Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 41
41.01: Grey's Anatomy (THoH, Season premier)
In the middle of nowhere by Nowhere, Oklahoma, Lisa's car suddenly stalls and she pulls off to the side of the road to witness the crashing of a UFO. Her brainy, scientific side goes crazy and she finds what appears to be a single alien Grey that's injured. Taking pity on the unEarthly visitor, she takes the alien to an abandoned farm house and tries to nurse it back to health, somehow. Meanwhile, unknown to Lisa, the army is slowly closing in and wants to get a hold of this almost public incident.

41.02: Vendetti's Call to Harms
When Gina's normal trip to the hair salon goes sour, she looses her cool and punches the hairdresser in the face. Shocked at her own behavior and nearly sued by the hairdresser, she still finds herself in court and is sentanced to 90 days in jail. Upon release, Bart tries to have a heart to heart over Gina's downward spiral back thugdom, but she keeps dodging the issue and when Bart finally cause the truth behind Gina's pain to reveal itself--it turns out Gina's mother IS alive, but doesn't want anything to do with her. Distressed and appalled, Bart tries to locate Gina's mother and tries to set things straight, otherwise, Gina's "falling" behavior might lead to the end of her and Bart's relationship.

41.03: Failure to Lunch
With the Elementary School's lunch program on the cutting blocks, Marge is now forced to make Eric a meal everyday. However, since the Simpson's household is forced to pay some back taxes due to a clerical error on Homer's behalf, Marge has to be at work at 6 in the morning, so Eric is left to create his own brown bag noon-ery. Discovering a knack at cooking, Eric starts to get requests from the other kids to make them school lunch, too and starts to earn a lot of money.

41.04: Let's Scare Jessica to Death
Bart's co-workers are getting really sick of Jessica's prissiness because of here more famous public image, so on April Fool's day, the crew decides to prank her, but one of her co-workers, possibly Bart, sabatoges her brakes, she nearly is killed and the KBXL crew must find out who among them is an attempted murder.

41.05: My Name Is Somebody
When Marge is worried about Maggie's recent apathy streak, she enrolls her in Springfield's branch of American Social Schools, who's guarantees their students will achieve 30% more self-esteem, or they're suicidal. However, when Maggie proves that she might be the first student who'll fail the course, the headmaster doesn't want to ruin the school's reputation, so he unofficially gives Maggie an internship at an acting school and now Maggie is trying to live up to her end of the bargin--have one legitamate role in a movie.

41.06: The Burbs and the Bees
Maggie's run in with some "killer" bees prompts her to take a interest in bees and in the their extermination. Meanwhile, Marge finishes the taxes and after she tells Eric about the money owed to the IRS, she's torn about telling Homer about cancelling the family vacation.

41.07: Strange Crew
When Homer is layed off at the plant by the L.Z-Worker 2000, he's left at home, but when the bills start to pile up, he desperately needs to find a job. With nothing available for Homer's skills in Springifeld, Homer is offered by job by Lenny and Carl in Sheylbville at their sports bar. Now with Homer finding a newfound friendship with L&C, he's now bothing working and drinking at his job. Meanwhile, Marge isn't too happy with Homer's new job because she's afraid he might become an alcholic...again.

41.08: Piece of the Puzzled
Take a seemingly innocent 7th Grade Field trip to Springifeld's federal oafish father behind the controls of a nuclear power plant... childhood sweethearts being watched by two antagonistic mothers at the waterpark...a mayor on the verge of blackmail...a corrupt Shelbyvile cop...a tenacious Capital City Detective....and two substitute teachers trying to pull off the biggest heist in Springfield's history...All of which adds up to the most twisted, f--k'd up Maggie and Eric episode...ever.

41.09: Piece of the Puzzled (part 2)
After stealing nearly 100 million in unmarked bills, the two fake-subtitutes have Maggie as a hostage and are planning on stashing the cash in an underground, unused tank at the waterpark until the transport arrives. Meanwhile the corrupt cop in cohoots with the bandits has framed Skinner as being the mastermind behind the robbery and the Capital City detective is now trying to find Mayor Skinner...who is now on the lam, trying to find Maggie and the robbers to clear his name.

41.10: Welcome to Tirefield
When Lisa leads a new Recycling campaign in Springfield to help improve the towns disposable image, she and a tire company offer to take in old tires for recycling for free. The offer backfires and the town is stuck with 700 tons of tires and a 120 thousand dolllar removal fee. With time running out, Lisa tries desperately to get the tires out of the town.

41.11: My Space Invaders
Maggie's new MySpace account is up and running but when mysterious "facts" start appearing about her on her page, she tries to delete them but to no avail. After talking with the page's technical staff, someone has managed to hack into her account and they wind up on a quest to find out who's telling the, lies.

