The Maggie Simpson Years
Written By: Paul Bradford

Season 1
1.01: Pilot
Maggie's 16th birthday is coming up in the not too distant future, and she is shocked to discover that it is the same day she starts her first day of Springfield High. Along with her friends, Arnie and Rachel, she attempts to appeal to Mayor Gumble to change the date of the first day, but they soon realise just how difficult he is to convince.

1.02: The First Day
It is the first day of Springfield High, and Maggie has just had her birthday. She is embarassed when she discovers that her older brother, Bart, has got a job there, and she soon believes that he only took it to keep an eye on her, and so she becomes determined to find out the truth, but it is almost impossible to do so.

1.03: Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving has arrived, and after discovering that she will be being forced to attend Springfield High on the day, Maggie attempts to find out why and soon ends up giving Dondelinger a heart attack, killing him. Ridden with guilt, she attempts to make it up to his family, with the help of Arnie and Rachel.

1.04: The New Principal
With Dondelinger passed away, Springfield High is in serious need of a new principal. The new guy turns out to be even worse than Dondelinger, and so, with the help of Arnie and Rachel, Maggie attempts to get him out of the high school once and for all and get a better principal to take his place, but it is difficult.

1.05: Christmas in Hell
Maggie is dragged to the before Christmas ceremony at the church, and she is given a fear of Hell. Marge and Homer attempt to get her back to normal before Christmas arrives, but it is impossible and she goes to bed and experiences a dream of what it would be like spending Christmas in Hell!

1.06: New Year's
When Maggie discovers that almost everybody at Springfield High is attending a huge new year's party and she is not invited, she attempts to throw her own but the ending result ends up destroying many valuable items in the Simpsons household. With the help of Arnie and Rachel, she attempts to sort it all out.

1.07: Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day has arrived, and Maggie pairs up with none other than her old enemy, Gerald! The two find themselves becoming closer and closer, and the other members of the Simpson family are the only people who realise just how bad Gerald is for Maggie, and so they attempt to prove this to her.

1.08: Early Retirement
Maggie's zany antics cause a teacher at Springfield High to go into early retirement, and so she becomes determined to change her ways and start acting like a sensible girl for once. Arnie and Rachel begin to get fed up with her new personality, and so they attempt to get her back to normal before it is too late.

1.09: Arnie's Story (1)
When Maggie and Rachel find out more about Arnie's past, they ask him about it, and he decides to tell the story of how he came about to becoming an orphan, and a flashback to over 12 years ago ensues when his parents were in financial debt and tried all sorts to get out of the situation.

1.10: The Parents (2)
Maggie and Rachel manage to come across Arnie's parents and they decide to introduce him to them. He hasn't forgiven them for what they have done, and a huge family crisis begins. Maggie and Rachel, feeling responsible, attempt to get everyone to make up with eachother and be happy.

1.11: Driving Licnese
Maggie is shocked to discover that Rachel has recently turned 17 and she has gotten her driving license. Maggie begins to feel extremely jealous, and so, along with Arnie, she devises a plan to fake being 17 years old, but it soon backfires and she soon realises how much trouble she is really in.

1.12: Bar Love
Gerald decides to put an end to his relationship with Maggie, and she becomes extremely upset. Feeling sorry for their friend, Rachel and Arnie decide to take her to a newly built bar to cheer her up, where she finds love with the barman, who turns out to be selfish and incredibly big-headed.

1.13: The Speech
Maggie is forced to cheat in a test, and when she discovers that she has to give a speech all about it after realising that she has received perfect scores, she must choose between coming clean with the principal or continue being ridden with guilt and go through with the speech, but it is a tough decison.

1.14: My New Car
In an episode in Rachel's point of view, she explains how her day was. She had some great news -- she had gotten a car, but she soon realised just how much Maggie was jealous of her and she was forced to choose whether to make her friend happy or make herself happy by keeping the car.

1.15: Plastic Surgery
After noticing how popular girls have become after receiving plastic surgery, Maggie attempts to convince Marge to let her get it herself. A visit from Gerald makes her see it all differently, and she must convince herself not to take his advice as she is still angry at him for previous events.

1.16: Adopted
Arnie believes that he was adopted, and his real parents are still out there somewhere. He becomes depressed and so Maggie and Rachel attempt to cheer him up, but they realise that they will have to go to extreme measures after getting the idea of hiring some actors to pretend to be his parents.

1.17: New Girlfriend
Maggie has a shock when she discovers that Gerald has a new girlfriend, and she believes that he still likes her a lot and so she becomes determined to prove this. But after meeting his new girlfriend, Maggie realises just how difficult it will be to break the two up, and so she asks Arnie and Rachel to help.

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