Fan Character Compendium
This is the fan character compendium, it works similarly to the Character Biography page but instead of focusing on characters in the show, it covers the biographies of characters that fans have created for Fan Fiction. The icon next to their name indicates which fan fiction they come from. Some of the biographies featured on this page are written by the creators themselves.
Felicia DeGeorge
Created by: Jake Lennington

The Chipper Felicia, Eric's best friend, lives next door in the Flanders house. Having grown up nearly all her life with Eric as her best friend, they two kids are always together. Unfortunetly, Homer and Felicia's dad, Mark, do not get along too well. Unlike the Flanders, the DeGeorge family are very upstart yuppies. Being only 31 and 29, Mark and Mandy DeGeorge have a generation gap with Homer and Marge and don't see eye to eye most of the time. However, Mandy does turn to Marge for parenting advice from time to time, though.

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