Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 8
8.01: Raising Hell
Maggie and Eric, for a part-time job, take in a llama named: "Hell" and try to raise it, but it doesn't like Homer (it keeps taking bites out of his shirt everytime he goes near it) and it keeps wanting to eat Marge's garden.

8.02: Larry Burns, Esq.
Larry Burns, now in his seventies, returns to the Nuclear plant to take over, but when Homer see's he is even more incompetent at running things at sector 7-G than he, Homer tries to have Larry fired before he could potentially destroy the town.

8.03: Attack of the Preps
A new student named Drew tries to horn in Eric's rep of being the biggest Preppie student in the 4th grade, but Eric's not about to let that happen. Meanwhile, Maggie's trying to get Eric to act like a "normal" ten year old.

8.04: 8 Kids Beyond
Apu's kids are left to the vices of the public school system when the private school they've been attending since pre-school goes bankrupt. Soon, Maggie's seventh-grade class is overpopulated and the teacher is majorly stressed...

8.05: Bruise Control
Maggie's overbearing attitude is causing her to become somewhat of a bully and that lands her in the Principal Edna's office with her victim, a girl who is good at faking injuries and low-self esteem. As punishment, Maggie is forced to do chores for the family of this girl, or Maggie could be expelled. Meanwhile, Eric finds some interesting dirt on the girl and tries to get a dejected Maggie into a ploy that can expose this girl for who she is.

8.06: Cheat the System
Maggie, along with half the seventh grade is dragged down in a cheating snafu involving several students. In a story that is told after the incident (like Telltale Head) Maggie tells of the incidents leading up to the expulsion board, and awaits their final judgement.

8.07: Halloween Special
Six million dollar kid: Eric is given bionic implants, but the technology goes haywire causing Eric to go crazy.
This Old/New House: The Simpsons move into a fixer-upper of a house but when Maggie soon realizes something is amiss when she is one moment in an old beat up room then when she leaves she's in a the hallway when it was brand new. Things get hairy when it's becoming more likely that some one is going to get stuck in the wrong time period.
Magghart: Maggie leads the resistence against the powers of evil that have errupted out of the ground from the pits of hell. Meanwhile the devil Flanders has kidnapped Eric and uses him as a pawn against Maggie.

8.08: Simp-Fu
In a parody of kung-fu/wire-fu flicks, Maggie and Eric team up to fight back against the evil brigade of Governor Skinner to rescue Felecia in a pseudo-1800's Chinatown with Springfield overtones.

8.09: Untitled
When Marge and Homer decide to take a mid-life Honeymoon, Bart and Maggie decide to spend some time catching up on old times, while Lisa takes Eric out to do some jazz "clubbin". For Bart and Maggie, Maggie spends the next week staying at Bart's place and learns the workings of a popular radio station (and causes some pranks along the way), and Eric tries to do some "stand-up" comedy stylings to warm up the crowd before Lisa (and whatever group she's play with) takes the stage.

8.10: Stuck in a Country You Can't Get Out Of
The fourth grade's ultimate field trip to Japan, shaparoned by Seymour and Edna Skinner, is sent awry when Arlie Skinner is caught shoplifting some high-tech gear from a small shop in the high-tech, Nipponechi District. Now with the citizens shunning them at every turn and denying them assistance, the Skinners must find money and and return to the US, before being stuck in the middle of an upcoming hurricane.

8.11: Finding Felecia
Stuck between Eric's sombre posturing and Maggie's gruff personality, Felecia always tries to be herself, but cannot define what "herself" is. Not wanting to let Maggie and Eric in on her predictament, Felecia recieves some advice from a new school counciler (voiced by Tom Hanks) and according to his advice, tries to be more risk-taking! Unfortunetly, this risk taking ends up a case of shoplifting.

