Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 9
9.01: All Fall Down
The XL Corp, Springfield's largest company and owner of a lot of real estate, like SNPP, the largest radio, and largest TV network KXLT, is under investigation for a 2 Billion dollars in missing funds from investors. Scared, the local investors start to sell off their stocks and Springfield is concerned about a local depression if the company collapses.

9.02: All Fall Down (Part II)
With the eminent demise of the Sprinfield branch of the XL corp, Waylon Smithers is interested in buying back SNPP from Bart's bosses. However, he has reservations since he's still quite the recluse since Burns's dissapearence years ago.

9.03: New Skool
Springfield's current elementary school was once an old factory that was donated, and remodeled, by the XL Corp after the old Springfield Elementary was destroyed by a tornado five years ago. Now after a health inspection, the air quality test reveals high-levels of asbestos that causes the school to be shut down, which leaves Eric and Felecia to be forced to share Sprinfield's Middle School where Eric ends up being protected by Maggie against the Middle School Bullies.

9.04: Eric Lite
When a local sandwhich place decides to dupe Springfield over the quality of its food, they take Eric, who thinks he's in a fashion shoot, and makes it look like he's the "after" guy in one of their low-fat food campaign.

9.05: That Long Weekend Experiment
Once during Marge and Homer's wedded bliss, there was a period of a few months that they weren't together. In a flashback, Marge tells Maggie and Eric, because they were too young to really remember what happened, how the family squeeked by as Marge took a full-time job as Bart and Lisa ran things at home.

9.06: Maggie Add Nausia
During an amusement park trip, Maggie's secret shame is admitted: she's very, very easily becomes sick on any large amusment park ride, like a rollar coaster. Thusly, Eric, feeling sorry for his older sister, tries to cure Maggie of her obsticle in having fun.

9.07: Bob-ing for God
Sideshow Bob's eighth release from prison lands him a job at Rev. Lovejoy's as a new Televangelist. Happily, the Rev. enjoys the newfound viewership due to Bob's controversial part in the ministry, but beneath his "remorseful" front, he plans to rob the safety-deposit boxes in the Rev's vault. Unfortunetly, Maggie and Eric end up as hostages and it's up to Bart and Homer to save them.

9.08: Ruth's Babe
Marge's former neighbor, Ruth Powers, returns to say "Hi!", but this time she's dating a younger man. Even more surprising, she asks Marge if she's interested in becoming a swinger. At first, Marge is appalled, but slowly developes an interest. Meanwhile, Homer's becoming paranoid that Marge might be leaving him, so he bribes Maggie to follow mom around, but when that doesn't work, he pretends to hit on Mandy DeGeorge to win Marge back, but that makes things worse!

9.09: The Death of Eric Simpson
While on vacation in Yellowstone, the four kids's raft overturns near the rapids and Eric is quickly swept away by the raging rapids. After an exhausting search, Eric is presumed dead and the family is devistated...meanwhile, four miles downstream, a Grizzly Adams-esque family that consists of a mother and a daughter finds Eric washed up on the shore, but Eric's suffering from amniesia and has no idea what's happened.

9.10: Looking for Wheels in all the Wrong Places
Lisa's little convertable is turning out less than reliable, so when she tries to shop around for another used car, they become the stuff lemons are made of. Meanwhile, Homer is pressuring her to get a "manly" SUV.

9.11: Con-line
Maggie's savings is stolen when she orders a rare baseball card from someone online posing as a proffesional card dealer so she goes after he/she when she finds out the email address is attatched to someone living in the Springfield Area. To add to the chase, the hacker twins help Maggie track her loot back to its thief.

9.12: The Music Mag
After Marge catches a highly-uplifting report on teens and school bands and how they can avoid drugs if they're kept busy, Marge urges Maggie to take up a musical instrument and become a member of the Marching band. Unfortunetly, Maggie takes up the most expensive musical instrument which the sound of drives Marge crazy--the drums.

9.13: The Second Coming of Jessica
Jessica's crazy-cool lifestyle finally catches up with her when she's arrested for a DWI. Now suspenedned from work and broke, she is turned away by Bart and is accepted back by her father, Rev. Lovejoy, only on the terms that she contributes to the televangelist's causes. Meanwhile, Bart finds out and is quickly the antagonist to Jessica's "rebirth".

9.14: Circle of Strife
Eric's desire to be the GQ boy lands him in a crowd he's been afraid to be part of--the jocks. Trying to fit--and get in shape so he doesn't look like a scrawny hairball--are the least of his worries as the other guys secretly planning to beat him to a pulp (not if Maggie has anything to say about it!).

9.15: Monstorous Ball
Springfield's couples are invited to a ball to be held at the Mayor's house's courtyard. Along with the tranquil party, there's enteratinment, like Homer's over zealous stunt that lands him trapped in an old safe. Meanwhile, Maggie, usually not bothered about being in relationship, wants to actually take a guy to be her dance partner, so she actually starts to find a date for this one night.

9.16: A Punch of Class
For Felecia's tenth birthday, she invites Maggie and Eric to accompany her to her Grandparent's home in the Rockies. During the party, Mark DeGeorge, Felecia's father, announces he and his wife, Mandy, have been secretly planning Felecia's future--a future that involves an arranged wedding in which Eric has no place in.

9.17: Maggie Simpson: Ringmaster!
Maggie, through detention, is assigned some part-time community service and one of choices of payback is to become an assistant to Ringmaster in the upcoming Summer carnival. Upon arriving, she finds herself working with a whimsical mentor/ringmaster (voiced by Moby) and she takes pity on him since he says she reminds him of his daughter he lost...except this guy might not be the ringmaster, but another con who ended up doing community service himself.

9.18: The Deportation of Homer Simpson
Homer's weight is starting to worry Marge and she decides to send him to Relligh, NC, the dieting capital of the US. Bored of Springfield, Maggie decides to tag along and try to keep Homer on his diet. At the same time, Eric and Felecia decide to follow along, to make sure Maggie is keeping Homer on his diet...

9.19: The Last of the Simpsons
Being the last of the Simpson children, Eric is always being the spoilded child, so when Marge tries to interfere with Eric's clothing choices, it creates a bit of friction between the two. Meanwhile, Felecia is trying to pursuade Eric to try the British look, with the long coats and scraves, but Marge inisists Eric be more "childish" in his clothing choices.

9.20: The Mod Couple
With Jessica on vacation, Bart tries some new blood on his morning show and lets Homer in as his co-DJ, but when Homer embarrasses his son by revealing some personal info on the air, Bart vows never to speak to him again and kicks him off the show. Back at Home, Marge tries to pursuade Homer to apologize, but to no avail.

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