This is the music player. Here you can listen to the many numbers of musical tracks the Simpsons have released over the years. Content in here includes music from within the show, alongside those from the soundtrack albums, Lisa's Sax solos from the intro sequence and some music from the many Simpsons video games. Where Lyrics are available, those are shown below the player.

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  1. Bart Travels
  2. The White Rabbit
  3. Around the World in Eighty Bites
  4. Bartman Begins
  5. Entering the Lair
  6. Foiled Again
  7. Treehugger
  8. Deforest Grump
  9. Mob Rules
  10. Marge's Melee
  11. Bart's Ride
  12. Shadow of the Colossal Donut
  13. The Day Springfield Stood Still
  14. Kodos Attacks
  15. It Came From Springfield
  16. Sun Rise in Springfield
  17. Through the Tubes
  18. Cheater Cheater
  19. Bargain Bin
  20. Grand Theft Scratchy
  21. Big Super Wander
  22. This is Sparklemon Battle
  23. Big Super Icy
  24. Big Super Lava
  25. Neverquest
  26. Homer in Burana
  27. Medal of Homer
  28. Ville De St. Capitulons
  29. Homer's Charge
  30. Heaven Can be a Hell of a Place
  31. Evergreen Terrace
  32. Eight Bits of Treehugger
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