Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 43
43.01: Alpha Blog
When the gas in Springfield reaches nearly 4 dollars a gallon, Maggie rallies the school nerds, along with Marge's sensibility, to start a townwide protest of gas. Soon, with the entire town not buying gas and staying at home from work, civil service and chaos start to slowly creep into Springfield and when Homer is at home instead of at the plant, the core suffers a hiccup and causes a blackout and a looting spree breaks out.

43.02: Raiders of the Lost Art
When Marge learns of Professor Lombardo's passing, she attends a silent auction where she's shocked to find one of her Ringo portraits is up for bidding and the winning bidder is Artie Ziff. Furious, Marge's is nearly distraught over the loss of one her favorite period pieces and can't seem to let this chip off her shoulder go. Forty Eight hours later, Maggie returns home from a supposed trip to her friend's house with the portrait and in a flashback describes how she managed to steal it from Artie's home. Shortly after, the police arrive and Maggie, Marge and Artie are all at odds how to resolve the situation.

43.03: The Time of your next Life (THoH Episode)
For scoring a too-busy Frink a bagload of Haloween goodies, Maggie is offered a chance to see how she'll rememberd 100 years from now, so Frink hooks her up to the Quantum Leaper and she's "leaped" into her great-great-great-not-so great 13yr old Granddaughter, Jolena. Through Jolena's eyes, she learns that she was one of the most hated people in Springfield much so, people spit at the name of Maggie Simpson. Now, 100 years into future, she has to get help to declassify the nitty-gritty details of her bad repuation.

43.04: Evergreen Terrace--Stripped
When the new tax levees are imposed on Evergreen Terrace, the Simpsons and DeGeorges are shocked to find out that the appraised value of their homes have quadrupled and now they owe the taxman four times the amount of cash, thus sending them into financial turmoil. The next day, the residents assemble on City Hall to find out that Evergreen Terrace is set for expansion to a 4 lane expressway and their houses on that side of the street are scheduled to be demolished. With such legal BS afoot, Homer and Marge decide to have a meeting with the new town planning chief and in order to save their home, they team up with the DeGeorge's and have to dig up a "scandal" to get the chief fired and their houses off the chopping block.

43.05: Sometimes they come Brawling Back
Felecia's cousin (on her mother's side) Roman McCallister, is transfered to Springfield Elementary when his single-parent father is sent up the river. Unfortunely, he's a lot meaner than Arlie Skinner (the current bully of the 4th grade) and he's out to slap Eric around. Even worse, he's now living with the DeGeorge family and has a crush on Maggie. Now with the worst bully in the school's history living next door and related to his girlfriend, Eric now has to learn to stand up for himself.

43.06: Night at the Reactor
Homer's skeptisism over the existance of ghosts is tested at SNPP when the crew of (guest starring) the Ghost Hunters investigates the dark hall of the Power Plant. Maggie, a big fan of the Ghost Hunter team, asks Homer if she can spend the night and Homer agrees as long he's there to laught at the team when they don't find anything. But when there's some odd radiation readings from other than the core, the team, Homer and Maggie are now scared for what may be there.

43.07: Bartman's Last Stand
Bartman, Bart's childhood alter-ego costumed hero, has been shared unsuccessfully with Maggie and Eric and now he's decided to make one last run as the Bartman, but when Bart's overzealousness causes him to accidently injure a man he catches stealing out of desperation and hunger, Bart's disgusted in himself. Now depressed just as himself, he asks Maggie and Eric if it's time to really burn the cape and cowl and forget about doing good for the commonwealth.

43.08: Knights of Spamalot
The not-so-hot convention of Spammers of Tomorrow is being held in the Springfield Convention Center and is attracting a lot of media attention and protesters from every corner of the internet. At first, Eric and a few friends are among the protesters, but after talking to a few spam reps, Eric soon is tempted by the amount of money that can be made. Eric, now hustler of spam and little business-dude, is wheeling and dealing and soon, Homer and Marge allow him to get an office a few blocks away. Soon, Eric's the Spamking of Springfield and he's now the most hated kid in town, too. Unfortunetly, the glitter of being infamous is starting to warp his childish side and only Felecia can save him.

43.09: Try'N Save Maggie
When Maggie's picking up some presents for Father's Day at the Try'N Save, she's next to a girl who shoplifts some wallets, but when the semi-attentive security gaurd thinks Maggie's the culprit, Maggie is jumped by the store security on the way out to the car. Horrified, Marge confronts the store security guards and when the review the tape, there's no clear answer. Obviously, since Maggie isn't carrying any wallets, she's let go, but asks for a copy of the tape and she tries to track down the girl in the video.

43.10: The Juvie District
When Maggie is watching over Eric and Felecia at the carnival alongside the waterfront, a vagabondish 10yr old gets Felecia's attention and when she sees who the kid is, she curiously follows, only to grabbed by two other kids roughly the same age and taken down an alley. Meanwhile, Eric's at a loss where Felecia went to and an hour later, Maggie and Eric are in a panic. Unbeknownst to the duo, Felecia's below ground and with other orphans. The boy who tricked her, to Felecia's surpirse, is one of Felecia's close friends, Thomas Wentworth, who had to suddenly "move" back in the second grade. Parentless and a runaway, he and other orphaned kids are living in a secret society beneath Springfield stealing to survive. Now captive, Felecia is hoping for a rescue and Eric and Maggie have to track her down before her parents find out.

