The Maggie Simpson Years
Written By: Paul Bradford

Season 5
5.01- The Album
Rachel reveals that she is making an album with her new music producer, but she soon realises that she is going to need a lot more songs. She is stuck for material, and so she decides to go on a journey with Maggie to get some supposed inspiration.

5.02: Courses
With the second year of Springfield University coming up soon, Maggie realises that she still hasn't chosen a proper direction. She decides to further her career in the newspaper, but she soon realises just how difficult it is in the real world and has second thoughts.

5.03: Rachel's Gig
Rachel gets a gig at SU Cafe, singing some of her new songs. Maggie and the others don't have the heart to tell her that her lyrics are awful, and so, before she ruins her chances with her music producer, they attempt to show her what's wrong without upsetting her.

5.04: Halloween
It is a couple of days until Halloween, and many pranks have already started. Angry, the dean decides to ban everything related to Halloween in Springfield University. Maggie becomes determined to throw a Halloween party to show that the students have rights.

5.05: Last Day
The last day of the first year of Springfield University has arrived, and Maggie and Rachel become determined to make the most of it. When they realise that they have accidentally destroyed some of the dean's property, they fear that they will repeat the first year.

5.06: Summer Work
Summer has arrived, and so Maggie and the others decide to take jobs at the beach resort. (2.22 Summer Days). When they realise just how much the manager has changed, they begin to think that the place has gone downhill and so they attempt to help out.

5.07: Patrick Returns
Maggie has a shock when she finds out that Patrick is working for a second time at the beach resort as well, and a war between him and Gerald ensues. The whole experience makes Maggie question whether she should have broken up with Patrick in the first place.

5.08: The Admirer
Arnie's old admirer returns, demanding to see Arnie. Maggie and Rachel have difficulties explaining that he has left Springfield for another college, and they soon realise just how crazy this girl has gotten over the past few years, and so they attempt to sort her out.

5.09: Loving Maggie
Gerald discovers that Maggie has gotten back together with Patrick, and so he teams up with Rachel, who thinks that Maggie is better off with Gerald, to break the two up, but they soon realise just how determined they are to have the perfect relationship.

5.10: Knowing Patrick
Maggie's twentieth birthday is coming up very soon, and Gerald becomes determined to spend it romantically with her, but he soon realises that Patrick has other plans. Rachel suggests that Gerald gets to know Patrick to get his mind off Maggie.

5.11: Twentieth Birthday (1)
When Maggie's twentieth birthday finally arrives, Gerald is happy that he is back together with her once again. But when Patrick crashes the party, Gerald becomes determined to show his affection and he proposes to Maggie once again.

5.12: Engaged (2)
Maggie's answer is yes, revealing that she is ready, but the others attending the party are not quite sure but they go through with the celebrations anyway. Maggie begins to have second thoughts about marriage when she believes that she may still have feelings for Patrick.

5.13: Second Year
The second year of Springfield University has arrived, and Maggie and the others have left their jobs at the beach resort once again. Maggie is still having second thoughts about the marriage, and she decides to call it off, but soon realises that Gerald isn't too happy.

5.14: Leaving Party
Maggie feels guilty about calling off the wedding, and so she suggests that she moves in with Gerald in an apartment close to campus. The others decide to throw a leaving party, unaware that Gerald may be having second thoughts himself.

5.15: Apartment Hunt
Maggie and Gerald have finally agreed properly to move in together, and so they decide to go on an apartment hunt. They soon realise that the only apartment close to campus is very expensive, and so they must make a tough decision about their living conditions.

5.16: Moving In
After managing to find the money to buy the apartment close to campus, Maggie and Gerald move in together. Maggie begins to feel guilty about leaving her friends behind, and so she attempts to find a way to make it all up to them, but finds it difficult to do so.

5.17: 1000th Edition
Maggie is back working at SU Weekly, and she soon realises that she is in charge of producing the 1000th edition of the paper. She feels under a lot of pressure, and finds herself becoming addicted to caffeine in the process, so she must overcome it.

5.18: Pricy Newspaper (No. 100)
When Maggie discovers that SU Weekly has now become more pricy than ever, she attempts to join in with all the decisions that are occasionally made, but she soon realises that it will take a lot more than just working hard to do this.

5.19: The Rent
The rent of the apartment is due, and Maggie and Gerald begin to worry. Maggie realises that she will now need a job if she is living in an apartment, but she soon realises that it will take up all her time of working on SU Weekly, and she reconsiders her living arrangements.

5.20: Moving Out
Maggie and Gerald agree to move out of the apartment and into a dorm room at Springfield University for just two people. But, they soon realise that there has been a mix-up and they are stuck in the dorm room with the most people of them all, and so they must sort it out.

5.21: New Dorm Room
Maggie is happy to discover that her's and Gerald's dorm room is right next to Rachel's, and Gerald is unhappy that she is spending most of her time in the other dorm room, and so he begins to think whether moving in together in the first place was such a good idea.

5.22: Pete's Girlfriend
Gerald is shocked to discover that Pete has gotten a new girlfriend, who is none other than Suzie. (1.17 New Girlfriend and 2.21 Fake Relationship). He begins to feel extremely uncomfortable around her, and Maggie suggests that they attempt to become friends.

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