Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 47
47.01: The Lives and Time-Shares of Homer Simpson (halloween episode)
In the not to distant future, Homer will only be awake to see the world once a year as he, and the rest of society is forced to "sleep" the other 11 months of the year to conserve on the plante's natural resources. Unfortunelty, he's now running loose and the Government is out to stop his binging and excessive eating. and put him to rest, permentantly.

47.02: The French Retention
In a move that stuns the family and his radio show listeners, Bart and Gina announce they'll be moving to France and starting their lives over ala clean slate. Proud, yet secretly upset, for Bart, Marge is lamenting that she won't be seeing here "special biggest guy" as much anymore. Meanwhile, Maggie's not very happy over Bart's decision to go with Gina and she isn't afraid to tell him about it.

47.03: The Jess and Randy Show
With Bart done at KBXL, Jessica Lovejoy accepts the promotion to be the host and is given a Capital City transplant, the hornball Randy Alexander. Meanwhile, Homer's tenure at the plant is coming to an end as the EPA has finally got the court order shut the plant down and retrofit the plant at Shelbyville to handle both towns, unfortunetly, they're not hiring and Homer is given the last job at SNPP: Grounds watchman and lawn caretaker, which consists of mowing the lawn and picking up the trash. Unfortunelty, not being used to being outdoors is causing Homer to have to fight some nasty sunburn. Meanwhile, Marge is growing uneasy over the "debauchery" with Bart's replacement on his former radio show and is forbading Maggie to listen to it.

47.04: Paris Wheels
With Homer's new pay raise at being the groundskeeper, he decides the time is right to buy a new motorcycle with Marge to help take her mind off Bart and they should take up biking together, which is making Maggie a bit jealous since she wants a bike of her own when she turns 16. Meanwhile overseas, Bart and Gina are fighting over how to decorate their new apartment and Gina, whow knows how to speak fluent French, is accepting her new job as a English / French teacher at small school while Bart is trying to find a job at...anything.

47.05: Lisa's Horsey
When Lisa returns to Springfield, she has managed to save enough cash for a down payment on a small house just outside of town from the selling of Bleeding Gums Murphy\s music rights to Apple for iPod downloads, she decides the time is now right to get a pony. Also, to her delight, she is approached by a "Green" firm that is dedicated to putting a wind farm on her land. Happy, Lisa agrees to this extra cash and enviormentally friendly agreement, but when birds start dying from the wind turbines in alarming numbers, Lisa wants them off her land but can do nothing because to the contract.

47.06: The French Connected
As Bart begins to grow accustomed to his new home in Paris, he manages to get a job on an English radio station that plays music for Americans living in Paris that carries the latest sounds from the American Music Scene. Confident, he pops the question to Gina. Three days later, he finally calls the family back in the States to tell them the good news--except Maggie is not at all thrilled her brother is going to wed her Juvie Counciler. Now being the ultra-stick-in-the-mud, Maggie's not getting along with Bart or Lisa and her attitude is even making Eric unhappy. To quell the situation, Marge allows Maggie to stay with Feleica's family as Homer, Marge, Lisa and Eric head off to France. Unfortunetly, Maggie's seperation from the rest of the family tears open a sea of bitterness and a newfound sense of independence and she decides to leave for Capital City to meet up with an old flame.

47.07: The City by the Scene
With Maggie running off, the DeGeorge's find her note to flee to Capital City and hope to recover her before Homer and Marge return. Meanwhile, Homer is bored to tears as Eric and Marge are enjoying Paris with Bart. Back in Capital City, Maggie's old boyfriend Ronnie has now become part of a "Capital Shore" reality show and plays the former boy-band star turned tough kid and Maggie wants in.

47.08: The treaty of her Brides
With the Capital City police trying to find Maggie, Homer and Marge learn that she has runaway and Bart wants to hold off on the wedding until Maggie's found. Unfortunetly, Gina's not too happy over Maggie's behavior and it's driving a wedge between her and her future husband.

47.09: The Wed of Lies
Homer and Marge agree to leave and be back for Bart's wedding to Gina and agree to let Eric stay in Paris. Eric's happy now that he can spend a lot of time with his older brother and get to see a place he's only seen in books and on Ratatoulie. Meanwhile, back in Springfield, Homer and Marge land in Capital City and are on the lookout for Maggie, who now has dyed her hair and is "Magz," the sort-of crazy tomboy on "Capital Shore."

