Maggie's Futures and Flashbacks
Written By: Kathryn Bunny

Season 3
3.01 - Remember that day
Maggie invites Lisa round for tea where they relive a day Fifteen Years ago where Maggie breaks her arm after practicing stunts with a Skateboard where a Surprised Lisa finds her lying in the yard after coming home from her holiday in Egypt.

3.02 - Lost for words
When Maggie finds out she has won a holiday in California for her and all of her family she is lost for words and rushes round to the Simpsons house to tell them the news.

3.03 - Preparations
The family start to pack to go California but Bart doesn't really want to go, the family are baffled when Bart storms out in a rage and coming home at midnight.

3.04 - Why Bart Why?
Bart is questioned by Homer and Marge why he doesn't want to go and they find out the truth, Bart when he was Fifteen had gone to California for Six Weeks with Nelson and his Mom which Homer and Marge were aware of but found out he had nearly broken a limb which he had never told them.

3.05 - His Final Words
Bart thinks it over and says to Maggie he would go to California with the family. Marge starts packing her things while Homer says his goodbyes at Moe's before leaving.

3.06 - California, California!
With one day to the trip Marge does the rest of the packing while Lisa starts planning what she is going to do throughout the holiday whist Maggie asks Ned Flanders if he could look after her puppy whist they are away and takes the job.

3.07 - California at last
The Simpsons travel on the plane and end up in the airport and go to the house where they will be staying and find for the next three weeks they would be living in luxury.

3.08 - Day at the beach
The Simpsons enjoy their first full day on the beach where Bart tries to teach Lisa's son, Dan to water-ski and finds he has great talent so signs him up for lessons at the Town Hall.

3.09 - Shopping and More Shopping
Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Sheryl (Maggie's Daughter) go out on a shopping trip and spend the day spending their money at lot and lots of different shops. Dan starts his Water-Skiing lessons.

3.10 - Break A leg
Dan takes a tumble after showing off at skiing lessons and finds himself lying in a hospital bed with his leg in a cast while Homer drives round the town searching for a bar with a Love Tester.

3.11 - Befriending Bart Part One
Bart takes a break from the beach and comes with Homer round the town and goes alone into a Music Shop and bumps into an enemy that Bart hasn't seen for many years and this enemy not recognizing him tries to befriend Bart.

3.12 - Befriending Bart Part Two
Sideshow Bob, the one that befriended Bart, figures out who Bart is and wants to plan to get rid of him but is caught and taken away back to Springfield.

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