Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 45
45.01: The cat's in the Basement and the Living Room (Bart vs. Adultolecence)
When Bart loses everything but the pajamas on his back in an apartment fire, he's forced to move back in with the family decides to hole up in the basement. After a couple of weeks, he's quit his job and become a man-child, playing nothing but video games and hanging out with Eric. Unfortunetly, Homer wants Bart out and working, but Marge's happy that her son's back. So, a pissed off Homer makes a deal with Maggie--get Bart out of the house, and he'll buy her whatever she wants (up to 200 dollars) on her birthday.

45.02: Santa's Little Incident
For as long as there's been Christmas, the stores at the Springfield Mall have had their new displays up on Black Friday. Unfortunetly this year, the stores have had to strip down any displays that have exceissive wiring, as decided by the building inspector, thus leaving the mall looking less festive. Upset, Homer decides to break out his Santa Suit from days gone by and have an unschelduled stop at the mall and protest the new guidlines. When a crowd forms around Homer/Santa with a picket sign saying Bring back the Holiday Spirit and Hard Egg Nog, the crowd sees Santa being roughed up and Tazed. To make matters worse, this incident is captured on a cellphone camera and is becoming one of the most viral videos in history. Now being a hero for the Holidays, Homer's at a loss at how to take his newfound fame and the family has bunch of conflicting suggestions...

45.03: Wii are One
Homer's Christmas gift from Marge is the new, fully interactive game system from KrustyTech called the I. Unknown to Homer, this game system is Marge's trojan horse to get Homer to excerise more, but it backfires when Homer trades his addiction to sloth to a video game addiction and doesn't want to do much more than play with his I.

45.04: Lisa's Arthouse Film of Horror (THoH Episode)
Lisa's first film she recieves funding for is her least favorite script submission: a generic slasher flick that involves a list of B actors who couldn't find work anyplace else. Unfortunetly, the cast is beinging to be killed off as filming commences and it's looking more and more like Lisa the main suspect.

45.05: Lisa's Starting Up Again
When Lisa's lust for music starting to wane, Lisa's undecided on what kind of future career path to follow. Upon returning to Springfield, she takes a trip to the mall and finds the owner of a organic juice bar (Juice Abuse) putting his business up for sale. Despite being broke, Lisa takes a full-time job, learns the ropes and decides to take the bar to the next level and become a franchise. Unfortunetly, Maggie's trial glass isn't very clean and now Maggie's illness and unforgiveness is keeping Lisa at bay.

45.06: National Lampoons Simpsons Vacation
Marge's constant entries to various magazine contests finally proves fruitful. National Lampoon's prize department has awarded Marge (and the family) a seven day trip to sunny San Fransico and a cruise around the harbor with a Cruise Ship featuring the Dave Mathews Band. Excitied, Marge and the family packs up and flies to the Coast and immediately begins to see the sights, but when Marge sees a man (at a distance) who appears to be following her w/trenchcoat and hat, Marge is on edge and on the Crusie she learns that Artie Ziff, who's now editor of National Lampoon Magazine, was the man behind the contest fraud and the whole set up was to get her to come back to him for one last try.

45.07: The Asbestos School in the World
When Eric contracts what appears to be a severe allergy, he's diagnosed with Asbestosnoma and after the school has five times the amount of Asbestos allowed by law, it turns out the school was never properly cleaned from when it was once a factory. Now shut down and with the XL Corp picking up the bill, Eric is left too weak to attend class and Felecia has to become his tutor. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge are sick of the town being subsidized with corporate money and are petitioning the town for a brand new, asbestos free school.

45.08: A Stranger is Colin
After moving back to Ireland after living five years in Springfield, Colin is back to attend courses at Springfield A & M university and after a chance encounter with Lisa at the mall at the juice bar, Lisa is saddend to find her once perky, musican crush as turned into a hardened, introverted guy who doesn't trust anyone. Learning Colin's life has been a series of bad events from the death of his father to being nearly killed himself in a bomb blast, Lisa tries to warm his heart by helping him start over again in Springfield...and perhaps starting over with him, herself.

45.09: With Great Power Comes Great Automation
With Smithers forced to make major cutbacks, Homer is laid off with no warning, or pension and he and a dozen plant specialists are out of jobs due to the plant becoming 99 percent automated. Now, Homer and the other 11 cohorts are vowing for revenge and want to rip Smithers off for laying them off and cutting their pensions.

45.10: Cruel Detentions
Eric's one random attempt at being a joker in class backfires and he's sentanced to 2 hours of after school detention. To Eric's surprise, the detention room isn't as bad as he thought and the detention warden is a sweet, pretty teacher and Eric has an instant crush on her. Soon, Eric's suddenly logging a lot of hours in detention and Homer's glad Eric might be developing a refreshing rebellious streak while Marge is worried that Eric's on his way to be a criminal. Unfortunelty, Felecia's a bit peeved and thinks Eric's the biggest jerk and is thinking of dumping him off the top of her best friends list.