47.10: Agents
When Mark DeGeorge learns of Maggie's whereabouts, he manages to make it on the set during some off-camera time and offer her a chance to be her agent. Since his father is of some clout in Denver and has connections with TV execs in Hollywood, Mark promises Maggie a shot at being a pop-culture icon. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge arrive back in Springfield to find Maggie has become a hometown "hero" of sorts and Marge is dismayed that her youngest daughter's days of being a true tomboy are numbered because of the trashy show she's now on.

47.11: American Un-Wedding
Bart learns of Maggie's stint and is eager to go home and get an interview since he's still a DJ broadcasting in Paris and wants a video taped interview with "Magz". On the other side of the issue, the future Mrs. Simpson, Gina, is becoming furious not only because Maggie's rise to fame is stealing Bart's attention, but Gina wanted to be a child star when she was younger and she thinks Maggie is a talentless hack who is only in the spotlight because of the trashy, d-bag company she keeps. When the eventual argument ensues, Bart and Gina decide to split...for now, and Bart and Eric return to the USA, leaving Gina heartbroken and bitter.

47.12: Reality Tee Vee
After Bart gets the "exclusive" interview with Maggie, he manages to get his old boss Viktor to get his job as the morning show DJ back at KBXL. An irate, yet somewhat relieved Jessica Lovejoy (Bart's former co-host) is glad to have him back as her co-host has been a major hornball. Combined with the interview with Maggie, the Bart, Jessica and Randy in the Morning show is a surprise hit and a lot of the Bart-fans have come back. Back on he filming of "Capital Shore", Maggie finds a bottle of Crystal and feeling a bit daring, downs about 1/4 of it before nearly gagging. Unbeknownst to her, the camera was rolling and a scandal ensues involving underage drinking. Thinking she's done herself in, she makes a public apology, but her producers think she's the next big reality star after this, but Homer and Marge are trying to get her out of this without being accused of leaving her alone when they went to Europe.

47.13: Coach Lisa
With Maggie on the skids to a dead end, Lisa learns of Maggie's plight and decides to go out of her way for her and try to get her on the mends, unintentionally becoming part of "Capital Shore." Not liking the limelight in this situation, Lisa tries to get Maggie away from the cameras, but Maggie's contracted to be "on the show." Meanwhile, the hate mail between Bart and Gina is starting to escalate as Homer and Marge are prepared to go to court over Maggie's "Home Alone" with the DeGeorges.

47.14: Bart Starring
Maggie's boyfriend Ronnie as made a "hit" single and knows Bart's a DJ and tries to get famous under the moniker Ron-E. Meanwhile, Gina's growing more despondent over Bart's absence she's hitting the local clubs looking for some love and excitement. Back in Springfield, the hearing over Maggie begins and Mandy DeGeorge, for once, takes Marge's side, but claims she didn't know about Maggie's connection to Capital City, all the while Bart is stuck between making Maggie happy by playing the demo on the air, but really thinks it's shit terrible.

47.15: Cut and Run
With the hearing over and Homer and Marge cleared, Mark agrees to stop being Maggie's manager and becomes an "advisor" to the Simpsons over Maggie's involvement on "Capital Shore." Around the world, Gina gives Bart an ultimatum--drop the DJ career and come back to Paris soon, or she's calling the wedding and the relationship off. On the set of "Capital Shore", Maggie fails to show up and everyone's in a panic and unknown to everyone but Homer and Marge, Lisa has taken her sedated little sister away from the reality TV show hell to parts unknown.

47.16: The Truce is Loose
With Maggie and Lisa missing, Bart back as DJ and Homer and Marge afluster with the Eric being in Europe with Gina--not mention the production of Capital Shore on hold, Bart finally concedes a minor-defeat. Worried that Gina might dump him, but equally concerned over his little brother's well-being, Bart agrees to go back to Paris and settle his situation. Meanwhile Lisa and the sleeping Maggie arrive in Nowhere, OK where Lisa has secretly been renting a small, 600 square foot house to work out the sordid details of Maggie's role on Capital Shore.

47.17: To Paris with Love
Back in Paris, Gina has been babysitting Eric as he's been asking her if she'll marry his older brother. Shyly avoiding the question, she and Eric decide to take a stroll around Paris and check out the sights and sounds. Surprisingly, Gina's paternal instinct she never knew she had begins to emerge. However, when Bart arrives, Gina's desire to live in Paris remains as strong as ever as Eric is stuck watching these two bicker over their future. Back in Nowhere, Oklahoma, Maggie's newfound "fame"e; has gone to here head and she refuses to quit S. Shore outright, but is open to staying until the end of the season.

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