8.12: KBX-Hell
A radio station, WOMP debuts in Springfield featuring the "hippest", coolest, and most entertaining DJ's (one of which is retired 80's pop singer Hewey Lewis) which leads to substantially lower ratings for Bart and KBXL. To combat this threat, Bart's show is overrun with guest stars and other circus freaks which causes Bart to question his job as it is no longer fun anymore.

8.13: The Parent Entrapment
When Spy TV comes to Sprinfield, Maggie secretly signs Homer and Marge up to be "conestents" on a set-up reality show. Meanwhile, no one but the producers know that Homer and Marge are up for some seriousously scary moments as they are subjected to snakes and martial-arts experts.

8.14: Dead Man's Girl
Marge learns of Artie Ziff's demise and learns she's the prime recipient of his vast, vast, vast (did I say "vast"?) fortune. Given the keys to his estate and property, the former Ziff mansion becomes the new Simpson playground and the family lives the highlife, until they learn that Artie has set the whole thing up to get back with Marge, one last time.

8.15: When Milhouse Met Lisa
When Milhouse looses his job as a bouncer at the Alpha Omega, is refused reentry into the Army, and evicted from his small apartment, he winds up Homeless and living in the Zoo. The morning after his first night out in the cold, Milhouse encouunters Lisa and Eric. Appealing to Lisa's somewhat altruistic side, Milhouse convinces Lisa to take him along as a pseudo-body guard as Lisa travels around with her various touring bands.

8.16: The Stand
Maggie and Eric's new summertime scheme to come up with some cash by forming a kiddie/pre-teen, neighborhood flea market turns up some rare and highly-collectable toys that formerly belonged to their parents. Much money is made, but when Homer finds his childhood possessions sold off by Maggie, he grounds her for six years, and Marge tries to convince him to ease off. Meanwhile, Felecia is helping Eric buy some new clothes with the cash they've earned, which, unfortunetly, for Felecia, causes a few other girls to follow Eric around...

8.17: Being Lisa Simpson
Maggie, after having a bizzarre alergic reaction to a new brand of Novicane at the oral surgeon, has hallucitory fit and thinks she is Lisa Simpson trapped in Maggie's body. Going over the top, Maggie changes her hair to look like Lisa's and tries to run away with Bleeding Gum's Sax in the attic. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge are trying desperately to get in touch with Lisa so she can help Maggie snap out of her mental funk.

8.18: There's No Place Like Home Business
Homer, for once in his life, agrees to run a business with Marge--50/50. So, together, Marge and Homer begin to market Marge's artwork she's compiled from the 70's on, but when some of her artwork is stolen and put on Ebay, Marge tries to reclaim what was once hers and get back on the art scene once and for all.

8.19: Trials and Stipulations
Homer's old, bullyish Hich-school chums return to Springfield, now employed as nuclear saftey inspectors. Still out for Homer, they mark the plant down for numerous violations, which puts Homer out of a job. Meanwhile, Marge does some digging on these shady guys from Homer's past and finds out they're not from the nuclear safety commision--they're actually trying elminate the competition so they can buy the plant out, tear it down and build a solar plant.

8.20: Ace of Bass
Bart's new hobby--Car audio! Use of the KBXL van, now modified with a thirty-thousand dollar, fifteen thousand watt car stereo causes Bart to become "da bomb" around Springfield and he enters into various bass off's. Meanwhile, Homer, Marge and Eric aren't sure who's blaring their car stereo in the wee hours of the morning, thusly waking them, but Maggie knows.

8.21: The Yellow Tick Road
Eric winds up with a case lyme disease that conifies him to bed as he's now weak and irrittable. At this the same time Maggie has a brutal case of the Summertime flu, thus leaving Felecia as the only person who is delivering the Homework to Eric and Maggie as Marge is trying to keep up their heathy by cooking for the pair and tending to thier needs. During this trial ridden time, Felecia's mother, Mandy begins to wonder how close she is too her daughter as she sees Felecia and Marge working together better than they have been over the past couple of years.

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