Character Biographies
The Simpson cast is vast. Extremely vast. This section gives a detailed insight into who the characters of the show are, and what their hopes, dreams and fantasies are. You can find some basic information about a character by hovering over their icon below, clicking that icon will take you to their biography. The emblems next to their name indicate if they can be considered a Cosmos-type character, coloured white, labelled as a hero, or a Chaos-type character, coloured black, labelled as a villain.
Hiram Simpson
Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta

Hiram was originally thought to be the ancestor of the core family. In MABF06 - The Colour Yellow he aided in keeping an escaped slave, Virgil in his house for powdered cake rings (or as we know them, donuts). When he went back on his word upsetting his daugher Eliza, his wife Mabel turned on him and aided Virgil to the Canadian border. Mabel later divorced Hiram, and got one of the shoes in the settlement, but he kept the laces for some reason.

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