45.11: American Brad
Son of Russian Immigrants, Brad Tuvenskov is a speaker that travels from school to school to give motivational speeches for malise Teens. Growing tired of his career, Brad gives a rather ill-inspired speech and a very annoyed Maggie decides to go back behind the curtains to give Brad some advice. However, Maggie's a bit apologetic when she hears of Brad's loss of enthusiasm and wants to be Brad's co-speaker and travel with him.

45.12: Dash Dangerguy: Redux
On a boring Tuesday at home, Marge recieves a text message to be back at Krustylu Studios to reprise her role as Dash Dangerguy's Mother, but this time it's a bit of a bizzarre situation...This time, it's a Dash Prequel series set 12 years in the past and the younger Dash is played by Eric. Both proud and upset, Marge is angered to learn that Eric has been secretly going to the studio during school hours to get the part down, but she's also proud that Eric might be a star in the making. Meanwhile, Dash Dangerguy fans are furious that the original show is being redone and a very upset Maggie has yet to find out Eric's the new Dash in town.

45.13: My Mother, My Phy-Ed Instructor
When Maggie wins top honors at the Junior High Girl's Athletics for the 3rd year in a row, everyone wants to know how she does it. Obviously, she can't credit Homer as she'd be the laughingstock, so she asks Marge to be her hero at the speech. However, Marge is even more surprised to learn that the school wants her to be the new Gym teacher for the girls and get them back into shape.

45.14: The Writ of Hideous Corpses, feat. SNAKE!
After a few too many episodes of This Crap House an overstimulated Homer decides to rennovate the basement, but when they rip apart the floor, he finds the remains of a husband and wife. After some DNA testing, it turns out the remains were of the parents of one Snake. When Snake learns of the discover, he has to stop, at any cost, Homer from doing anymore digging because it will reveal the evidence that he killed them.

45.15: Springfield Exposure
Springfield's been picked as the second location of the Cheeky Streetz nudist colony and Lisa, while not prepared to sign up, thinks this a great step for Springfield to look more like a modernized community. On the otherside of the coin, Marge is a bit creeped out as she feels the colony will attract pervets and other shady characters. Even worse, Homer's anxious to sign up and Marge won't have any part in it and when Lisa learns that Marge and other prudish housewives are on the opposing side, she decides to join as a form of opposition.

45.16: 3:10 to Puma
When Skinner proposes changing the Springfield Isotopes back to their orginal "Springfield Pumas" name, half of the town is happy while the other half is perturbed. After a closer than close vote, the "Puma" name is reinstated but the Isotopes supporters are vowing to not give up the Isotope name. After a week, the Puma statue that once crowned the Springfield Elementary School hallway is stolen and Maggie's on the trail for the 10,000 dollar reward.

45.17: Lisa Lisa and the Harvard Alumni Jam
After recieving a very spammish looking Email claiming that she's on the "Top 100 smartest people in the USA" list, Lisa decides to spend the 10 dollars for the "Special" email copy. Upon reciving the mail, she learns that she, and one other person on the list ISN'T enrolled in Harvard and she qualifies for a free education. Excited beyond belief, she decides to take the offer, but when she meets the freshman class, it's not about learning, it's about partying, hazing, and other bizzarre frat house rituals and Lisa is at odds with trying to maintain her educational course, or just drop out.

45.18: Lovejoy Lost, Lovejoy Regained
Bart and Jessica's show has been on the skids with cancelled "High Profile" interviews and lackluster, live musical performences, the on air duo decide to try something a little different....fake a continuing romance. Unfortunetly, the ruse works a little TOO well as the listeners, who love the "exchanges"e; by Bart and Jessica, want them to finally tie the knot. Unfortunetly, Bart's real girlfriend, Gina, is becoming weary of this put-on and wants Bart to knock off the "romance" or she'll be doing the one doing the dumping.

45.19: Skid-Bro
For a bizzarre class project, Eric elects to try and live as a homeless person for one week, away from the family, but knowing that Marge will never let him do this project with her knowledge, Eric makes up a cover story that Felecia helps cover. So, for the next six days, Eric's living on the street and avoiding the child welfare people in Capital city and is living with an adopted street family while the rest of the Simpson family beleives he's on a school funded camping trip.

45.20: The Be Sharper Image (Season finale)
Whilst all of Springfield's 40-something's and up are awaiting the announed "B Sharps: Never Gone" CD and MP3s, Barney is having a supper with the Simpsons and sings his beautiful Irish falsetto when Maggie decides to join in with her own beautiful singing voice. Inspired, a sobered up Barney calls the producer and makes plans to record a side project with Maggie, but when the Barney/Maggie album debuts above the "Be Sharps" album, Barney decides to quit while Maggie has to put up with Homer and is taking the public blame for breaking up the group.

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