The Maggie Simpson Years
Written By: Paul Bradford

Season 3
3.01: Maggie's Summer Love
Maggie finds summer love with a guy called Patrick, but when she realises how much he acts like Bart, she has some confused thoughts. Meanwhile, Rachel and Arnie are asked to be in charge of the upcoming fireworks display, but everything goes completely haywire.

3.02: Arnie's Admirer
Arnie discovers that he has a secret admirer on the beach, and so, along with Rachel, he becomes determined to track the girl down and find out who it is. Meanwhile, Maggie's relationship with Patrick gets off to a very bumpy start, and all she can think about is Gerald.

3.03: Rachel vs. Arnie
After getting into an arguement with Arnie, Rachel challenges him to a race in the upcoming beach resort sports competition. After realising just how unfit he is, he asks Maggie and Patrick to help him get ready for the race, but he is extremely difficult to train.

3.04: Beach Party
Maggie is asked to throw a beach party for the resort, and Patrick, Arnie and Rachel agree to help out. When they realise just how important it is to the boss, they find themselves rushing and Maggie must convince them to slow down and keep everything sane.

3.05: Gerald Visits
Maggie has a surprise when Gerald visits, in the middle of her sharing a passionate kiss with Patrick. Gerald storms off angrily, and so Maggie, along with Arnie and Rachel, become determined to find him once again and apologise to him for seeing her like that.

3.06: Senior Year
The summer has come to an end, and the senior year of Springfield High has just begun. Maggie is now back together with Gerald, but they soon find themselves getting further and further apart because of all the studying they are being forced to do.

3.07: Poker Games
Maggie, Arnie, Rachel and Gerald get involved in a large poker game with eachother during Thanksgiving dinner, and Gerald feels sorry for Maggie after constantly beating her in the game, but she is more interested in winning for herself than his feelings.

3.08: Danner Article
A strong opinionated article Maggie has written for the Springfield Shopper has been banned, and so she becomes determined to find out why. When she believes that the boss may be in some sort of trouble, she teams up with Gerald to help sort it out.

3.09: Marge Divorces
Marge explains that she is divorcing her husband Jack, and Maggie notices just how upset she has become. Tired of seeing her mother like this, Maggie takes her for a night on the town. But when she gets a heart scare, Maggie blames herself.

3.10: The Hospital
Marge is taken to the Springfield hospital, and the doctor explains that she will experience quite a few heart scares for a while. Maggie keeps on blaming herself, and so Marge becomes determined to prove that it wasn't her fault, but it is difficult.

3.11: Maggie on TV
Maggie is asked to appear on TV after an incredibly successful article, and she is soon asked by a TV producer to appear on her own show where she expresses her opinions with other people. Gerald believes that it is ruining their relationship.

3.12: New Schedules
Maggie discovers that everyone's schedule at Springfield High will be changed due to a certain problem, and so she decides to find out what is really going on, as she is fed up with the constant changing of the schedule, but it is even more difficult than she thought.

3.13: The Fire (1)
A fire takes place at Springfield High one night and it is revealed that the place could be closed down for at least six months. Maggie begins to enjoy life without learning, but she has a shock when she finds out that she is being transfered to Shelbyville High.

3.14: Shelbyville High (2)
Maggie, Arnie, Rachel and Gerald arrive at Shelbyville High, and after one day, they are fed up. They decide to team up to help rebuild Springfield High so they don't have to spend another day in Shelbyville, but this is tougher than they ever suspected.

3.15: Librarian
After spending detention in the new Springfield High library, Maggie feels sorry for the librarian as she is lonely. Maggie, along with Arnie, Rachel and Gerald, become determined to get the librarian a friend before she gets even more depressed.

3.16: Discussion Group
Maggie believes that Gerald is ready for sex, and she is not sure whether to lose her virginity yet. She decides to ask Lisa and Bart to help her out, but when they are no good, she decides to frequently visit a teen discussion group.

3.17: Planning
Arnie and Rachel are asked to plan the upcoming senior prom, and they find themselves fighting over the arrangements. Maggie, however, is more interested in becoming the prom queen, and Gerald hates the shallow girl she has become.

3.18: Maggie's Personality
Gerald threatens to break up with Maggie unless she changes her personality back to the way it used to be, but she seems to be more interested in herself at the moment. Angry, he breaks up with her and so she becomes determined to make it up to him.

3.19: The Week Before
It is only one more week to go until the prom, and Maggie is still trying all she can to make things up to Gerald, and she is afraid that she will have no date. Stuck on what to do, she asks Rachel and Arnie to help her out, and the ending result is awful.

3.20: Prom Night
The senior prom has arrived, and Maggie is happy to be back with Gerald. When she discovers that Rachel and her boyfriend have been declared king and queen of the prom, she becomes upset, but attempts to prove to Gerald that it isn't important.

3.21: Think College
Maggie and Gerald's relationship is getting more and more serious, and Maggie begins to worry about what will happen when they both go off to college. They both agree to take a break from eachother, and hope that they will be back together in the future.

3.22: The Money
Maggie decides to go to Springfield University, same with Rachel. But Rachel soon realises that her parents don't have enough money to pay for it, and so she teams up with Maggie to get everything perfect before the two both graduate from Springfield High.

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