Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 46
46.01: Father's Day Out
When Marge is taking Maggie and Eric out shopping for a Father's day gift, Marge breaks down because it's the 25th anniversery of her father's death at the Bayside Amument park. In a flashback, Marge tells the kids (and later Homer) about the details behind her last day with dad.

46.02: Casual Sax
Performing at the Springfield Jazz Hole for the last time due to it closing, Lisa has little too much to drink after the show. The next morning, she awakens to find she left her saxaphone back at the club and when she goes to retrieve it, but finds out the owner pawned it and the pawn shop already sold it. When she goes to retrieve it from the new owner, she finds a washed-up, tired, old musician who refuses to give it or sell it back, but will only give it back if Lisa teaches him how to play. Grudgingly, Lisa agrees and finds herself attracted to this guy, but is contemplating taking the sax and running when he's not looking.

46.03: Carnivale Corpse (Halloween Episode)
When the travelling, South American Carnivalle returns to Springfield in July, everyone in town is excited for the festive, rowdy, five days of drinking and binging, but the police is dreading the upswing in crime and the ocassional missing persons reports. Tired of the mayhem, the police turn to Maggie based on her rep as the hardass of the Middle School System. But when Maggie snoops around and finds out the "missing person" is a person who is kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming a Carnivale Carnie (aka freak). Maggie, now scared for her sanity, has to find a way to report the situation...or find a way to stop it.

46.04: Seven Years in Riblet
Seven Years ago, Homer's near-fatal heart attack was attributed to too many Krusty's Riblets, but now after his cholesterol has gone down to "bad" levels from "Hideous" levels, Homer vows to eat away, but finds out the Riblet has been discontinued due to a more "health concious America". Pissed as hell, Homer vows to reverse the "healthy" Krusty image and takes it to corporate.

46.05: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
When the style of shaving one's head becomes the hottest trend for boys, Eric's openly opposed to the idea, but even Felecia's trying to get Eric to be more "with it." But when push comes to shove, Eric is refusing to shave his head and now the "rebels" of the fourth grade, the kids Marge doen't want Eric to hang with, are suddenly becoming more and more desireable company.

46.06: World Kent Tonight
Kent Brockman's retirment is cut short when he nearly drowns off the shoreline near Springfield Harbor while scuba diving. Recovering in the hospital, Kent's in the recovery room in the next bed down from Maggie, who's had her tonsils removed. After Maggie inquires on Kent's familiarity, she learns he used to be the local news anchorman. Feeling inspired, Kent decides to come out of retirment and become the XL Corpororations World News Anchor out of Springifeld. Unfortunetly, Kent has unsettled debt with Viktor, the head of the Springfield XL Corp.

46.07: Gina's Lament
Bart's girlfriend, Gina Vendetti, quits her job as assisntant warden at the Juvenile Hall and uses her reputation to become the Indpendent's choice for mayor of Springfield in the upcoming election. While proud of Gina, Bart's becoming depressed they can't spend any time together and he's worried a bit of the "controlling" side of the Old Gina might be coming to the surface. Meanwhile, Lisa's helping Gina's campaign and if Gina wins, she'll be the first woman Mayor in Springfield's history.

46.08: Gina's Lament, part 2
With Gina's mayoral race becoming national news, Gina's stardom as the "First mayor of America's crappiest City" is starting to go to her head. Tired of being shut-out by her career, Bart walks out on her. To Eric's dismay, he convinces Maggie to kidnap Gina before the election and get her to apologize to Bart and try to get them back together.

46.09: Ivan the Bearable
When Eric and Felecia come up with the nation's biggest fad toy since the Beanie Baby called "Ivan the Bearable" (it's a teddy bear with Eric's hairstyle and you can program it to make funny catch-phrases), it unifies both families but when the Simpsons realize Mark DeGeorge, Felecia's father, stole a good chunk of the patent rights behind everyone's backs, he causes a rift that could destroy the goodwill between Eric and Felecia and cause the toy to not even reach a second production run.

46.10: To Quell a Mockingbird
Maggie's hatred for Jessica has really been only based on Bart's recollections of the bad times he had with Jess when he was kid, when he was ten and a few years later when Jessica was a cheerleader at Shelbyville High. But when Maggie visits Bart at the radio station, she has to sit in a waiting room with the terse Lovejoy and Maggie soon learns she has more in common with Jessica than she realized and soon Bart is trying to keep Maggie away from his arch-nemeis.

46.11: Barok the Vote!
When Springfield becomes the hotbed of scandal when a Burnsdyne Tech voting machine is accused of screwing with the results, the quite Liberal president Waylond Smithers is accused of making the results favor the Democratic contender. However, when an outside source is accused of tampering with the resuts, the town's best hacker, Gerald, is called into help, but does Gerald know who's behind the ruckus?

