing plant. But when tainted veggies are sold to Springifeld, Branya becomes a target for mob-mentality and Maggie uses some "muscle" to stick up for the shy exchanger.

40.16: The Land of the Rising Son
Felecia's industrialist grandfather, Alfred, out of Denver has sufferred a near fatal-heart attack and is being kept alive, but needs to undergo an experimental heart operation, but the only hospital is in Tokyo. Meanwhile, Mark DeGeorge, Alfred's disenfranchised son, has decided to go to Japan along with his older brother, Will. Eric, not wanting to go a week without hanging out with Felecia, is given special permission by Homer and Marge to tag along. Upon arriving, he and Felecia are given an escort provided by Alfred's company to visit the sights and sounds of the capital of the land of the rising sun.

40.17: The Land of the Rising Son (Part II)
With the surgery now over and the recovery a 50/50, Will and Mark are trying to patch things up for dad, just in case he doesn't pull through. On the street level, Eric has attracted a big following because of his weird, blue hairdo and is being offered jobs posing with things in various Japanese magazines. Back in Springfield, Marge is becoming a bit fretful because Eric hasn't called home in two days, but not because he can't, but his cellphone isn't compatible with their network.

40.18: The Paper Chasers
Lisa's worries over Bart's future if he ever gets out of Radio lands her taking her older brother to a college fair. After a long talk with his boss, Viktor, Bart decides to take up the long-road of becoming a buisness lawyer. Unfortunetly, his concentration is stolen by the beautiful daughter of his professor, whom he cannot stand. Meanwhile, Lisa isn't too keen of Bart's new uneducational interests.

40.19: Maggie Krishna
When Maggie becomes a bit distraught over the death of a squirel she accidently ran over with her bike, she starts trying to find a "quck fix" for her angst by finding any sense of enlightenment. Finding the "Krishna" way a happy mix of goofing off and as an excuse to shave her head, she soon drifts away from the family. Unfortunetly, Maggie's path to enlightenment is rejected by Lisa as she thinks Maggie should confront her squirrel guilt instead of robing up.

40.20: My Little Homie (season finale)
Alexis Crowley, Homer's only other serious girlfriend just before he met Marge a second time, is moving back to Springfield when her art gallery went up in smoke back in Paris. When a routine trip to the supermarket turns awkward, Homer meets Alexis who's now trying to get her life back in order and Homer is surprised he has "feelings" for her after nearly 30 years. When Marge becomes aware of some "competition" for her man, she begins to suspect Homer might be cheating on her, yet she has no evidence, but soon she begins to think she, herself might be the seeds of the marital turbulence. Now, wanting to bury the hatchet, Marge wants to meet Alexis as a potential friend for the first time, AND help her start a new gallery of work in Springifeld.

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