The Maggie Simpson Years
Written By: Paul Bradford

Season 6
6.01: Replacing Maggie
Maggie is shocked to discover that Suzie is filling her place in her old dorm room. Gerald explains to Maggie that he doesn't think living together is such a good idea, but when Maggie finds out that she can't get a place back at her old dorm room, she is stuck with him.

6.02: Moving Back
Maggie is back in her old dorm room once again, and so is Gerald. But she soon begins to think that the others are not happy with her because of her constant change of living arrangements, and so she tries to find the best way of making it up to them, but it is difficult.

6.03: The Protest
After being asked to sell SU Weekly around Springfield University, Maggie is beginning to get fed up with the tasks she is asked to do and she decides to face up to her boss to get things to change. After getting kicked out, she decides to go on a protest with the other students.

6.04: Brother Returns (1)
Everyone has a shock when Rachel's brother, Tim, shows up at Springfield University, explaining that he has gotten a place there and now he wants to move in with them. Maggie and Rachel team up to find the best way of saying no, but it is difficult.

6.05: Life Invader (2)
One by one, everyone begins to get fed up with Tim invading their lives. The result of Tim showing up at the SU Weekly workstation gets Maggie kicked out, and so he becomes determined to get her back in, but realises just how tough it will be.

6.06: Flashbacks
Tim has now left, and everyone begins to think about their siblings, starting with Maggie. Flashbacks of Maggie's past experiences with Bart, Lisa and James ensue, from her being age one to the present day. Rachel has second thoughts about sending Tim away.

6.07: Interviewing Students
Maggie is asked by the leader of SU Weekly to interview students around the university, and she becomes worried when she discovers that this task will get her a degree in newspaper work. She beccomes a nervous wreck, and begins to think that this is slowing her down.

6.08: After Graduating
Maggie begins to worry about what she will do after graduation, and visions of a married life, a working life, and an awful life ensue. In the end, Maggie, along with the others, decide to think about it after, and if, they graduate from Springfield University.

6.09: Apartments
When Gerald discovers that Maggie is thinking about apartments once again, he is extremely angry because of the whole apartment fiasco before. The two eventually pick one, and when Maggie finds out why Gerald is so angry, she attempts to make it up to him.

6.10: The Dean's Leaving
Maggie discovers that the dean is leaving Springfield University at the end of the year, and so, she decides to throw him a leaving party. But when she discovers that she was really the only one who respected him, she attempts to make him feel loved by people around.

6.11: Perfect Beach
Maggie and the others decide to take one last trip with eachother before they all graduate. They end up staying at a crummy beach, and so, with the help of a few other angry people around, they all team up to make the beach the perfect place to relax.

6.12: Final Edition
When Maggie realises that she is working on her final edition of SU Weekly, she attempts to make it the best ever, with the help of Rachel and Lauren. Maggie and Lauren become good friends in the process, much to Rachel's disappointment and jealousy.

6.13: Graduation Day
Graduation day has arrived at Springfield University, and Maggie begins to freak out, and runs out of the premises. Gerald teams up with Rachel to find her, before the ceremony begins and Maggie is unable to graduate because of her absence.

6.14: Pregent
Maggie has now graduated and she and Gerald move into their new apartment together. Maggie has a shock when she discovers that she is pregnant, and she has another nervous breakdown, explaining that things are happening too fast. Gerald attempts to calm her down.

6.15: The Secret
During a visit to Marge, Maggie accidentally drinks some wine but quickly spits it out. Marge works out that Maggie is pregnant, and a large party ensues. Maggie is getting fed up with the constant attention, and she explains that she wanted the baby to remain a secret.

6.16: Springfield Shopper
Maggie gets a job back at the Springfield Shopper, and she gets fed up with everyone seeing to her every need now that she is pregnant. She soon thinks once again that it is happening all too fast and she begins to think whether she should be having this baby or not.

6.17: The Proposal
Maggie explains to Gerald that she thinks once again that it is all happening too fast, but he manages to calm her down after he proposes to her. Her answer is yes, and she explains that she is properly ready this time, but worries after hearing people's reactions.

6.18: Baby's name
Maggie and Gerald begin to bicker about what to call the baby if it's a girl or a boy, and so they try all they can to compremise, but soon realise just how difficult it is to do this. But, after seeing the sonogram, they eventually come to the decision.

6.19: The Best Man
Gerald invites Arnie to the apartment, and explains that he wants him to be his best man. But Arnie turns out to be the worst best man imaginable, as he tries too hard. Maggie attempts to covnince Arnie to calm down to remain best man.

6.20: Maggie's Wedding
The day of Maggie and Gerald's wedding has arrived, and Gerald discovers that he has lost the ring. He must find it before the ceremony takes place, but when he realises that it could have been left back in Springfield, he begins to panic.

6.21: Honeymoon
Maggie and Gerald are now married, and they go on their vacation to Australia. There, they bump into Suzie, and Maggie begins to worry that Gerald has become interested in Suzie once again, and so she decides to put him to the test to see whether he is or not.

6.22: Changes
After returning from the honeymoon, Maggie notices all the changes that have been taking place recently, and so she and Gerald reminse about the past together and how it was different to the present day, in the second The Maggie Simpson Years clip show.

6.23: 1 Hour Special
Maggie has given birth to her daughter, who she and Gerald decide to call May. The two move into a house in the countryside and Maggie gets a job working at the local newspaper, but the perfect life soon comes to an end when she and Gerald discover that their house will be torn down to make way for a large highway. The two attempt to protest, but they soon realise that many houses are being demolished around the area, and so, along with a few other angry residents, they attempt to appeal to the mayor of the town. Realising just how horrible this mayor is, Maggie decides to run for mayor, but she fears that it is getting in the way of her parenting.

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