41.12: The Baiting Game
Bart's relative bad luck with women takes a change for a better when he and Eric decide to pretend that Eric is Bart's son and how their mom died and they try to "play" women in their late 20's. Unfortunetly, when Bart falls in love with a nurse who actually feels sorry for them, Eric is stuck in a bad state of attack of guilty and wants to tell her the truth while Bart's begging his brother to keep quiet.

41.13: Lights, Camera, Survailence!
With the FBI hot on the trail of the Don Simpson family in Capital city, a lying informant goes online and looks up a "scapegoat" family in Sprinfield and tells the feds that the Simpson family of Springfield has mob ties. Under the guise of a Security System company, the FBI offers Homer a "free home survailence system" and the Feds have their attention focused on Homer, Marge, Maggie and Eric. Meanwhile, Maggie's thinking that someone's watching her and begins to spy on the people who's spying on her.

41.14: Marge, the other organized Religion
With the Lovejoy Televangelist network on the verge of bankruptsy, his "flock" is dissalusioned and when Marge sees her longtime church potentially breaking up, Marge is alllowed to give a speech on TV and it's so inspiring, the loyal following sees Marge's passion and wants to appoint her as the new church minister. Seeing Marge's ability to captivate an audience, Lovejoy makes her the "head speaker" and tries to use Marge's showmanship to get his organization back on top.

41.15: Let the Shames Begin
With the annual I LUV Springfield Daze fast approaching, Eric and Felecia have to write a 200plus word essay on the greatness of Springifeld. However, in a giddy-gag mood, Felecia convinces Eric to write a totaly ficticious description of Springfield, full of nonsense that's attatched to real people, including Seymour Skinner having an obsession with Pamela Anderson. Unfortuntely, the story's "scandal" captures the attention of the judging panel and suddenly Springfield is portrayed as a sheltered community filled with compulsive wackos. With the mysterious author(s) of this essay under investigation, Eric and Felecia try to portray the town in a better light to offset the damage they have done.

41.16: Farmer Fat-Heads House of Oddities--Featuring Maggie Simpson!
With the family visiting the last piece of the Homer homstead from when he was kid, Homer's reminicing in the barn as he is about to sign the deed over to a developer for a "tidy" sum. Meanwhile a bored Maggie crosses the street to an even creepier farm, which is a 4 acre island of grass and decaying farm buildings. Frightened by the elderly farm owner, the perplexed Maggie is given a guided tour of the freakish animals and trinkets the man has saved over the year. Amazed, Maggie offers the man the idea of opening up a small freakshow museum. Humbly the old dude refuses, but when Homer meets up with Maggie, the man, out of a favor for when Homer helped him as kid on his farm, lets Homer open the museum.

41.17: Savin' Packin' Margie
Realizing that her days as a mother are just a few years away from ending, Marge begins to archive all the recent family photos that haven't subjected to ill fates over the past 11 years. Unfortunetly, Marge's obsession with archiving photos begins to spill over into other areas of her life and she begins to compusively save the point of not wanting to throw anything out and Homer, Maggie and Eric have to find help, quick.

41.18: Scathing Arizona
With Nigel back in the song managerial gig with new boy, teen-pop idol, Azaria Arizona, he's become the talk of Musictown. With Azaria's face everywhere from lunchboxes to Happy Meals, Eric thinks back to his time when he's with the Three Sharps and soon he's greeted with a call from Nigel -- Get Eric, Felecia, and Arlie back as part of Azaria's opening act. Unfortunetly, Felecia is the only one who wants in (She think's Azaria is really cute!), but Eric and Arlie think he's the biggest dork and want nothing to do with him.

41.19: Dosie D'OH!
For their 22nd wedding anniversy, Marge is happy Homer simply remembered it this year, but when Eric asks Homer what his greatest accomplishment they've achieved together was, besides having kids, Homer saddenly doesn't know what to say. So, after looking up some online events that could accomodate their anniversy, Homer surprisingly enters Marge and himself into a Square Dancing contest. Marge, befuddled at first, agrees to let Homer try to make this a mutal championship, but in the freestlye competition, Homer and Marge have to think of some "down home" moves in they want to win. Unfortunetly, Homer's biggest rival is none other than former country star Lurleen, who isn't too happy with Homer as her Homer-helped stint into the music industry left her a druggie who's blamed Homer's not being there for her struggles and faded glory the past decade.

41.20: Arrr...Out to Sea (41st Season Finale, and 807th Episode)
Felecia's parents, Mark and Mandy DeGeorge have been recieiving monthy allowence checks from Mark's rich, industrialist father. Unfortunetly, they couple failed to save any money for rainy days and they learn the checks aren't going to be coming anymore. Poorer, Mark and Mandy have to move back down by the harbor into an old house-boat formerly owned by her great uncle, Capt. McCallister. While not incredibly far, Felecia has to attend E. Springfield Primary school and it's a 20 minute bike-ride to see her. Dissapointed, Eric asks Felecia to run away together, but instead of taking to the land, they steal Felecia's new houseboat while Mark and Mandy are away.

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