46.12: Route 401k(illed)
With the ever increasing demands on Springfield's inferstructure, Route 401 is proposed to be moved five miles north of town, which will cause the town's local businesses to have to move or die. With the town Morally opposed to a new highway, they decide to start their own "Big Dig" and have a new tunnel built under large chunks of the city, allowing access to the original downtown, but when budgeting reveals the town is close to 200 million dollars in the red halfway through construction, the town must find a way to come up with a lot of cash, or be a massive hole in the ground (even moreso).

46.13: Forgetting Felecia DeGeorge
Eric's childhood crush with Felecia comes to an abrupt end when is shipped off to a girls only boarding school in the Ozarks and a heartbroken Eric is stuck to email (no texting) and soon Felecia's even more restricted to inner-school email and LAN-Line phone calls to home, only. Meanwhile, Maggie's worried her little brother might be becoming clinically depressed, so she asks Eric to keep an eye on the new, preppie girl, Sally, in the Junior Kampettes who's been a bit of a pain since she's somewhat ditzy and is alway worried about her looks. When Eric's "babysitting" becomes a genuine friendship, he must make a decision...keep hoping for Feleica's return, or let her go.

46.14: The Powder Limits
When Felecia asks her parents why she's an only child, Mark and Mandy tell her that Mandy had an irrevercable birth control procedure. Depressed and longing for a younger sibling, Felecia decides to take up babysitting with Eric's help. However, when she starts taking an affinity to looking after the really young kids, Eric begins to want out of the babysitting business when Felecia seems to become to obsessed with her role as a babysitter.

46.15: The Great Itchy and Scratchy Reboot
After a near half-decade lull in Itchy and Scratchy programming, Roger Meyers studios decides to take the characters to the EXTREME by relaunching them for a younger generation. Instead of being simple, cartoony enemies hell bent on killing eachother, they're now teamed up and are cybernetic crime fighters with pop-culture wittiness and with their backup cast of heroes, a whole new slew of merchanidise is launched. Unfortunetly, the kids love the new concept, but Bart's generation hates the "trashing" of a beloved classic and now both sides are fighting and are trying to convince the RM studios on what direction to take I&S.

46.16: Mr. Missed Her
After performing at a venue in Shelbyville, a man claiming to be Bleeding Gums Murphy's son approaches Lisa. Shocked, Lisa hears the story of Bleeding Gums Murphy's estranged son and why he never spoke to his father after his 21st birthday--Bleeding Gums Murphy plagerized one of his jazz numbers and that became what would be Lisa's favorite performance. Shocked her musical idol might be a phony, Lisa decides to meet with some of Bleeding Gums Murphy's friends who are still coherent enough and learns the life he had with his son up to the parting of their ways.

46.17: Standing up to Maggie
With Maggie's time in Junior High Detention piling up for various offenses, most noteably for being a bully, she is given a choice--stay in detention or be a tutor to kids to teach them how to stand up to people like her. Taking the latter option, Maggie's now spending an hour everyday at Shelbyville middle school and all is going well until she meets a brat that's intentionally trying to piss her off. Unfortunetly, Maggie has to take the abuse, but is secretly planning to get revenge.

46.18: Pom-ish Paradise
When Maggie decides to half-heartedly join the JV Cheerleading squad, Lisa's actually somewhat supportive. Surprised, the snarky Maggie inquires to Lisa's supportative attitude and Lisa tells Maggie, despite her belief that cheerleading objectifies women, that she secretly was trying out for the squad back in the 11th grade to meet a guy on the football team who was secretly into the same "Green" ideals as Lisa, but was too afraid that the other jocks would label him a "fem."

46.19: Always a Simpson, but Never a Ziff
When Marge reads an emailed obituary about Artie Ziff, she suspects the obit could be a fake and a ruse to get back with her, again. But when Marge checks out the obituary's source, it appears that Artie DID die and was cremated, but when annonymous gifts start arriving for Marge, she begins to become paranoid Artie's not dead and is stalking her.

46.20: Many, Many Muntz
Nelson Muntz, now 22 years old, returns to Springfield as Springfield's A&M top NFL draft pick and when he's interviewed on Bart's morning radio show, the two get into a verbal spat that causes Bart to lose his job and Nelson's "clean" past to be tarnished with Bart's revelations about how Nelson was a kid. And when Bart recives a suprising phone call from the guy Nelson beat out as the top draft pick, he offers Bart a job as the new Springfield Heights assistant coach if he can get Nelson totally kicked out of the NFL by destroying his public image and now Bart is conflicted--should he forgive Nelson, or be the party pooper?

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