Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 42
42.01: Eat Shirt and Die
Eric and Felecia are happily attending an Isotopes game when a idiotic 10yr old fan of the Shelbyville Squires a few rows down begins to heckle them. When an irrtated Eric confronts the jerk, they argue and when the kid insults Felecia, Eric pushes him away and gives him the finger. Unknown to Eric, an enterprising fan snaps Eric's photo in the middle of the gesture and puts his pic on a T-Shirt with the caption of: Tickets to the Isotopes Game: $5. Watching a young Isotope fan telling Shelbyville how it is: Priceless. The shirt is a hit, and Eric's enjoying his contribution to the world of T-Shirts, but Marge is really irritated over the "gesture" and Eric being portrayed and Felecia's parents begin to question Felecia's choice of having Eric as a friend.

42.02: Who is the...Bartman?
When a petty crime spree hits Springfield, the citizens are somewhat frightened and annoyed, soon afterward, Sprinngfield is greeted by another young hero who's using the name of, and looks exactly like Bartman. Swinging from poles and using his skateboarding skills, the crime spree quickly comes to an end. Meanwhile, Bart's at a loss at who is using his old guise and after asking Maggie and Eric if they know anything, they haven't a clue, thus leading Bart to his most unusual, introspective question ever--who IS Bartman?.

42.03: Ringside Homer
When Homer is paired with a new 24 year old assistant, Bob Weaver, he soon learns of Bob's past as a former teen boxer. Homer sees Bob's yearning of wanting to get back into the ring and recalling his own 2 week glory as a boxer, Homer agrees to manage Bob and help the upstart get a career back in the ring.

42.04: Bart Gets Transferred
Bart's recent upstart behavior has attracted Viktor's, his boss, attention and in a monumental leap of faith, transfers him to a more lucraitve job as the Capital City's The Ledgend's co-Host. With a certain conflict of personalities, Bart and The Ledgend soon are at eachother's throat, but when The Ledgend suddenly dies in a car accident, Bart is now in charge. Unfortunetly, Bart is the prime suspect as this "accident" is anything but, according to the police.

42.05: The Text Best Thing
After much begging and pleading, Eric is given a cellphone of his own, but since his minutes are tied to Maggie's plan, the siblings are fighting over how to ration the minutes out with eachother and Eric's developed a rather thick habit of texting Felecia. Meanwhile, Eric's phone has been picking up oddball, strangely coded text messages that aren't from Felecia, Maggie, or anyone at school, and when the bill is insanely high, Eric tries to figure out what meaning, if any these weird t.m's have.

42.06: Three Kids and a little Audience
When Lisa judges a school funded talent fest where anything (clean) goes, Maggie and Eric do a dual-standup routine that has the audience in stitches and nearly wins, but since Maggie and Eric are related to one of the judges, their act is merely for show. In the audience, a local comedy club, Gaffy's Laffy's, books Maggie and Eric, but Eric wants to add Felecia to the act, but Maggie knows Felecias got cute, but not "funny." And to add to the comedy routine, Maggie chooses Marge of Lisa to be the comedy writer for the duo/trio.

42.07: Out on his Duff
Homer's jolly good behavior at an isotopes game with Eric on his 10th birthday makes the jumbotron and Duff asks Homer if he can use the Jumbotron's video loop of him being fatherly with Eric in the next Duff commercial. With another one of Homer's lifelong dreams of being in a Duff commercial being fullfilled, he takes the family out for a celebration. Taking the family out for a nice picnic to celebrate, Homer sneaks a couple of beers and ends up being really moody and when a neighboring family gets Homer on tape acting like an ass to Eric (Eric: Dad, please give up beer...for ME? Homer: **** no!) the tape makes it's way to the interent and Homer's scene in the Duff commercial is now in danger of being cut.

42.08: Misfortune Teller (Halloween Episode)
When Homer wins a trip to Edgar Casydommas's house of Mystery to have his fortune told, Homer is shocked that his "fortune" is that he's going to die a horrific death while performing a heroic deed. Terribly disturbed, Homer keeps his prediction a secret from the family and Maggie and Eric are trying to get to the bottom of Homer bizzarre moodiness.

42.09: Westwood Radio Won!
Former chilhood/teen hearthrob Biff Westwood (and major Bartlookalike from Simpsons comic #20) pays a visit to Bart at KBXL after a morning show, Biff wants to get back into the music bizz and he needs Bart's help to get back on his feet. Unfortunetly, for Biff, Jessica wants to "help" him get back, but Biff is torn between Bart's clout and advice and Jessica's scandle-ass output. Meanwhile, Maggie's convinced that there's something more to Biff's motives than just to get back into the music industry.

42.10: Deconstructing Cecil
Maggie's local trip to the Kwik-E-Mart takes a turn for the worse when she walks in on a hold-up, but instead of the usual Gorilla-Esque thug, it's Bob's brother, Cecil, desperate, ragged and hungry. Laying low until Cecil leaves, Maggie decides to follow him back to hideout, but when Maggie is caught by Cecil at the abandonded cage warehouse, a depressed Cecil tells Maggie about how he went from Springfield Mafia bigshot to criminal bum and his plans to use her to lure Bob back for a final showdown.

