Space Patrol
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08 November 1987
Matt Groening
Matt Groening
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Bart, Lisa and Maggie role-play a Save-the-Earth game. Lisa is space pilot Lisui, Maggie is her energetic sidekick Maggeena, and Bart is Bartron, the evil robot from Mars gone berserk, who is really Bart with a vase stuck on his head.
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  • Lisa: And you'll be, Bartron, the evil Robot from Mars Gone Berserk
  • Lisa: I, Lisui, see my lovable sidekick Maggeena in mortal danger of being liquidated by Bartron, the horrible robot from Mars.
  • Lisa: Maggeena has rendered Barton's anti-gravity belt non-functional. Hail Maggeena!
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  • For some reason, there is a picture on the wall of Homer being bashed in the head
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  • There is a plush toy of Binky from Matt Groening's Life in Hell
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Posted on 11 March 2010 by Gars
A nice short, I rather like this one. I like that Bart is a victim of his own great idea gone wrong.
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