Maggie's Futures and Flashbacks
Written By: Kathryn Bunny

Season 1
1.01 - Flashbacks
Maggie is sorting through the attic when she finds a box of old Baby things, there are photos from her Schooling Years and as young as a few Months old, As Maggie looks at the photos she remembers clips and Flashbacks of her life.

1.02 - Ill
Maggie falls ill with a fever and doesn't attended work causing her House and Family to loose some money but earns it back by deciding to work nights.

1.03 - The Knife (1)
Maggie is caught in a shopping centre with a knife in her pocket, The store Manger thought she was going to use it to steal, when she only forgot that she had put one in her pocket when making salads that morning for dinner.

1.04 - Justice (2)
Maggie is taken to court and it turns out she was innocent because Lisa having to be walking past her house on the day she was making Salads saw her put it in her pocket. She is let off.

1.05 - Lost Her Job (1)
Maggie is sacked from her job when they found out they would have to close and Lisa has considered moving but finds out she would need help from her family.
Bart tries to open up his own car business.

1.06 - Searching (2)
Maggie is frantic to find a new job, She checks the newspaper and Internet but can't find anything. Lisa has asked Maggie to help her move house while Bart's started up the Business making Marge, Homer and the rest of his family proud.

1.07 - The New Job (3)
Finally Maggie finds a new job as a Shop Assistant and Bart's car business is a big success. Lisa has packed most of her stuff and has hired a Removal Van and she takes Homer and Marge to see her new house.

1.08 - Lisa Moves
Lisa moves house so Maggie has to leave her Family for a few days to help her Sister. Bart's car business is getting less customers, He might have to close his car business down if her doesn't get enough customers.

1.09 - My life as a four-year old
Lisa and Maggie are talking about the past and Lisa remembers a story from when Maggie was four.

1.10 - Welcome Home Maggie
Maggie goes home after Five Days of helping Lisa move, Everyone has a big surprise party for her, Lisa also comes along and Bart is considering closing down his car business.

1.11 - Day Out to Celebrate
Maggie and Lisa go on a shopping trip to celebrate Lisa moving, Bart closes down his car business and Marge decides to write a book with the help of Homer and Maggie's youngest Daughter Jenny.

1.12 - The New Puppy
Maggie and her Family choose a new Puppy, They choose a Husky Puppy and call him Prince, Prince is mischievous and funny and everyone loves him.

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