Maggie's Futures and Flashbacks
Written By: Kathryn Bunny

Season 2
2.01 - A few weeks that changed everything
Maggie's Husband breaks his leg and can't attend work for a few weeks, Maggie is frantic because she can't find anyone to look after her four children after the old babysitter retired.

2.02 - Justice Again
Bart is caught stealing from the computer store and is taken to court and Gets a Two Month sentence, Bart pleads guilty.

2.03 - A new babysitter
Maggie finds a new babysitter called Ms Rose who is in her late fifty's and willing to be the babysitter, Maggie finds out she is the best woman for the job as she has been babysitting for forty Years.

<2.04 - Back to Work
Finally after six weeks Maggie's Husband returns to work. Lisa decides to Redecorate her house. Bart makes fifteen new friends. Maggie is getting ready for her youngest daughters birthday.

2.05 - Jenny's Birthday
Maggie's Youngest Daughter turns two while Bart talks to Marge and Homer on the phone. Lisa is redecorating her new house and finishes the bathroom and her Bedroom.

2.06 - Visit Bart
The family visit Bart and found out he's made lots of new friends. Bart tells them that's he's getting on well with many of the other convicts and tells them quick stories of what has happened to him.

2.07 - Ms Rose Leaves
Ms Rose resigns so Maggie has to find another Babysitter, Then Lisa offers to look after the children, Maggie excepts and thanks Lisa.

2.08 - A book by Marge Simpson
Marge writes and gets published a book. The story is around Medieval Times.

2.09 - Bart vs. Bob Part One
Bart comes Face to Face with Sideshow Bob one Day in the Jail Garden, Bart hasn't seen Bob for several years and he has changed a lot, Bob recognizes Bart and Starts to plot against him.

2.10 - Bart vs. Bob Part Two
Sideshow Bob's plot is uncovered and he is moved to a different cell.

2.11 - Hi again Bart
Bart gets released from prison when he serves his Two Months Sentence, All the Simpsons are overjoyed to see him again.

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