Future of Flanders
Written By: Jonny Gannon

Season 1
1FOF01: Thou shalt not Love
As his last son Todd moves out of the house, Ned is feeling incredibly lonely, and asks next door neighbours the Simpsons if he can move in. To Homer's dismay - Marge accepts. After lonely Flanders grates on Homer so much, he decided to take Ned to a nightclub to get wasted. Instead of doing that, Ned seeks for his ultimate lady friend - with no avail.

1FOF02: Learning the Ropes
Ned decides to get out of the house and try new things. When he realises pleasure doesnt float his boat, he tries to get a new profession - finding his calling in teaching. He remembers the fantastic time he once had as Principal of Springfield Elementary, and heads there again, where Principal Skinner allows him to teach. There, he meets Mary - a fellow god fearing teacher and is instantly smitten.

1FOF03: A Flanders to Ignore
When Ned uncovers Homer's latest scheme to skyve from work and instantly informs Mr. Burns (who is now 114,) Homer is instantly fired from the plant. Ned tries to make it up to Homer, but Homer banishes him from his life entirely...which causes Ned to do wright what he did wrong...

1FOF04: Divorced...With Children
Ned finally plcuks up the courage to ask out Mary at the school, and she accepts. After a few dates though, Ned is conflicted when he finds out Mary has already been married... with childen.

1FOF05: A Not so Perfect Ned
Grampa Simpson finally passes away in his sleep - causing the Simpsons and the Flanders reunite to go to his funeral. There, Ned sees Maude's grave and goes crazy with guilt that he betrayed her. Revealing a tale from the past when he had an affair.

1FOF06: Lady Lisa's Lover
Ned is alarmed to hear that Todd is dating Lisa and travels to Sacramento to break them up. He there finds out that Lisa has converted Todd to Buddhism. With rage, Ned disowns his son and hunts Homer down in anger for what his daughter has done.

1FOF07: Life's a Drag, then you're with Mary
At a local church charity event, Ned buys a piece of clothing similar to his Maude's. When he gets home, he actually tries it on, and starts to develop a liking for it. Ned becomes a cross dresser, despite Marge and Mary's complaints. Ned, undeterred os adamant he will continue like this, until Mary forces him to choose between her or the cross dressing. Ned chooses her.

1FOF08: Wheelchair Galactica
When Ned is harmed in a boating accident with his colleagues, he is forced to be carted around in a wheelchair by Homer. After Homer forgets about Ned when he chases after a squirrel, Ned is sent spinning down a hill at great speeds, causing him to be knocked unconscious. A very upset Homer is even more upset when Ned is suing him for $10,000.

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