This is the music player. Here you can listen to the many numbers of musical tracks the Simpsons have released over the years. Content in here includes music from within the show, alongside those from the soundtrack albums, Lisa's Sax solos from the intro sequence and some music from the many Simpsons video games. Where Lyrics are available, those are shown below the player.

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  1. Main Theme
  2. Testify
  3. The Very Reason That I Live
  4. He's the Man
  5. Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl
  6. End Credits Los Lobos
  7. Ode to Branson
  8. Sold Separately
  9. Island of Sirens
  10. They'll Never Stop the Simpsons
  11. You're a Bunch of Stuff
  12. What do I think of the Pie?
  13. Baby Stink Breath
  14. Tastes Like Liberty
  15. Jellyfish
  16. Homer and Marge
  17. Everybody Hates Ned Flanders
  18. I Love to Walk
  19. Marjorie
  20. The President Wore Pearls
  21. Glove Slap
  22. Pruny Night
  23. America, I Love this Country
  24. America Rules
  25. Welcome to Moes
  26. We are the Jockeys
  27. Song of Shelbyville
  28. A Star is Torn
  29. Who Wants a Haircut?
  30. My Fair Laddy
  31. Springfield Blows
  32. King of Cats
  33. Lady
  34. You Make me Laugh
  35. Lady Riff
  36. Poppa Can you hear me?
  37. Yokel Chords
  38. Hullabalula
  39. Song of the Wild Beasts
  40. Dancing Worker Song
  41. Oldies and Nudies
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