43.11: Felecia Gets Adopted
Mark and Mandy's 10th anniversy "wild night" winds up with them being arrested for causing a scene in the Hotel Springfield's lobby fountain. Being the second offense in five years, Felecia is placed in foster care, but when the judge sees Homer and Marge's parenting with Eric, the Simpsons are offerred to take Felecia in, Eric's happy (at first). But when his classmates find out what happened to Felecia and the Simpson family, Felecia and Eric are given grief over the fact they like each other because they're officialy step-brother and step-sister. Meanwhile, Felecia, despite Homer and Marge's best efforts, are still being given the cold shoulder by the judical system and when a depressed Felecia runs away, Mark, Mandy, Homer and Marge try to set the situation straight.

43.12: Bout for Justice
After a seemingly normal day at work, Homer returns home, but when he arrives, he's swiftly arrested and thrown in jail. When the family arrives to find out why he's been detained, they learn that Homer and Barney robbed an auto repair shop of a classic, 1957 Chevy and the owner died of a heart attack shortly therearefter, and his self-serving son will drop all charges if Homer and Barney can tell them what they did with the car and return it in "good" condition.

43.13: When Love comes to Town
When Springfield's town comittee is overwhelmed with outcries from local businesses due to the lapse in tourism, Springfield takes a poll from its citizens over what could attract the outider's dollar. With the higher-than-normal amount of public arrests for lewd sexual conduct, the town decides to make the best of it's perverted reputation. they want to make Springfield America's Paris and be the Love capital of the USA. Leading the way, Lisa and the supporters of the proposal, on the otherside, Marge and the religious right are against the coming wave of fornication and are vowing to boycott any move that will tarnish Springfield's already messy reputation.

43.14: Maggie's Wheels
The Second Wind Circus comes back to Springfield and Maggie's actually excited to check out a new attraction, the daredevil riders. After the show, she slips backstage and meets the attraction lead, Mr. Dave Death Donaldson and their hot 14yr old son, Sam. Instantly smitten, Maggie falls under Sam's guidance and he's impressed with her vigor in wanting to learn how to ride, but is totally, yet secretly, repulsed with her looks and is afraid to say anything because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Meanwhile, Maggie's keeping this a secret from everyone, including Eric, because she knows she'll be grounded for life if Homer (well, maybe not Homer) and Marge find out.

43.15: Homer Simpson: Father of the Year
For Father's Day, Lisa enters Homer in a Father of the Year contest held by Timely magazine, and with her creative padding Homer wins, but when Bart, Maggie and Eric see who the runners up were and what they've accomplished, they're somewhat ashamed at how Lisa propped up Homer. However, the kids are proud of Homer, but when Marge finds out that Homer's so-called win was a result of glorified BS by Lisa, Marge tells Homer and Homer has to convince Lisa that she should tell the magazine of her "lies", but Homer soon realizes that what Lisa had written was reflection of what Lisa felt Homer was lacking as a true-father.

43.16: The Last Play of Your Life
With Bart's 5th Year class reunion on the way, Bart has to polish up his few football trophies...and memories. The only real desparging moment from his high school days--his final play in his final game--comes back to him. Tackled on the goal-line, Bart was sure he was over for the TD, but the ref said Bart was inches from the line. What's worse, that was Springfield's last game in the playoffs and everyone hasn't forgot what Bart "failed" to do. However, at the reunion, Bart learns that the ref who called his play was on the take and on the air the next day, he tells Springfield about the "scandal". Feeling cheated more than ever, he asks the listeners if they'd like to see a rematch of the two teams, with all the players from five years past, to settle the last championship game between Springfield and Shelbyville.

43.17 That Bitch is Back
Mia Geroni, the evil genius from the 4th grade who was kicked out of Springfield, has come back, to exact revenge on the town and school that dogged her on the verge of having her bumped up to grade 9. Having been re-enrolled, Mia's wants not only to break up Eric and Felecia, but to get Edna K. Skinner fired.

43.18: Bart vs. Nature
Bart's evolution from the prankish 10yr old to a 22yr old morning show DJ hasn't been all the best. One of his downfalls his he's become somewhat of a City Boy. Seeing Maggie work with the Junior Kampettes brings out the side of him that missed some suburban adventure, so for his two-week vaction, he decides to enroll with the Junior Kampettes as an advisor/big-brother to get back to nature with Eric. To make things a bit more irritating, Bart's co-advisor is Felecia's father, Mark DeGeorge and he's a pro at the great outdoors and Bart has to put up with his belittling. Two-days into the trip, the two are forced to rely on eachother when they're out of cellphone range and are trapped in a cave as two hungry grizzly bears are roaming nearby by the cave entrance.

43.19: A few bad Men
When Lisa witnesses a robbery by Cecil and the Mob while in line at the bank, Cecil and the crew take her hostage. A day later, the Simpsons family recieves a ransom for her "safe" return and when the police can't help, Bart manages to locate Bob to help get Lisa back.

43.20: A few bad Men, part 2 (Season finale)
With most of the henchmen arrested, but Cecil still free, Lisa has come down with a case of the Stolkholm syndrome for one of her kidnappers, Antonio. Lying to protect his part in the robbery, Lisa takes him in at the Simpsons residents, but Bob knows about Lisa's secret and wants to put ALL of Cecil's men away--Either in jail, or six feet under. Now with Lisa at odds with her rescuer, Lisa is trying to keep her kidnapped life out of her real life.

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