Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 44
44.01: The Travelling Woodurys
Tiring of the Jazz/Blues circut, Lisa decides to mellow out to some acoustic/folk music. Tightening her guitar playing skills, Lisa and some converted friends decide to do impromptu, live concerts in parks and other public gathering places. Unfortunetly, when her bassist writes a song that's a little too good, the trio is accused of plagerism and is on the verge of breaking up (and even worse, coming to fisticuffs).

44.02: To XL at your Job
After two nights of not being able to sleep, Bart has an on-air spat with Jessica, Bart's given a non-radio job in KBXL's office and he's given two choices: free retraining to work in the Office, or go back on the air and if he screws up, he's out of a KBXL job, permenantly. So, when Bart takes option number 1, he's assigned to an entry level accounting training program. His recently divorced teacher, Ms. Mindy Simmons. So, Bart, the soon to be Graduate is having a bit of hard time concentrating on his schooling and it might cost him his job.

44.03: Homer and Barney: Alive and Regretting It (Halloween Episode)
Thirty Years ago, a high school prank gone wrong involving Homer, Barney and three of the biggest bullies in Springfield high wound up with the Bullies dying and Homer and Barney surviving. Unfortunetly, on Halloween night the ghosts come back and they offer Homer and Barney a chance to pull off the prank--A high speed romp through downtown Springfield with the finale being driving through the Springfield Hills Mall and out the glass windows in Homer's old 1974 'Cuda, otherwise, if Homer and Barney fail to amuse the spirits, it'll cost them their souls.

44.04: The grass is always meaner on the Other Side
A year ago, Mandy DeGeorge won the Evergreen Terrace award for the Most Envious Lawn of 2006 and an Envious Marge wants to have the prize and bragging rights this Year. With fertilizer in hand and sod in waiting, Maggie and Eric reluctantly help with the Lawn. Meanwhile, Homer thinks this lawn fest is a big waste of time and tries to convince Maggie to help with his new hobby: Sabatoging the DeGeorge's Lawn.

44.05: The Unpunchables
When a bigger, more snarky bully comes to the fourth grade, Eric and his rival Arlie have to team up to fight off this new brute. Even worse, this bully's older brother is meddling in their fourth grade affairs. Now a team, Eric and Arlie, along with some reluctant help from Maggie and Gerald team up to take a stand agains the out of town hordes.

44.06: Dead Girl Walking
When a childhood friend of Eric and Felecia suddenly returns to the 4th grade after suddenly disappearing after a month into kindergarden, Eric and Felecia seem estatic, but their joy is short lived as thier mutual friend, Gracie, is not acting the least bit like herself. Instead of being a sweet, joyful girl, she's returned an uncouth, sloppy, rude child. Wanting to know what's up, Eric and Felecia want to know what's up with Gracie... and begin to wonder it is actually Gracie.

44.07: Apart Together
When Springfield was about to write off the Mayors of Seymour Skinner and Edna K. Skinner, the duo announce plans to re-marry. However, when a scandal surfaces that accuses Edna of accepting bribes during her brief stint as mayor, Seymour questions the intgerity of his soon to be wife, again. When this becomes public, Maggie's curiosty is peaked and decides to make this "hot topic" an easy way to earn an A and becomes a wannabe reporter and interivews the Skinners...and gets more answers than she bargins for!

44.08: Bowling for Schloops
Even though Bart feels he's becoming more like his father as he gets older, one thing he never really had much fun was bowling, but when he realizes he's got the Simpson's touch in the game, he becomes a star at Barney's Bolwerama and his kocking on Homer's record of 3 perfect games. However, after two perfect games, Bart's hellbent on wanting to suprass his father, but Homer is trying to talk Bart out of Bowling for good.

44.09: Read, White and Marge
Five years ago, Marge accidently packed away one of the books she picked up at the library for Eric. Flash forward to the present: A very angry letter from the Springfield Public Library is demanding Homer and Marge pay a 3,000 dollar fine for the overdue book, but since Homer and Marge are broke-as-a-joke, Marge and the library work out a deal, Marge will perform librarian duties for 3 months to pay back the fine. Meanwhile, with Marge away, Maggie is begrudgingly given the task of playing middle-mom for Eric as they can't afford a sitter. Unfortunetly for Homer, Maggie's a lot less patient than Marge as she whips daddy into keeping his "fair share" of the house clean.

44.10: Enter the Backstage Boys
When the next preteen boy band rises from Springifeld, Felecia actually likes this new group and her parents, Mark and Mandy buy her a ticket, but Homer and Marge refuse to let Eric go along. After the concert, Felecia gets to mee the group and is smitten by the 11yr old "kid" of the group, Tony. For the next week, Eric is forced to hear about how great this guy is and he finally snaps at Felecia. Angry, Felecia refuses to speak to Eric, but when Tony is enrolled at Springfield Elementary when the bad stops touring, Eric realizes he might not get Felecia back as his best friend.

44.11: Diagnosis Homer
Tired of Homer's erratic mood swings, Marge fears there might be something more troubling beneath Homer's fat exterior than just simple stupidity, something that might be associated with Bi-Polar disorder. However, when Homer is given a few perscriptions to bring the highs and lows closer together, it begins to creep Marge out at how "smooth" an individual Homer is becoming and she begins to want the old Homer back, but Maggie and Eric prefer the stable Homer more.

