The Maggie Simpson Years
Written By: Paul Bradford

Season 4
4.01: College Discussion
Maggie brings up the topic of college at her discussion group, and this makes her extremely nervous about it all. Her 19th birthday soon arrives and all she can think about is her future at college, and so Rachel attempts to make her feel better about it all.

4.02: Arnie Leaves
Arnie explains that he is being forced to move to a far away town as he can't afford a college in Springfield, and so Maggie and Rachel must come to the terms that one of their friends is leaving for good.

4.03: The Concert
Rachel invites Maggie to a concert, where they have an unfortunate encounter with Gerald, who is currently with his old girlfriend (1.17 New Girlfriend and 2.21 Fake Relationship) and the entire event turns into a hugely awkward situation.

4.04: Rachel Sings
When Rachel reveals her dreams of becoming a famous singer, Maggie advises that she attempts to write her first song. Rachel begins to get stuck for inspiration, and when she reveals that Maggie is her muse, Maggie feels awkward around her.

4.05: Maggie's Quitting
Realising that she won't have time to continue working at the Springfield Shopper once she moves into college, Maggie decides to quit, where as Rachel thinks that she should not give up her dreams of becoming an editor. This questions Maggie's life entirely.

4.06: Springfield University
Maggie and Rachel arrive at Springfield University, and are happy to discover they are roommates. But their other roommate turns out to be a totally self- centred, big-headed girl, and the two are not quite sure whether they can actually live with her or not.

4.07: Gerald Arrives
Gerald arrives at Springfield University, and he becomes roommates with the two other guys of the common room -- Dave and Pete. Maggie worries when she believes that her other roommate, Lauren, has fallen in love with Gerald and he may be interested.

4.08: The Schedule
Maggie's schedule for Springfield University finally arrives, and she is shocked to discover that it has been exchanged somehow for someone else's. She decides to go on a hunt for her real schedule around the school, believing it as an excuse to miss classes.

4.09: Languages
Rachel convinces Maggie to take a languages course with her, but after a couple of lessons, Maggie doesn't seem to think that she is progressing, and so Rachel becomes determined to prove that it is, in fact, worthwile. Meanwhile, Gerald signs up for the football team.

4.10: Speed Dating
With Gerald constantly practising for the football team and Maggie always working, the two agree to take another break from eachother. Maggie is shocked to discover that he has immediatly started going out with Lauren, and so she tries out speed dating to get back at him.

4.11: New Boyfriend
Maggie has now got a new boyfriend, Jamie, and Rachel becomes determined to prove to her that he is not right for him as she is only trying to get back at Gerald. But, during the middle of this process, Rachel realises that she is becoming more and more attracted to Jamie.

4.12: Christmas Songs
Christmas has arrived, and so Rachel becomes determined to write a Christmas song and play it at the Springfield University cafe. Meanwhile, Maggie is feeling uncomfortable around Lauren and so they attempt to bond with eachother.

4.13: Lauren Moves
Lauren finds out about Maggie's problem and so she decides to move into another dorm room. Maggie feels extremely guilty, and so she tries all she can to make it up to Lauren and get her to come back. Gerald is not happy about any of this.

4.14: Dean's Car
When Maggie discovers that Gerald is taking a ride in the dean's car, she attempts to get him to re-consider. He goes through with it anyway, and when he comes back revealing that he has crashed it, he realises that he is in a lot of trouble.

4.15: The Newspaper
Maggie has now officially quit her job at the Springfield Shopper, and so she becomes determined to become editor of the Springfield University newspaper, SU Weekly. She finds that working on it weekly isn't keeping her occupied, and so she attempts to get it to become daily.

4.16: Survey
Realising that they need more money to pay for their tab at SU Cafe, Maggie and Rachel decide to get jobs selling items around the school. But they soon realise just how difficult it is to choose one item that everybody likes, and so they decide to start up a survey.

4.17: Arnie Returns (1)
Arnie returns, revealing that his supposed father was a con-artist and now he has run off with all of his posessions. He has nowhere to go and is no longer accepted into college, and so Maggie and Rachel realise that they will have to secretly allow him to stay with them.

4.18: The Arnie Appeal (2)
One by one, the other roommates find out about Arnie staying and they threaten to reveal all to the dean. Panicking, Maggie and Rachel team up to appeal to the dean. The dean is hard to convince, but Arnie soon finds happiness when his real mother arrives.

4.19: Gerald Proposes
Gerald reveals that he is still in love with Maggie and he can't continue with the break, and she gets a shock when he proposes to her. Maggie's answer is an immediate no, and later that night she begins to think about what the married life would be like.

4.20: Convincing Gerald
With Maggie's answer still being no, Gerald feels unwanted and reveals that he is packing up his things to start a new life at college elsewhere. Maggie attempts to prove that she still loves him, but she soon realises just how difficult he really is to convince.

4.21: Decorator's Love
Fed up with the current lack of style in the common room, Maggie, Rachel, Lauren, Dave, Pete and Gerald team up to re-decorate the place. Maggie and Dave find themselves becoming very close in the process, much to Gerald's disappointment.

4.22: Clip Show
With Arnie gone, Maggie and Rachel begin to miss him and think how great it was seeing him once again. They decide to reminse about their past friendship experiences with eachother, in the first ever clip show of The Maggie Simpson Years.

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