42.11: Take another Piece of My Bart
When suffering another boring afternoon at the Sprinfield mall, Maggie eyes a Gina Vendetti, Bart's Girlfriend, with another guy. With much hesitancy, she decides to tell her older Brother what she saw--Gina eating lunch with, and making out with said stranger. Questioning Gina's day, she tells Bart that this guy, William, was a childhood sweetheart that's come back to visit her after nearly 15 years (and after she thought he died). Confused, Gina's torn between the guy she promised to be with forever and Bart whom she's been with for almost a year.

42.12: Maggie, the 20-Something
In a Trilogy, this examines three "futures" for Maggie Simpson as she imagines what her life could be like after attending a lecture at school:
Story One: Maggie plays hard and hits the Soccer field and lands a scholarship after graduation at Springfield A&M and then becomes an all-star soccer player. Unfortunetly, she's accused of abusing steriods.
Story Two: Gradually losing her Tomboy persona, Maggie settles back and takes stock into her artful side and becomes a famous, philosophical painter, but her menacing side returns after her gallery is robbed.
Story Three: On the floor of the New York Stock exchange, Maggie's making a career as one of the top bond traders in New York City. Young, agressive, and unfortunetly involved with a company that's "cooked the books" she's suddenly jobless and has to get back on her feet in a city where she's burned too many bridges.

42.13: The Son Won't Come out Tomorrow
When another Monday in the 4th Grade comes around, Eric is flat out refusing to leave the house. Locked in his room, Marge is terribly worried about her little guy and when Eric finally lets Homer and her in, Eric doesn't want to leave because he's too embarassed Felecia punched him in the face late Sunday night. Meanwhile, Homer's filled with his usual sue-happy rage, but Eric just wants to apologize and on the other side of the fence, Felecia feels like she overreacted and her parents, Mark and Mandy, don't want Homer to live this down.

42.14: The Simple Wife
After watching too many evening newshows about the hustle and bustle of modern life and how it can increase stress, not to mention the lack of excersise, Marge is worried that she's on the road to physical ruin. Realizing she needs more than a simple vacation, Marge goes online to find something more--something like a new lifestyle change. Just 20 miles outside of Springifeld, a planned Amish community where everything is 100 percent replicated Amish, right down to having an Amish consultant. After reading the online brochure, Marge, along with Maggie decide to spend a month living the rough life while Homer and Eric try to convince them otherwise.

42.15: Marge vs. Tomboyism
Ever since Maggie turned 9, Marge has had to put up with a rough-and-tumble daughter, but always imagined it'd be a phase she'd grow out of, but now it seems Maggie is obsessed with being a boy-wannabe. Worried, Marge decides to do more "girlish" adventures with Maggie but ends up making Maggie resent being born a girl (almost as much as she despises Lisa).

42.16: The Puck Should've Stopped Here
When attending a Hoggs vs. Gougers hockey game, the newest star rookie, Jeremy Swift, on the Hoggs hits a slapshot that shatters the safety glass and hits Eric in the mouth. Fortunetly, he's only lost a few baby teeth and a temporary dental replacement is in order. Meanwhile, Jeremy is a bit traumatized over the accident and offers to help Eric improve his hockey playing skill in return over the accident. Unfortunetly, the accident has nearly bankrupted the Hoggs's non-insured funds and they might be phased out of the Springfield high-school sports league.

42.17: Homer's Night In
Homer's inability to fall asleep lands him Dr. Garret's (Hibbert's subtitute) office and when Homer is perscribed some sleeping pills, Homer takes them later that night, but with alcohol in his system, the pills mess up the part of the brain that causes R.E.M. to kick in. Now totally unable to fall into deep sleep, Homer is now up all night and with nothing on TV, Homer puts on some old albums and quietly sings along. Awakened, Marge comes downstairs to Homer to be awed by his gentle, sleep-deprived singing voice. One week later, Homer is now in a studio set to record a few songs Lisa has written, but Maggie thinks that the song lyrics suck and she tries to convince Homer not to do it.

42.18: The Pound of Shelbyville
When Bart learns of a free adopt a pet day over in Shelbyville, he arrives at the pound but when he accidently winds up in the back room, he sees the deplorable conditions. Upset, he decides to let all the dogs and cats out, but when he leaves, he doesn't know that he was caught on tape. After getting arrested, part of his sentancing is to work for the pound and help capture the remaining animals.

42.19: Meet the Children
With Eric and Felecia's friendship cemented in stone and their "meddling" in trying to break up these two childhood sweethearts, Mark and Mandy (Felecia's Parents) decide the best thing to do is try to be on level terms with Homer and Marge, and the rest of the neighborhood. So, in DeGeorge fashion, Mark invites the Simpsons, the Powers, and a few of the various members of Evergreen Terrace to a get-to-know you BBQ. At dessert, the stars of the BBQ, Eric and Felecia, get to tell everyone how they became friends (and how they wish their parents would stop fighting).

42.20: The French Connection (Season 42 Finale)
When the Participate in a Forign Exchange Student sign up comes around, Maggie's actually contemplating living overseas for 3 months. With Homer and Marge's approval, they relectantly let Maggie go off to France and when Maggie arrives, here live in family is Alexis Crowly (Homer's only other girlfriend who's had a rocky life after leaving him nearly 30 years ago). At first surprised that her new exchange student is Homer's daughter, Alexis grows to like Maggie's gruff demeanour and is floored that Maggie's an aspiring artist. After a month, Maggie is enjoying the quiet side of the world, painting her life away, and when it's time to leave, Maggie is torn between her family back in the states, or filing an extention to live in Paris and living in the world of art.

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