44.12: Homer Simpson Esquire
When Homer sees Eric being a GQ wannabe, he's seriously weirded out, but after seeing how people treat Eric with a certain amount of respect, Homer tries to become what Eric is, a preppy, yet near-50yr old "dude." Meanwhile, Marge is worried Homer is overbudgeting himself buying a new wardrobe and is worried that Homer's new self-obsessness is turning him into a jerk and wants Eric to get him back to his old self.

44.13: Boys and their Toys
With the rollout of the new Krusty-Flakes cereal and for it's grand release, the KrustyCorp has a grand prize a sporty new roadster that Bart has had his eye on, but the entry age limit is 13 years old. After much pleading, Bart convinces Eric to make a fake entry, but when Eric wins--under his own name--Bart is furious. Even worse, the Simpson family is stuck paying the winning taxes on a 40,000 dollar vehicle. To make matters worse, Marge wants Eric to sell the car for a college fund, but Homer and Bart want Eric to keep the car and work the taxes out.

44.14: Blight at the Museum
The field trip to the Captial City museum for the 7th and 8th grade to the History Museum goes astray when Maggie and the local tough guy, Wade, (voiced by Josh Hartnet) get into a verbal spat that causes the visiting Shelbyville school to get into a brawl with Springfield. After the teachers break up the brawl, Maggie and Wade are detained at the Museum until their parents arrive, but while together, Maggie starts to take a liking to her fellow captor and Wade convinces her to make a run for it. To Maggie's surprise, Wade's father was the head custodian and Wade knows all the places in the museum to hide out of camera range. Together, the duo try to evade the security and make it out of Capital City.

44.15: Blight at the Museum, Part II
With Maggie and Wade on the run and fugitives from the law (Museum Security), Wade takes Maggie back to his former, and now condemmed home from his early years in Capital City. Saddened by how Wade's life turned out (his parents were killed by burglers and he had a rough life in foster homes), Maggie decides to make a blood-oath to Wade to help him out to the best of her abilities. After a couple of days in hiding, Maggie tries to help Wade make it back to Springfield and to possibly stay in hiding at the Simpsons home, but is clueless as to how to convince Homer and Marge to help them.

44.16: The Maggie Supremecy
When Marge suggests a peacful-meeting between Maggie, herself and social worker to help control Maggie's anger, the plan backfires and Maggie becomes even more of a jerk / bully. And when all hope seems lost, Marge asks someone who she didn't think who could get through--Mona Simpson. Through Mona, Maggie's able to hone in on her anger and combined with Mona's 60's idealism Maggie become the leader of neo-student movment, but when the "movement" starts developing a moblike mentality, Mona has to curb Maggie's aggression, or be an accessory to another bad event in Springfield's history.

44.17: The First Boy Scout
With Homer's badgering and Marge's persistance, Eric decides to join the Junior Kampers for a second stint but when decides to apply himself to the fullest, he's on the rise of being the best Kamper in the Krusty Summer Fun Club since...Maggie. Irritated, Maggie's worried her only achievements will overshadowed by another sibling, Maggie becomes a bit aggressive in her stint in the Kampettes and tries to win every merit badge possible.

44.18: The Nurses are doin' it for Themselves
With Maggie proving herself a bit more responsible as a sitter for Eric (as long as Felecia is around) Marge decides to take her extra caring nature and apply it to a part-time nursing at the Springifeld Clinic. Things are going great, but Homer is upset Marge's lack of energy in bed, so he decides to let himself go by gaining weight, and/or hurting himself so Marge will be with him.

44.19: Hell hath no wrath like a Coal Miner Scorned (
In the nearby Springfield mountains, Burnsdyne Tech, one of the Smalltime drilling operations now owned by Waylond Smithers, has discovered a massive coal deposit. Unfortunetly, the problem is they have to blast it out from its pocket. And when Lisa hears of the plans of excavating the coal, she gathers together a band of various Enviormentalist friends. Despite their pleas to stop the blasting, it commences forth, but something terribly unexpected happens--the blasting has triggered once was a dormant volcano 10 miles from downtown Springfield.

44.20: Hell hath no wrath like a Coal Miner Scorned Part 2: (
With the town in evacuation mode, Professor Frink is working with government scientists, The Simpsons family are taking tons of pictures and videotaping the house before they have to leave town, possibly forever. Meanwhile as the townspeople say goodbye to Springfield, Maggie sneaks away by telling Marge she's riding out with Bart and will meet up in Capital City. Unknown to everyone else, except for Eric, Maggie has snuck into the planning center and has learned of the Governement, a counter blast to seal the volcano forever. But when she hears that the corridor is too small to safely plant the explosives, she steals the blast pack and CB radio. When Homer and Marge learn that Maggie's dissappeared and not with Bart, they soon learn Maggie has crawled down the diminuative shaft and plans to plant the explosive and now Maggie has only 20 minutes to put the blast pack in the place or Springfied will be the next Pompai.

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